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5-Bedroom 2-Story New American Farmhouse with 1-Bed Apartment Above Garage (Floor Plan)


  • 3,880 Sq Ft
  • 5 Beds
  • 4.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Ah, the sweet, cozy embrace of a farmhouse, but not just any farmhouse— a New American Farmhouse.

Come, wander with me through the charming spaces of this modern yet timeless beauty that spans a generous 3,880 square feet, where every nook tells a story of thoughtful design, practicality, and a gentle nod to nostalgic country living.

Imagine this: A picturesque setting where your new abode sits gracefully amid nature’s backdrop, the wrap-around porch invitingly cradling the home, whispering tales of sunlit mornings with coffee in hand and tranquil evenings under the starlit sky.

Two matching gables quietly proclaim a dignified presence, all while that beefy, yet unimposing, side-load garage stands sturdy with a secret above (more on that later).

The standing seam metal roof, not just a sturdy hat for our darling dwelling but a stylish one, confidently stating, “I’ve got it together.”

Step inside and let the 2-story ceiling of the entryway enchant you, subtly separating the delicate balance between intimate and grand.

The living room to one side, the dining to the other, each offering a welcoming hug, setting the stage for memories where laughter is the predominant soundtrack. I can almost hear the clinking of glasses from the dining room and the gentle hum of life unfolding in the living area.

Delving further in, the open kitchen is, oh, what’s the word? A dream! A farm sink that whispers of a simpler time, an island with a snugly fitting snack bar for those chit-chats that somehow always find their way into the kitchen, and a walk-in pantry that just might be the doorway to Narnia!

There’s an embracing warmth here, not just from the delightful brick fireplace that sits gracefully in the great room but from the knowledge that this kitchen, this magnificent heart of the home, is where stories are both made and told.

A nifty dinette, segueing into a covered patio, guarantees your gatherings spill seamlessly from inside to out, weaving indoor comfort with the liberating breath of the outdoors.

Envision summer BBQs, where the aroma of grilled delights playfully mingles with fresh air, and cozy winter nights, where the cool breeze gently caresses your abode.

Ascending to the realm of dreams on the upper level, we find four bedrooms, each a sanctuary in its own right.

The master suite, ah, a royal chamber indeed with a master bathroom that wraps you in luxury – a walk-in shower for rejuvenating mornings, his/her vanities ensuring peaceful readiness routines, and a whirlpool tub for twilight moments where serenity envelops you.

The thoughtful accommodation extends to the additional bedrooms, ensuring comfort and privacy with en-suite and shared bathrooms, charmingly enveloping loved ones in a gentle embrace.

Now, about that secret above the garage: a full 1-bedroom apartment, a sweet spot for in-laws, adult kids, or guests, offering not just a room but a living area, a complete kitchen with its own island, and yes, a laundry room because independence is a beautiful thing!

Visualize it: the possibilities of an additional dwelling unit (ADU), an in-law suite, or a blissful escape for a weekend guest. This, my friends, is flexibility with a capital F, wrapped in stylish, practical living.

My companions on this textual tour, we’ve sauntered through a home that speaks of robust American character, cohesively woven with the subtle, comforting threads of farmhouse charm.

From the sprawling, sociable spaces where your life will dance, to the intimately crafted corners where tranquility reigns, this home, with its 5 beds, 4.5 baths, over 2 stories, with shelter for 3 cherished vehicles, stands as a testament to life lived fully, richly, with arms wide open to possibilities.

In this haven where the new meets the nostalgic, where vibrant life intertwines with peaceful rest, your stories, your memories, will find a home.

This New American Farmhouse is not just a dwelling; it’s a warmly lit window into a life where every day brings its own beautiful story, etched into the very walls that cradle your dreams.

Oh, the tales you’ll tell in this sanctuary of wood, brick, and boundless charm. Welcome home.

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