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About Us

Hi! I am Ahmed, and I welcome you to my website






Interior & Exterior Design, Home Decor, Home Improvement


Architecture, Home, Cats

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I am an architect with 5 years of experience in the field. I specialize in interior design and exterior design, as well as home improvement. I am also a home decor consultant, so I can help you with anything from simple home decor projects to more complex remodeling jobs.

I have been around the block, so to speak, when it comes to furnishing and maintaining my house. I have a strong interest in having beautiful, functional and stylish homes that can be enjoyed by all.


I created YourNiftyHome as an informational home design, decor, and home improvement resource for homeowners. Since its foundation in 2020, I along with my fellow architects and home enthusiasts helped homeowners by publishing over 800 case studies and articles.

Extensive Research:

We spend the time studying every piece of content we publish. It includes peer-reviewed research and expert research to make sure you are able to trust our advice and facts.

Expert Authors:

Our writers are professionals who have practical experience in home decor, design, & home improvement. This means that you’ll receive first-hand information that you can be confident in.

YourNiftyHome tries to give simple solutions to the small queries you may come up with around the house from your everyday living. It is said that “Home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams.” Our goal is to share our experience and solutions to things that may be simple yet perfect to improve your homely life by a bit.

Our passion for this blog really took off when we started being encouraged by our loved ones and our readers.  

We are enjoying and grateful for all the encouragement. Hope you enjoy it too!