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7-Bedroom Two-Story Newport-style Abode with Angled Garage and Optional Lower Level (Floor Plan)


  • 3,481 Sq Ft
  • 5-7 Beds
  • 3.5 – 5.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 2 Cars

Imagine living in the epitome of elegance, while still enjoying the comforts of home?

This exclusive Newport-style house plan gives you just that and more. This one is a bit like a Swiss army knife of homes, replete with all kinds of cool and useful features.

The house has more twists and turns than a mystery novel, and every space is as thrilling as the next.

As you approach this magnificent dwelling, the shake siding beneath gambrel roof lines works as a subtle, rustic “welcome mat” that evokes the charm of old Newport.

The elongated covered entry, which I like to call the red carpet of home entrances, ushers you into a world of luxury that’s as functional as it is stunning.

Stepping through the front door, you’re immediately greeted by a quiet study and formal dining room on either side of the foyer. They are like those lovable siblings who never fail to greet you when you come home.

The study, with its pin-drop silence, is a haven for the deep thinkers and the bookworms in the family. The formal dining room, on the other hand, stands ready to host Thanksgiving dinners, Sunday brunches, and everything in between.

Straight ahead, you stumble upon the love child of comfort and style: a combined great room and kitchen.

Its secret weapon is an accordion-style door that has a magical ability to make the living space stretch out to the backyard. Your guests will love the seamless transition from indoor elegance to outdoor freshness during those summertime barbecues.

The kitchen, a dream-come-true for any home cook, is fitted with a massive island. It’s so big you might need a map not to get lost.

Oh, and if you thought that’s all, there’s a walk-in pantry neighboring a butler’s pantry with a bar sink. Now, I’m not promising you a butler with the butler’s pantry, but hey, you never know!

Next to the kitchen is a playroom that’s both fun and practical. It’s a child containment area, where toys stay where they belong, and not under your foot in the middle of the night.

Parents, this one’s a game-changer, trust me.

The journey to the upper floor brings you to the sleeping quarters. The master suite here doesn’t just offer you a place to sleep. It offers a sanctuary, a world in itself.

Alongside, three other bedrooms ensure there’s plenty of room for everyone. The cherry on the top? A rooftop patio! It’s an outdoor lover’s dream where you can soak up some sun, or simply admire the stars while sipping on your evening tea.

For those of you who are ambitious, there’s an optional bonus room, adding an extra 418 sq ft of living space. It’s like that secret level in a video game – you don’t need it, but it sure is fun to have it!

Just when you think the surprises are over, we move to the optionally finished lower level. Here you’ll find your own personal theatre, a game room, gym, and an additional bedroom.

It’s like your own private resort, but without the check-out time. You could host movie nights, gaming tournaments, and workout sessions, all without leaving the house.

And for the grand finale, the 2-bedroom apartment with a private entrance. This versatile space can be an in-law suite or an income property.

Imagine, you could actually make money while enjoying this luxury. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, except this cake is a beautiful house and the eating is, well…you get the idea.

In conclusion, this exclusive Newport-style house plan goes above and beyond to create an experience, not just a home. With its smart design and appealing aesthetics, it truly redefines the concept of luxurious living.

From the gambrel roof lines to the optional lower level, every inch is designed for delight. Get ready to live the high life!

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