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2-Bedroom 1-Story Mountain Country Style Barndominium House with Detached Garage (Floor Plan)


  • 1,534 Sq Ft
  • 2 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 2 Cars

Ah, mountain country homes! They’re like the Swiss Army knives of residences, small but mighty, and this one is no exception.

Let me take you on a tour of this delightful 1,534 square foot mountain country home plan, complete with a detached garage. It’s like stepping into a world where simplicity meets sophistication, and I’m here to be your friendly guide.

Our journey begins with the compact footprint of this home. It’s perfect for a vacation or starter home. You know, like that one pair of jeans that fits just right, this home plan makes the most of its space.

The designers must have been magicians because they’ve managed to make 1,534 square feet feel like a sprawling estate.

The exterior is a delightful dance of contrasts. Dark window sashes play against the crisp white board and batten, giving this home a modern twist. It’s like wearing a classic tuxedo with a pair of snazzy sneakers – unexpected, yet utterly charming.

Step through the front door and you’re greeted by an open-concept layout. The dining area, kitchen, and living spaces line up in a friendly parade.

It’s like hosting a party where everyone’s invited, including the cook! Oversized sliding doors are the cherry on top, extending the living space onto a side porch. Imagine sipping your morning coffee while nature whispers good morning.

The left side of the house is where the magic of rest happens. Two bedroom suites, each with its own personality. One even boasts a cozy bunk room, perfect for when friends or family come to visit. It’s like having a mini-hotel, where you’re both the guest and the host.

Ah, the detached 2-car garage. It’s not just a place to park your cars; it’s a square-shaped treasure chest. With two overhead doors and a man door on the side, it’s like having your own little fortress of solitude. A workshop, perhaps? Or maybe a secret hideout for when you need a break from the world?

In conclusion, this mountain country home plan is like a warm hug. It welcomes you with its charm, comforts you with its coziness, and winks at you with its modern touches.

Whether it’s a vacation getaway, a starter home, or just a dream on paper, it’s a reminder that the best things often come in small packages. Now, who’s ready to build a little slice of mountain paradise?

Plan 18885CK