Are Ottoman Coffee Tables Still in Style? (Answered)

When styling your living area, it is best to keep in mind the current trends and recent designs. It is very crucial that your living room aesthetics match your entire interior. To add a bit of a modern touch to it, you can use an ottoman coffee table.

The ottoman coffee table are definitely the new aesthetics when it comes to incorporate modern style in your daily life. The ottoman coffee tables offer a more cozy vibe with a hint of funk. It is absolutely perfect for any home that needs a new look and a bit of spark.

Are ottoman coffee tables in style?

A new twist in the living room interior designs are the use of ottoman coffee table. These small and unique designs are here to stay. They give a cozy aesthetic to the room. These multipurpose table are still in style and are constantly introducing new designs to the main frame.

The ottomans are comfy multipurpose tables that are now used as coffee tables as well. The shape, design and the materials make them a good alternative for a coffee table.

The concept of using an ottoman as a coffee table has become fairly popular and the designs are perfect for the dynamics of the modern day decor.

The shape, storage space and the style of an ottoman is perfectly compliant with the modern day coffee tables. The unique designs are trendy and always up to date. The beautiful adds to the concept the current interior setting. Definitely a piece you should have in your living room.

Can ottoman be used as a coffee table?

The shape and design of an ottoman is a very unique design and it is a versatile piece of furniture. This lifts up the entire decor of the room to a fun and stylish level. This versatile furniture can easily be used as a coffee table.

The height and the adorable shape of the ottoman makes it a perfect substitute for a coffee table. It fits just right in the living area and from the various design you can choose whichever fits your aesthetics. An ottoman as a coffee table will give your room the best touch of uniqueness.

How to use an ottoman as a coffee table?

Ottomans as coffee tables are considered the new dimension of room decor. This trend is unique in itself. However if you would like to add your own personalized touch to it some of the things to consider are-

Add extra padding:

Add pillows and puffs to it to add more comfort to the ottoman and give the room an overall cozy vibe;

Add tray:

If your ottoman is small in size then you can add a tray on top to adjust for the space;

Use a lighter one:

A lighter ottoman is the perfect alternate to a coffee table. You can place it in the middle of the room or anywhere as they are easily transportable;

Use the ones with faux leather:

A faux leather surface will be easier to clean and will add a modern day touch to the living area;

Bohemian style:

You can go for a bohemian covering to give the room a new aesthetic;

Add holding tray:

Use a holding tray on top of the ottoman for the tufted edges.

The design of the ottoman is more important and sometimes is enough to go with the overall setup of the living room. There are many options of design for you choose from for your perfect coffee table.

How to make an ottoman coffee table?

You can always buy an ottoman and place it in the spot of a coffee table. But It is more fun to make one of your personalized design. Here are a few steps to help you build your very own ottoman coffee table-

Base ready

Get the base ready, you can use any kitchen table or any old plain coffee table. Make sure the table has the appropriate dimensions for you living space;

Coat with color

Coat the table with your choice of color if you are not okay with the tables wood color;

Add padding

Use a foam mattress pad on top of the table; use glue or adhesive to keep it attached to the top of the table;

Adjust the size of the padding

Cut and adjust the size of the mattress pad according to the top of the table, trim the edges neatly;

Cover with quilt batting

Cover the entire set with quilt batting, use two to three layers of it;

Secure with staples

Attach it from the bottom with air staplers;

Make slipcover

You can make a slipcover for the top with any fabric of your choice;

It is always fun and exciting to make a DIY piece of decor for your own home. Use the steps to make an ottoman coffee table for your living room that fits the decor of your space perfectly.

What is the difference between an ottoman and a coffee table?

The shape and the usage of the ottoman and a coffee table is similar. And an ottoman can be used as a substitute for a coffee table. But there are some basic differences-

  • Material: Coffee tables are made with harder material so they are more stable and less comfortable. But coffee has a more cozy surface;
  • Versatility: Ottomans are very versatile furniture. A coffee table only works as the name suggests;
  • Design: A coffee table as more of a vintage aesthetic. The various designs of an ottoman can range from modern to bohemian style;
  • Shape: A coffee table is more on the leaner side whereas the ottoman has more of a bulky shape;
  • Edges: Coffee tables have harder edges while the ottomans have a more softer edge;

Both are goof pieces of furniture and fulfill their purpose perfectly. Choose according to your decor setting and it should be fine.

Should I get a coffee table or ottoman?

The choice between an ottoman and a coffee table relies on the interior of your living room and you design preference. There are some points that can help you decide on the topic.

If you want a more vintage and minimalistic vibe to your living area, you should go for a coffee table. The designs of the coffee table are simple and the shape is thinner so it gives a minimalistic vibe.

For a more cozy interior vibe an ottoman is perfect. The bulky and comfy design of the ottoman will give your living room the soft modern vibe that you want.

Can you have an ottoman and coffee table?

It is a new twist in the interior designing world. Mix and match the ottoman and the other pieces of furniture to get the perfect setting for your living space. Be a bit creative with the set up and see what looks good.

On the contrary to popular belief, the design of the coffee table and the ottoman do not clash but lift up the vibe of the room. For a larger room, both the pieces of furniture would be visually pleasing.

Because the ottoman is a bit more on the bulkier side, it is best to get a small one compared to the coffee table. This is to maintain balance.

With an ottoman and a coffee table in the living area, you can add a modern day vibe with a vintage and comfy touch. Definitely a new aesthetic to try out.

What to put on an ottoman coffee table? 

It is best to use a tray on top of an ottoman coffee table. This will keep the top of the table more stable and secure to put other decorations on. You can decorate with the regular items and put whatever goes with the interior design.

Usually, a vase with plastic or real flowers is a very common item to put on an ottoman coffee table. You can choose the vase or pot matched with the design of the coffee table. Sometimes doilies are placed to give the ottomans a more cozy look.

You can style and decorate you ottoman coffee table however you like. Play around with your decorations and see what looks good. Go for the items that accentuate your rooms aesthetics the most.

What can I use instead of a coffee table?

A coffee table is fairly important in your living room area. However, it is not a necessary item. You can choose any other piece of furniture from various choices. Most of the alternatives are the perfect substitute-

  • An ottoman;
  • Single or multiple side tables with different heights;
  • A tool;
  • A single bench;
  • C-side table;
  • A pair of Poufs;
  • A small kitchen table

These are some of the popular alternatives that are used instead of a coffee table. You can choose whichever fits your interior more. Basically you can choose any small table that fits the space perfectly. So get creative with your interior designs.

Ottomans are super cozy and comfy pieces of furniture. They serve many purposes and are very trendy. It is safe to say that the ottoman coffee tables are here to stay for a long time.

As long as the design goes perfectly with your living space design, you should choose the ottoman coffee table to add a bit of modern touch. 

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