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How Far Should an Ottoman Be From a Chair or Couch?

Ottomans are a beneficial piece of furniture in every household. But the placing distance of ottomans from a chair or a couch is not known to everyone. Therefore, misarranged ottomans can create a haphazard look in the entire decoration of a room.

And, such a situation can raise a question in your or anybody’s mind that how far should an ottoman be from a chair or couch. So, this article is going to answer this question with precise measurement of placing ottomans from a chair or couch. 

How Far Should An Ottoman Be From A Chair?

The standard distance of an Ottoman from a chair should be 12 inches. Because this distance will allow most people’s feet to reach it when they are using an ottoman as a footrest. Also, this distance is sufficient enough to provide ample space to stand up or sit down and maneuver around a chair.

Most people use an ottoman as a footrest to put their feet on it to relax while sitting on a chair. So, keeping adequate space between an ottoman and a chair is mandatory. 

So the ideal distance of placing an ottoman from a chair is 12 inches. It’s an acceptable distance to use an ottoman as a footrest with a specific chair. Because it allows a person to sit close enough to place their feet on the ottoman comfortably. 

Also, it provides people an ample amount of space to stand up or sit down and juggle around the chair without facing a tripping risk. Moreover, it doesn’t make the living room look misarranged and cramped. 

Does An Ottoman Have To Match The Chair? 

Ottomans are absolutely not required to match the chair. Mismatching pieces of chairs and ottomans are now a very trendy way to give your living room a unique vibe. 

Generally, ottomans come as a matched piece of furniture with most of the chairs. But in recent days, to bring a variety and a unique look in people’s living room, they are preferring buying mismatched ottomans.

So, you can buy mismatched ottomans but consider 4 things, size, color, style, and purpose.

For example, you can choose a big size ottoman for bulky your chair or a smaller ottoman for your slimmer chair. 

To mismatch the ottoman’s color with your chair, choose a solid color ottoman for a patterned chair. Or a patterned ottoman for a plain chair or if all your furniture is brown color, choose a vibrant color ottoman to add a spark.

You can even mismatch the ottoman’s style with the chair by choosing a different yet balanced-shaped ottoman to match your chair. But before buying anything consider the purpose you want an ottoman to use for.

However, if you don’t want to go for an adventurous ride while choosing ottomans with your chair, just choose an ottoman that decently matches your chair. 

Should The Ottoman Be The Same Height As The Chair?

Ottomans should have either the exact height or a little shorter(not more than 1-2 inches) than the paired chairs with it. Because ottomans are vastly used as a footrest. So, you, me, or everyone will prefer an ottoman with a comfortable height to put feet on.

Since the primary purpose of ottomans is to serve as a footrest, most people prefer an ottoman to have the exact height as the chair they are using along with it.  So that their feet can comfortably reach the height of the ottoman. 

However, an inch or roughly two-inch shorter ottoman also goes perfectly along with the chair if someone likes a little shorter ottoman.

But taller ottomans are a big no because they can make legs and back have a strain. 

How Far Should An Ottoman Be From A Couch?

An Ottoman should be at least 30 inches far from a couch. This distance gives enough room to people for moving around effortlessly. Also, allows people to use both of the furniture conveniently by keeping the couch and ottoman at a close enough distance. 

Generally, ottomans are placed at such a distance that provides extra space for comfortable seating and maneuvering around a couch. And the suitable distance of an ottoman from a sofa should be at least 30 inches. 

Because this distance will be sufficient for anyone to have adequate space to walk around without tripping, falling. Moreover, 30 inches distance is close enough to the couch, so anyone can comfortably use both of the furniture. And it’s convenient too.

However, depending on the purposes and size of an ottoman, the distance can be more or less. 

How Much Space Do You Need Around A Couch?

You will be needing a different amount of space around a couch from your Ottoman. And the needed distance or space depends on the size and purposes of ottomans.

If you have a large-sized ottoman that is double in size of a coffee table, then you will be needing 14-18 inches of space around your couch.

If your ottoman is a small-sized one and you want to use it as a side table, then you will have to place it as close as possible near your couch. Because at that time you wouldn’t want any empty space between your couch and ottoman to use it comfortably.

And, you’ll be needing at least 30 inches of space around your couch, if you want to place your ottoman at such a distance where people can move around effortlessly.

And lastly, if you want to use an ottoman as a footrest then you’ll be needing 12 inches of space around your couch to place put on it comfortably.

Should Your Ottoman Match Your Sofa?

Ottomans should have coordination with your sofa. But it’s not inevitably required to match exactly with your sofa. Depending on your preference you can mismatch your ottoman with your sofa to bring a variation to your living room.

For instance, you can always try to mix solid colors with patterns. Like if you have a solid-colored sofa then to bring a glow you can add a patterned ottoman with it. Patterns can be the same color as your sofa or 1-2 darker or lighter shades of the color.

You can even try mix-matching solid colors together. Like you can choose a darker shade solid-color ottoman for your lighter sofa or vice versa. Or you can even choose a solid color ottoman of the similar tone as the sofa. 

And lastly, you can try pairing up with bold colors with monochromes. If you have a monochrome sofa then chose a bold color ottoman to brighten up your living area. 

However, always consider your preference though and the colors of your other furniture, room’s space, light and dark, details, and others. 

Can Ottoman Be Taller Than The Couch?

Ottomans can’t be taller than a couch. Because if an ottoman is taller than the height of the couch, it becomes difficult to reach and uncomfortable to utilize it. 

Ottomans are supposed to have the same height or a little shorter than the couch so that people can comfortably use it and reach to it put their feet on it. If they are using it as a footrest.

However, a taller ottoman would just be so stressful and uncomfortable to use. Because if anybody wants to use ottoman as a footrest, he/she might face a severe strain while lifting their feet up and in his/her back. 

Moreover, it’s hard to take stuff from a taller ottoman if someone is using it as a side table or a coffee table. Besides, sitting on a taller ottoman seat feels awkward too. 

How Do You Place An Ottoman In A Living Room?

You can place this staple piece of furniture as per your need and purposes. However, some ideas to place an ottoman in your living room have been provided below.

  • You can place ottomans near or by side of your main sofa set as an extra piece of seating.
  • You can place an ottoman as a footrest with paired chair or sofa.
  • You can place an ottoman by the side of the couch as a side table.
  • You can use an ottoman for multipurpose too like at the same time you can place it as a coffee table as well as storage for your living room.
  • Place as a decorative piece as ottomans are becoming showstopper of a living room.

What Is The Best Height For An Ottoman?

The standard height of an ottoman is between 15’5 inches to 22 inches. 

However, ottomans are made for 4 different purposes: footrest, seating, coffee table, and storage. And each of them has its own recommended height range.

  • Foot Stool- 11”-15”
  • Seating- 15”-18”
  • Coffee Table- 16”-20”
  • Storage- 15”20”

Remember that, these are the only recommended height range of different ottomans, eventually, the height is measured according to the height of the paired sofa or chair. 

Can You Use An Ottoman As A Chair?

You can use an ottoman as a chair as it’s a versatile piece of furniture that can be used for several purposes. So an ottoman can serve as a perfect item if an extra seat is needed.

They are easy to move so you can shift them wherever in your home whenever you need an extra seat. Also, you can purchase an ottoman that only serves as a chair.

The distance between an ottoman and a chair or couch always should in a comfortable distance, sparing space for effortless movement. So, place your ottoman measuring the height of your chair or couch so that you can walk freely without tripping.