Why are Ottomans so Expensive? (All You Need to Know)

The best way to spice up the setting of your living room is by purchasing an ottoman. They are stylish and can be found in most homes. This trendy piece of furniture comes with a high price tag. To many, it can seem like a luxury. So what makes ottomans so expensive?

Why are ottomans so expensive?

Ottomans are expensive for many reasons starting from their origin, quality, material, design, and uses. They have a plethora of uses and are not only limited to be used as extra seating. Most ottoman pieces are made with wood, especially hardwood, which can be costly.  

Things that make ottomans expensive


The name ‘Ottoman’ comes from the wealthy Ottoman Empire in Turkey where it was first introduced. It was typically used in private clubs with the riches and soon spread to residential homes.

This versatile piece of furniture came to Europe in the 18th Century. And now it can be seen in many homes throughout the world.


When we look for furniture, quality is always important. The better the quality, the more

durable it will be and more resistant to damage. Most ottoman manufacturers try to maintain the quality in every ottoman piece they produce.

This adds to the cost. These ottoman pieces can be used for decades and still be sold as second-hand pieces with a profit. 


An ottoman is not just seating furniture. It comes with several uses which makes them costly. It can be used as a coffee table, for storage, as a footstool, as a side table, or even for extra seating.

You can place them anywhere in the house. It’s not only limited to the living room. Some people keep their ottomans in the bathroom. 


Wood has been a popular material used to make ottomans and other pieces of furniture as well.

Some of the types of wood materials used to make ottomans are Bamboo, Cedar, Maple, Oak, Pine, Walnut, Cherry, and Mahogany. Hardwood is harder to harvest than softwoods. This is because they have limitations in size.

Ottomans’ stuffings also vary from traditional wool, straws to polyester flakes, which can make it differ in price.

This high-quality wood makes them more costly to manufacture. Many ottomans are also made with stones which is a natural and durable material that is expensive. 

Various designs and sizes:

Design lasts forever. This is why people cherish vintage ottomans and often buy them at a high price. Some of them are passed down from generation to generation. It becomes a priceless and treasured possession.

These good quality ottomans are well-built and last long. Ottomans come in various shapes and styles. The options are countless. 


Good brands have built their name to the top and it comes with a cost. They put their effort into

building their brand image, marketing, staff, and the quality of their products. This is why items made by these brands will always cost more.

This applies to every product and not just ottomans. Besides brands, individual ottoman pieces can also be pricey. Designers spend a lot of time in one piece then these are sold with a high price tag. 

How much do ottomans cost? 

It depends on many factors ranging from the quality, material, and from where you buy it. On average, ottomans can cost from $200 to $600. Some ottomans cost as low as $100 whereas there are high-end ottomans made with pricier materials that exceed the $600 mark. 

Top brands and designers make ottomans that are high in cost. Customized or semi-customized are the ones that cost the most. This is because those ottomans are built specifically catered to the needs of the owner. 

But you can find cheap ottomans in online stores easily as well as local stores. If you want to lower the cost, you can also purchase second-hand ottomans in garage sales and other places. You may even find a unique vintage one. 

Cost for different types of ottomans

The price depends less on the type and more on the store. Places such as Walmart, Target, and Amazon sell inexpensive ottomans. 

Ottoman Coffee Table:

Similar to coffee tables, these cost around $200 to $500 on average. It can vary due to the material, size, and storage space.

They are likely to cost more if they are made of leather. The larger the size, the more it will cost. If it has more storage space then it will also be more expensive. 

Storage Ottoman:

These ottomans are mainly used for storage. They often come with lids, drawers, and plenty of space to keep magazines, tv remotes, etc. Sometimes the lid can be lifted off completely. They have many designs.

But they are not only used for storage. They can be used for seating, as a footstool, and as a place to keep drinks too. These ottomans are the most expensive kind. You can find these within $200 but they can exceed more than $600. 

Glider Ottoman:

Glider ottomans come in sets with the glider chair or recliner seat. You can buy them separately too but it can be tough to find a perfect match. The pair can cost from $500 to

$1500 or more. But the ottoman alone will cost around $300. 

Footstool Ottoman:

This is probably the cheapest type. The main reason for this is because of the size and use. They are very small in size and compact, as low as 12 inches.

They mostly have two uses, to be used as extra seating or to rest your feet. These can cost around $100 to $300 depending on where you buy them from. 

How much should I spend to buy an ottoman?

How much you should spend is completely up to you and your preference. If you’re planning on keeping the ottoman for a long time, it’s better to buy a good quality one.

Good quality furniture comes with a cost. The same applies if you are planning on reselling it. The key is to find a balance between price and quality. 

You don’t have to necessarily buy a $1000 ottoman. You can find good quality ottomans that cost around $400.

You should invest in an ottoman of good quality because you don’t want to replace it every year. It increases durability, your comfort, and transforms the settings of your room.

What matters the most is your comfort, make sure it is comfortable for you and the people who will be using it. 

Check the finishings and material before you make your purchase. How is the varnish or polish? The depth of color of the wood can also give it away. Investing in good furniture is never a bad idea. It will always capture the eyes of your guests. 

Don’t let the lighting or picture fool you. Many stores make cheap and bad quality furniture look good by using plenty of lighting. Online stores edit the pictures of the furniture to attract customers too. So be careful of that.

What is the purpose of an ottoman? 

  • Coffee table: They can be used as a place to keep drinks and as a replacement for coffee tables.
  • Extra Seating: You never know when you need extra seating and an ottoman is a piece of stunning seating furniture. 
  • Storage: You can keep anything inside a storage ottoman. You can keep pillows or books. It is totally up to you.
  • Footstool: We all need to rest our feet from time to time. Why not get an ottoman instead of a boring footstool? It is portable and lightweight. There are massaging ottomans available too that can massage your feet when you lay them. 
  • Decoration: You don’t necessarily have to use an ottoman. You can simply keep it for decoration. Many people do this when they are decorating their living space or bedroom. 
  • Gliding Ottoman: It is a great addition to your nursery for the comfort of a new mom. It also helps to put the baby on your lap to fall sleep easily with the smooth gliding motion.

Is an ottoman worth it? 

Absolutely! You don’t have to buy it for the use. Ottomans are a showpiece itself. They easily become the focal point of any room. It is a showstopper and can turn a boring room into an extravagant affluent setting. 

Besides the various uses, it is also children-friendly. It has children-friendly fabric such as denim, soft materials and includes rounded edges.

So if your little kids accidentally bump into one, it will hurt less than a wooden coffee table. The flat surface can be used to play board games as well. 

Can you reupholster an ottoman? 

It is very easy to reupholster an ottoman to match your preferences and styles. You can either reupholster it yourself or hire a reupholstering service.

If you want to do it yourself, buy upholstering fabric according to your needs and some basic tools and supplies. You can find many tutorials on youtube to help you.

Using a reupholstering service will be more efficient as they are more experienced and have the proper tools. 

If you can’t re-upholster it, you can cover your ottomans using slipcovers. You can pick from a vast range of fabrics to match it with your decor style.

How much does it cost to reupholster an ottoman? 

The average cost to reupholster an ottoman is between $300 to $700. The cost will be lower if you have little decoration and a small-sized ottoman. Expensive fabrics and special designs can cost more. Premium features such as diamond tufting are costly. 

The tools and supplies to reupholster an ottoman do not cost much as they include some simple items such as a measuring ruler, sandpaper, scissors, screwdriver, and knife. These items can be found in the house. 

Is it cheaper to reupholster or buy a new ottoman?

Using a reupholstering service will cost you more than doing it yourself. A new ottoman will cost you more if you want it to match your living decor completely, especially customized ones. Reupholstering can save you money in that area. 

Whether it’s cheaper or not depends on the material you use and the quality. Decide for yourself by looking into all the factors of reupholstering and buying a brand new ottoman.

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