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Why Is My Ottoman Bed Not Going Down? (With Solution!)

Have you recently switched to the ottoman beds to save more floor space and as well as to store other bedroom stuff? However, you are now struggling with the lid of your ottoman bed not going down.

Then you can certainly go through our article about what is the reason behind your ottoman bed not going down and what are the possible solutions for it.

Why is my ottoman bed not going down?

An ottoman base works on the concept of pistons or, more usually, gas struts supporting the mattress’s weight throughout its rising and fall. The ottoman bed will not go down until you put the mattress above it because the lid of the bed stays down whenever you place weight above it.

The gas pistons play a vital role in providing a perfect solid base to the ottoman beds because, without these gas compression springs, the beds will not work properly.

You might see that the car boots are being lifted by these gas struts because the car boots might get scratched down by any sudden movements, and that is where the gas struts come into play.

They try to obstruct any openings or close down of the car boots by any unusual movements until you put some pressure on them. Similarly, the gas struts stop the lid from scratching down by any sudden movements until you put a mattress over it.

The gas struts are used on each side of the ottoman bed, and in addition, it is impossible and dangerous to lift those ottoman bases without the help of these gas struts. As a result, hinged bases without these struts can be avoided at all costs.

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Why won’t my ottoman bed go down?

There can be a lot of reasons why your ottoman beds don’t go down. But most of the time, the ottoman bed won’t go down because of the technical issues in the struts holding the ottoman bed.

The pistons fully controls the ottoman beds from going down to going up, and therefore, here are some of the reasons for which the gas pistons might not work:

For not being pressurized

One of the main reasons that your ottoman bed won’t go down is that the gas struts are not receiving enough pressure from above to put the bed down.

Therefore, you can put the mattress, or you can use your hand to put the pressure on gas struts in order to put the bed down.

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Place the instructed amount of weight

You have to make sure that you have put the specified amount of weight that is instructed by the bed company. There are so many people who brought the mattresses depending on their personal choice, which is not the right thing to do.

Because you might end up buying a less weighted mattress than your ottoman bed actually requires in order to go down. That is why ottoman beds don’t go down as it doesn’t receive enough weight from the mattress above.

Loss of pressure inside gas struts

Gas struts may fail to hold the ottoman beds if they start to lose pressure on the gas. This may result in the ottoman beds falling down at any moment, which is risky.

Internal damage on the gas struts

Struts will even malfunction if they’ve been weakened internally, and there really is a chance that the system holding the gas pressure will give way, resulting in pieces being expelled at high speeds due to a sudden lack of restraining force.

As a result, you will have to go through hard labor to make the bed go down.

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Well, to find the exact solution, you need to identify the exact problem for which your bed isn’t going down. However, you can try our solutions in case you can not be able to identify the actual problem:

Placing the mattress

The main reason is why your ottoman bed is not going down is because you are not putting pressure on the gas struts. Therefore, putting the right weight, which is placing the mattress on top of those gas struts, will make your bed go down.

Putting the right amount of weight

You should buy the mattress as per the instructions that are given on your ottoman bed specification. Because buying underweight or overweight mattress may cause malfunction on the gas struts, which will result in the ottoman bed not being set up properly.

Keep a close eye on the gas struts

The person who installs or checks out all the gas struts should check for any possible malfunction in the gas struts.

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Gas struts should be protected from external pressure

You need to make sure that the gas struts are not affected by external factors such as over-extension, excessive loading, and excess heat.

Struts should be made following manufacturer instructions

The gas strut should be produced by following the manufacturer’s directions, design, and other instructions about geometry, capacity, operation, etc.

Finally, it is suggested from the experts that at first, you need to identify the actual problem for which your bed is not going down and then follow the above solutions.

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How‌ ‌does‌ ‌an‌ ‌ottoman‌ ‌bed‌ ‌stay‌ ‌down?‌ ‌ ‌

The ottoman bed comes  with gas-lift struts that raises the foundation to expose a large amount of storage underneath. And you can make good use of the storage room beneath the bunk; they have more storage capacity than a drawer bed.

So from the definition, you can understand that the ottoman bed is lifted by gas struts on each side which keeps the bed from going down very easily.

Therefore, if you need to make an ottoman bed stay down, then you need to make sure that you have placed enough weight on those gas struts, which will eventually make your bed go down.

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How do you release a gas lift ottoman bed?

Well, if you want to release the gas lift ottoman bed, then you need to understand how the gas struts work.

The high-powered pistons mounted into the ‘lift’ system were intended to lift the weight of the top of the bed and also a fully clothed mattress. This is because, under usual circumstances, the bed will be completely constructed and dressed, also with a mattress over it.

The disadvantage is that while the mattress is not on the bed, the pistons are overpowered in comparison to the volume of weight on top. It is very risky as the overpowered piston will cause damage to the bed and also might harm your body.

Then what is the correct way to release a gas lift ottoman bed?

To close, tightly press down on the frame and/or mattress along both sides, maintaining a balanced weight distribution.

Although the more powerful of us can be ready to close the gas lift with only one hand, we recommend using both arms to maintain an equal load.

Also, for the first time closing it, you will need to remove all the sealings properly and give a gentle and good push while closing it.

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Can you use any mattress on an ottoman bed?

If you want to choose a mattress, then you should go for the mattress that completely suits your ottoman bed. Not all mattress fits on ottoman bed.

For this reason, you can go for the pocket spring mattress as this mattress design could fit with a variety of base choices and ottoman bed models.

The pocket spring mattress is all about end-to-end comfort, providing the ideal base for a restful night’s sleep. This kind of spring mechanism, which is used on the inside of a mattress, would be an excellent match for your ottoman bed.

Side by side, you can also choose the open coil mattress for your ottoman bed, as this mattress design would be ideal for a guest room or a child’s bed. For the price, the open coil mattress delivers decent results in terms of support and comfort.

When a material like memory foam is mixed with a spring mechanism like the open coil, the airflow of the mattress should be considered.

Also, make sure the mattress is not that overweight or underweight, which will cause problems to the gas struts. Therefore, it is better to go for the ottoman beds, which come with a mattress in one package.

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Do ottoman beds break easily?

The ottoman beds don’t break that easily, but if you choose low-quality beds, then there is a possible chance that your bed will break down easily.

It’s critical to know that your ottoman bed is well-made, particularly since it will have to lift 40 to 80 kilograms. If you choose a low-cost or shoddy-built ottoman bed, it will almost certainly collapse under your weight.

The weight of the mattress, on the other hand, will not affect the liftin’s effectiveness if you select a well-made ottoman bed.

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Do ottoman beds have a base?

Ottoman beds do have a base which can be a sprung slatted or boarded mattress base.

A sprung slatted base is used in ottoman beds that are less expensive. The cost of an ottoman bed with a boarded mattress base is usually higher. This is due to the fact that they are heavier and made of higher-quality materials.

The best choice is to go for a boarded mattress base because they are more durable and have a more comfortable base for your mattress.

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Do ottoman beds have a weight limit?

Ottoman beds do have a weight limit because they are capable of lifting a certain amount of weight which is 40-80 kg.

Although they are solidly built, it is really important not to exceed the weight limit as they can be very dangerous as there are gas struts under the bed. Therefore, always take note of those weight limitations every time you check out the specifications of an ottoman bed.