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Ottoman: Everything You Need to Know

Historically ottoman chairs are linked with the ottoman empire. With such a significant historical background, ottoman furniture is still a popular choice in modern times. So you must be wondering why ottoman furniture is so popular.

The ottoman furniture is so popular due to its versatile nature. And if you are planning to rearrange your living room or bedroom with a small space, you can consider getting an ottoman.

So, let us have a look at everything you need to know about the ottoman furniture.

The ottoman is a piece of furniture that has a variety of purposes. It’s a tiny sofa-like piece of furniture with no arms or backrest. It has the appearance of a low-rise couch. On top of it, there is generally foam cushioning.

Ottoman also has a historical significance as its roots can be traced back to the Ottoman empire. Ottomans usually have a wide range of uses. That is why they are a popular choice of furniture for room decor.

Footstool, storage unit, coffee table, and bed bench are some of the multiple uses of an ottoman. They are also good as extra seating space.

What are ottomans used for?

When it comes to versatility, nothing beats an ottoman. You can use an ottoman for multiple purposes. As a result, they are a perfect piece of furniture for places with small space.

The most common use of ottoman is as a footrest stool. Here, it is used with a chair or a couch. Another popular way to use an ottoman is to use it as a coffee table.

You can use an ottoman additional seating arrangement. It works well as a second stool. Ottomans may be used for more than just decoration.

Storage ottomans are a good storage option in small spaces. It is a good choice as a bed bench as well.

Styling and Matching an Ottoman:

Ottomans are popular for their multi-purpose functionality. It has many styling options. Here are a few tips on styling your ottoman and match it:

  • Keeping books: You can place some books on your ottoman in a library setup.
  • Placing in the center: You can put your ottoman in between the couches to use it as a coffee table.
  • Putting on a side: You can place it on one side of the room to use it as a side table.
  • Place trays: You can put trays with magazines over them.
  • Use mats: You can place some decorative rugs over them.
  • Putting flower vase: You can put a flower vase with some flowers on it.
  • Putting a small candle lamp: You can also place a small decorative candle lamp on it.

Common problems with ottoman beds:

Ottoman beds are a good choice for any bedroom setup with small space. It can provide additional storage to solve the space issue. However, there are some common issues with these beds.

One of the most typical problems is that the bed creates a screaming sound after a while. This sound can be very annoying.

Sometimes the gas-lift hydraulics malfunction and prevent the upper portion from going up or down. Sometimes after you open the upper part, it will not stay open.

Cheap ottomans, in some instances, collapse and injure people on it. Due to the one-piece structure of ottomans, these are sometimes hard to move and shift.

How to choose an ottoman?

Ottomans are very stylish as a piece of furniture and can fit well in any room. They come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. As ottomans are very versatile, choosing the right type of ottoman for your room is not hard.

As a versatile piece of furniture, you can use it as an extra seat, coffee table, a place to rest your feet, and so on. So deciding its purpose is the first step to choosing your ottoman. Next, you need to fix a budget as ottomans come at different prices.

Finally, consider the theme of your room and select your ottoman’s height shape and type accordingly. Thus, you can choose an ideal ottoman for your house.

Ottoman Material:

Wood is the most popular choice for ottomans. However, various materials, such as PVC and other DIY materials, can also be utilized.

Usually, the structure of ottomans comprises wood covered by foam and fabric. The foam used in the ottomans is harder than regular foam to suffice their multiple uses.

Different fabrics like cotton, linen, and viscose are usually the common choice for ottomans. These fabrics are easy to clean, and they are durable as well. However, the best materials for ottomans are hardwood, microfiber foam, and cotton fabric.

Cleaning Ottoman:

Your ottoman can get dirty like any other type of furniture. And, deciding how to clean them may be a challenge. There are several different ways to clean an ottoman.

You can clean your ottoman using a vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning with non-water-based solutions is another option. Some people use a steam cleaner to clean their ottoman.

You can use lint cleaner to clean your ottoman as well. Using baking soda and water mixture is another popular method of cleaning dirty ottoman.

Ottoman Price:

In terms of usage, ottomans are versatile pieces of furniture. Based on the purpose, the ottoman’s cost can vary. Here are some tips on the pricing of an ottoman:

  • Ottoman Table: Ottomans specially designed to use as a table costs around $100 to $200.
  • Storage Ottoman: Ottomans with a storage facility can cost as low as $20 up to $200.
  • Footstool Ottoman: These ottomans, on average, cost $150 each.
  • Ottoman Bed: These beds can cost up to $250. Their price on average is $200.
  • Ottoman Chairs: Ottoman chairs, on average, cost about $50.

Storage Ottoman:

Ottomans are one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture that may serve a variety of functions. Storage ottomans offer another level of convenience to the list. These ottomans are intelligently constructed to provide additional storage space.

You can use a storage ottoman like other regular ottomans. Even though the storage capacity in these ottomans is limited, you may still keep essential items in them. You can easily store extra cushions, blankets, or small stools in them.

Storage ottomans are also very useful as a storage place for your children’s toys.

The ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture that has both practical and aesthetic purposes. Its multiple usages make it a perfect choice as a piece of furniture for rooms with smaller space. However, before buying it know about the styles and prices of this furniture.