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How Much Weight Can an Ottoman Hold? (Answered!)

There are different types and sizes of ottomans in the market and each of them has its own capability of holding weight.

However, you might not know what is the maximum weight most of the ottomans can hold. Therefore, it brings up a question that, “how much weight can an ottoman hold?”

So, this article is going to clear all questions following this topic with proper information and explanation. 

How Much Weight Can An Ottoman Hold? 

Most of the ottomans(single-seat ones) can hold 200-330 pounds and some ottomans(double-seat ones) can even hold 600 pounds or more. This weight-holding capacity is enough for holding an adult person. However, the weight-holding capacity of each ottoman depends on size, materials, and sturdiness.

Most people use ottomans that can be used as a single seat and those ottomans can hold nearly 200-300 pounds.

And ottomans that are known as double seats or benches can hold up to 600 pounds or more. The weight-holding capability of both types of ottomans is enough to hold any adult person. 

But do remember that ottomans come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and even the sturdiness are different so the weight-holding capacity still depends on all of these factors. 

Weight Capacity Of Different Types Of Ottomans

As said before, ottomans come in different types so the weight capacity will be different too. Therefore for your convenience here’s a list has been provided below that will describe the different weight capacities of different types of ottomans. 

Ottoman Chair 

Ottoman chairs have a weight capacity of 200 to 300 pounds and it’s the standard weight capacity of ottoman chairs that can hold any adult person.

Ottoman chair is the most common type of ottomans that are found in almost every household. Generally, ottoman chairs are cushioned, upholstered, single seats without arms or back. Some Ottoman chairs have legs and hardware to support them to stand. 

Ottoman Storage

The standard weight capacity of ottoman storage(single seats) is between 200-300 pounds. And the average weight capacity of double seats/bench ottoman storage is assumed 600 pounds or more. 

Ottomans storage is basically a single seat chair or double seat bench that has a spacious space underneath the too seat. The top seat can be removed to put things inside it. These ottomans storages are supported with legs and hardware. 

Ottoman Bed

The average weight capacity of an ottoman bed a 500 pounds. It can be more depending on the size and sturdiness of the bed. 

Ottoman beds are safe for adults the perfect practical beds for modern homes as they have large built-in storage underneath the bed. And these are lifted effortlessly by a hydraulic lift system to approach the storage. These beds don’t have any legs instead they have a seamless finish that directly goes down to the ground.

Ottoman Bench 

Ottoman bench can hold up to 600 pounds or even more, and that’s the regular weight capacity of any ottoman bench. 

Ottoman benches are double-seated pieces of furniture. Sometimes these ottomans can be used as a big coffee table too. Some ottoman benches have storage and some don’t have. However, both types of ottoman benches are supported by legs and hardware to stand. 

Ottoman Pouf 

Ottoman poufs can hold over 100 to 200 pounds. Because these are smaller in size and less sturdy. And poufs are mainly used for seating purposes and these don’t have legs. 

All these weight capacities are estimated, depending on size, sturdiness, type, and material weight capacities can be more.

How Much Weight Can An Ottoman Bed Hold?

An ottoman bed can hold around 500 pounds overall. This weight capacity includes weights of the bed frame, mattress, other pillows, sheets, etc. and the weight of adult people. 

And while lifting an ottoman to open the storage underneath the bed can hold up to 88-176 pounds. This weight only includes the weight of the mattress, pillows, sheets, and bed frame. 

Since ottoman beds have storage underneath, therefore, the weight they can hold is different while lifting the bed and while not lifting the bed. 

Do Ottoman Beds Have A Weight Limit?

Ottoman beds have a weight limit. It can hold 500 pounds or 226 kilograms including all weights. And the weight limit while lifting the bed with mattress/pillows is around 88-176 pounds or 40-80 kilograms.

Therefore, it’s always suggested that only lightweight mattresses should be used over the frame of the ottoman bed. Then it will be able to hold a little more weight than the standard weight capacity as well as it will be easier to open and close the bed. 

How Much Does An Ottoman Weigh?

Every ottoman type has a different weight, some are heavy and some are lightweight. So for your knowledge how much does each type of ottoman weighs has been listed below. 

Ottoman Pouf

Ottoman poufs are the lightweight ones. Because these have no frame, legs, or hardware so the weight is comparatively less.

However, it has variety, a Moroccan pouf can weigh like 25 lb. a knitted pouf can weigh like 4-5 lb. and a pouf made of jute can weigh like 7 lb. or a little more. 

Ottoman Chair 

Ottoman chairs are heavier than ottoman poufs. And depending on different types like standard, cube, cocktail, etc. The average weight of ottoman chairs can be between 10-20 lb. some tufted ottoman chairs can weigh more than 20lb.

Ottoman Bed 

Ottoman beds are the heaviest. An ottoman bed with storage can weigh nearly 60 to 80 lb. This weight range has been counted without a mattress.

Ottoman Bench 

Ottoman benches with storage underneath are heavier in weight than Ottoman without storage underneath. Ottoman bench with storage weighs nearly 25 to 35 lb. Some may weigh 40 lb. too. And ottoman bench without storage weighs 15 to 20 lb. approximately.

Ottoman Storage 

Ottoman storages can be a single-seated ottoman chair or a double-seated/bench ottoman. So as mentioned above, their weight if it’s single-seated ottoman storage can be 10 to 20 lb. And if it’s double-seated ottoman storage then it will weigh around 25-35 lb.

Can You Seat On An Ottoman? 

Ottomans are commonly used as an extra seat for sitting purposes in every home, so you certainly can seat on an ottoman.

Ottomans are not just any ordinary decorative piece of furniture or footrest. They serve as chairs as well. In fact, they are very comfy to sit on. Many homes use ottomans as an additional chair for sitting when there is no place left for sitting. 

Moreover, they are easy to move and lightweight so you can take them anywhere around the house whenever there is a scarcity of seating places.

Can You Sleep On An Ottoman?

Anyone can sleep on an ottoman as long as it’s a sleeper ottoman. Generally, sleeper ottomans are like a sofa bed or an ottoman that can be used as a chair, bench, and even a bed. There are several parts and the parts are foldable.

So all you need to do is open up the foldable parts and convert them into an ottoman sleeper bed. Even the top surface is soft and comfy enough so you can sleep on them comfortably. 

What Can You Do With An Ottoman?

Ottoman is such a useful piece of furniture that serves multipurpose. You can use an ottoman in various ways in your daily life to make it more convenient. However, still here are some interesting ways describe below that you can do with your ottoman.

  • Footrest- You can use small-sized ottomans as a footrest. While sitting in a chair or sofa, you can put your feet on an ottoman footrest and sit comfortably. It’s a perfect object to give your feet some rest after a long day.
  • Extra Seat- An ottoman can be used as an extra seat too. Ottomans with legs are often used as ottoman chairs. They are lightweight and easily movable so when there is no extra space for sitting, you can use an ottoman as a chair. 
  • Coffee Table- Ottomans that are a little bigger in size can be used as coffee tables too. It’s strong and solid enough to hold the weight of the tray, cups, teapot, etc.
  • Additional Storage- Ottomans with storage can be an additional storing space for you. You can use that to store your stuff and it will save extra space in living rooms too. 

Are Ottomans Beds A Good Idea? 

Ottoman beds are the best idea for homes with limited space. Because it has storage underneath which can be lifted effortlessly with a hydraulic lift and loads of stuff can be store underneath. So there will be more space in a bedroom to walk and move without tripping. 

Even, spacious homes can use an ottoman bed to give the bedroom a chic and upgraded look.

Every type of ottoman has an estimated weight capacity. And the weight capacity can change depending on few factors. There are ottoman beds strong and sturdy enough that can replace your main bed. So choose the ottoman that is able to hold the weight you want it to hold.