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1-Bedroom One-Story Rustic Barndominium Home with Spacious 50′-Wide Front Porch (Floor Plan)


  • 885 Sq Ft
  • 1 Beds
  • 1 Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 2 Cars

Hello there, fellow home enthusiasts!

If you, like me, have been daydreaming about a cozy, compact living space that screams rustic charm while still offering modern amenities, then you’re in for a treat.

Let’s talk about a house plan that packs a whole lot of personality into under 900 square feet.

Yes, you heard that right!

This one-bedroom rustic home plan is the epitome of efficient design, snugly fitting into a sweet 885 square feet of living space.

But don’t let its size fool you.

This little gem is more than just a house; it’s a lifestyle statement. Imagine sipping your morning coffee on a 50′-wide front porch, your gaze wandering over the peaceful surroundings.

Now, that’s the way to start a day!

The house greets you with a shed roof that extends gracefully over the porch, offering both shelter and style.

But wait, there’s more!

At the back, two garage bays open up to an impressive 1,410 square foot garage.

That’s right, car enthusiasts and hobbyists, I see that sparkle in your eyes!

Now, let’s step inside.

The first thing you’ll notice is the open concept area, taking up half of the floor plan.

It’s a seamless blend of a corner kitchen, dining, and living room – the holy trinity of modern living.

And the kitchen?

It’s a delight, with a double sink perfectly centered over windows that let in streams of natural light.

It’s like your own little sunlit paradise while you wash the dishes!

But hold on, this isn’t just any rustic retreat.

This house has a secret – it’s designed with a Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) in mind.

Now, before you think I’ve gone all industrial on you, let me explain.

PEMBs are a popular choice for barndominiums – those trendy barn-turned-home conversions you’ve probably seen all over social media.

What’s cool about a PEMB is that it can be engineered, fabricated, and shipped globally. Plus, it promises a speedy setup compared to traditional homes.

Think about it: your dream home, ready faster than your last online shopping spree.

The metal structure isn’t just about quick installation.

It also means that the interior can be customized easily.

You won’t have to worry about supporting roof loads during your interior decorating escapades.

That’s right, you can hang that ridiculously heavy chandelier you’ve been eyeing without a second thought!

And for those who prefer a more traditional touch, there’s an option to select 2×6 exterior framing.

It’s like choosing the icing on your favorite cake – it just makes everything better.

Let’s not forget the practical aspects.

The laundry, bathroom, and pantry create a neat separation between the living area and the bedroom, ensuring privacy and organization.

It’s the kind of thoughtful design that makes you go, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

In conclusion, this one-bedroom rustic home is not just a structure; it’s a canvas for your imagination.

Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a couple starting out, or just someone who appreciates the beauty of simplicity, this house plan is a testament to the fact that good things really do come in small packages.

So, who’s ready to build their dream mini-mansion?

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