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5-Bedroom Double-Story Euro-Style House with 3-Car Garage (Floor Plan)


  • 4,719 Sq Ft
  • 5 Beds
  • 3.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Hey there, dear reader!

Ever dreamt of living in a European castle but also wanted the sleekness of modern design?

Guess what? Your dream just collided with reality!

Let me whisk you away on a journey through a house so grand; you might need to pinch yourself. Remember, don’t get too lost in its charm.

First things first: the face of this beauty. Stone and brick come together in a sweet embrace, reminiscent of those charming European streets we all swoon over.

Those arched windows? Straight out of a romantic novel. And doors? They whisper tales of medieval romance and chivalry. And oh!

Don’t even get me started on that round, castle-like detail wrapping the circular staircase. It screams, “I’m classy but also a wee bit mystical”.

Stride into the foyer, and bam! You’re hit with a 10-foot ceiling that almost says, “Hey! Feel the grandeur.” But just as you’re processing that, the great room beckons with its fireplace.

On chilly nights, think of it as the perfect setting for s’mores indoors. But here’s the showstopper: French doors that lead you to an outdoor living/grilling porch.

And guess what? Another fireplace. Because why have one when you can have two? Right?

A house is pretty much a fancy box if it doesn’t have a heart. Enter: the kitchen. Ever wanted to feel like a top-tier chef even if your specialty is burnt toast?

This kitchen gives you just that. With its eat-at island bar, mornings can now be a scene straight out of a rom-com with you, your coffee, and those croissants.

Plus, an adjacent breakfast room because, well, breakfast is the most important meal after all.

If this house was a book, the master suite is that plot twist you didn’t see coming. Direct access to the rear covered porch for those midnight stargazing escapades or early morning sun salutations.

Slide into the master bath, and you’re in for a treat.

We’re talking whirlpool tub (bubble bath anyone?), a corner glass shower (for the days you want to feel like you’re in a rainforest), dual vanity (because you and your partner’s toothpaste war needs a solution), and a spacious walk-in closet. Shoes, meet your new home.

On the flip side, we have bedrooms 2 and 3. Let’s call them the dynamic duo.

Conveniently sharing a Jack and Jill bath, it’s like having a mini-apartment within the house. Ideal for siblings plotting mischief or just wanting to debate whose turn it is to hog the bathroom first.

As if the ground floor wasn’t enough, the top floor is like a cherry on this architectural sundae. Bedrooms 4 and 5, each with its personality, a full bath, and space to drift into dreamland.

But there’s more – a work center for the next big thing you’re plotting, a media room for binge-watching, and a massive living room.

Oh, did I mention? It comes with its balcony. Morning coffee or midnight dreams, take your pick.

In conclusion, this 5-Bed Euro-Style House Plan isn’t just a home; it’s a statement. A testament to architectural brilliance and a nod to romantic European aesthetics.

So, if you ever find yourself in this house, remember, you’re not just living; you’re living the dream. Now, excuse me while I daydream about sipping tea in that breakfast room!

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