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Do All Ottomans Have Storage? (Explained!)

Ottomans are one of the convenient furniture to use for multiple purposes. The primary purpose of ottomans is for the footrest. Storage capacity is a tremendous feature among the purposes.

Storage ottomans are so helpful that most people like to buy storage ottomans. People place the ottoman either in the living room or in the bedroom.

You might want to know whether all the ottomans have storage or not. This article will tell you about all types of ottomans and their storage.

Do all ottomans have storage?

Most ottomans have storage capacity. But not all ottomans have storage. Ottomans can have different features and styles. Some ottomans, for example, storage ottoman, tufted ottoman, standard ottoman, etc., have storage. But storage capacity is an optional choice.

Storage in ottoman means that inside the ottoman, the hollow space is for storage. Various types of things, like, books, clothes, kids’ toys, shoes, etc., can be put into the storage. This type of ottomans is most popular nowadays.

However, the ottomans are versatile, and you have the opportunity to choose different types of ottoman. If you want to buy an ottoman with storage, there are plenty of types in the market. But if you want the ottoman without storage, you can choose the other types.

What is ottoman storage?

Ottoman storage is a space underneath the ottoman to store things. Generally, people use ottomans for footrest or to place in front of the sofa or couch to rest the legs. But with the development of ottomans, they became convenient.

Ottomans with storage capacity became famous for the user-friendly features of ottomans. For example, in the ottoman storage, you can put any stuff that saves your house space. But none can see the storage stuff if the ottoman cover is closed.

So, storage ottomans are helpful because they save space and keep essential things in them. Different ottomans can have storage capacity. For example, ottoman beds have the largest capacity to store stuff in them.

Do all ottomans have storage?

All the ottomans don’t have storage. But most ottomans have storage. Even you can customize your ottoman to make it a storage ottoman. But usually, some ottomans have storage capacity. Let’s see which ottomans have storage and which don’t.

Standard ottoman:

Standard ottoman is the traditional type of ottoman. Most standard ottomans have storage capacity in it. The storage is underneath the lid of the ottoman, or the ottoman has one or multiple drawers.

Pouf ottoman:

Pouf ottomans are round-shaped ottomans. Usually, pouf ottomans don’t have storage capacity. Moreover, most pouf ottomans are small. So, customizing a pouf ottoman as storage ottoman is also difficult.


A cocktail ottoman is a round-shaped ottoman that has a plain table-like lid over it. Sometimes, people call it a coffee table ottoman for its structure and feature. Some cocktail ottomans have storage capacity under cover of the ottoman.

Cube ottoman:

This ottoman has a cube shape. Cube ottomans have storage under the lid. So, this type of ottoman is convenient to put necessary things inside it.

Square and rectangular ottoman:

Square and rectangular ottoman are pretty similar without their exact shape. These ottomans are most common in the market. They also have storage capacity.

Round and Oval ottoman:

Round and oval-shaped ottomans are also pretty standard. Most round and oval ottomans are luxurious and don’t have storage in them. But you can customize these ottomans to make them storage ottomans.

Sleeper ottoman:

Sleeper ottomans have the largest storage capacity. These ottomans are comparatively more extensive than the other ottomans. So, most of the sleeper ottomans have storage.

Novelty ottoman:

Novelty ottomans are versatile, stylish, trendy, and different-shaped ottomans. These ottomans usually don’t have storage capacity because of the design requirement. For giving the ottoman a different look and shape, the storage is given less priority.

Does an ottoman have to have storage?

An ottoman doesn’t have to have storage compulsorily. The storage ottoman is the type of ottoman which has storage capacity inside it.

But storing something isn’t the main purpose of an ottoman. Ottomans are used basically for resting the legs and feet while sitting on a sofa or couch.

But some ottomans have storage capacity. You can put anything inside the ottoman, and none will get to notice from the outside. The storage feature is convenient, and most people like it. But having storage isn’t compulsory for all ottomans.

Some trendy and designing ottomans don’t have any storage in them. For example, most pouf ottomans and oval ottomans don’t have storage capacity.

Can you turn a regular ottoman into a storage ottoman?

You can turn a regular ottoman into a storage ottoman. Ottomans can be customized in different styles. Most ottomans have storage capacity in them. But if a standard ottoman doesn’t have storage, you can convert it by parting the upper and lower part of the ottoman.

If the ottoman is cube or rectangular shaped, it will be easier to convert into a storage ottoman. But if the ottoman is a novelty ottoman, converting it might not be easy.

However, for tuning a regular ottoman into a storage ottoman, you must keep in mind that the lower part should have more space than the upper part.

While making a storage ottoman, you should have enough cushioning. Otherwise, the main purpose of the ottoman, which is for footrest, will not be comfortable. So, a regular ottoman can be a storage ottoman with customizing.

How to turn an ottoman into a storage ottoman?

Turning an ottoman into a storage ottoman isn’t so difficult. Even most ottomans’ shapes are convenient to turn into a storage ottoman.

If you want to turn your regular ottoman into a storage ottoman, you need to follow some steps. Let’s see how you can make a storage ottoman.

Pull out the cover fabric:

First of all, you have to pull out the cover fabric of the ottoman. If you want to use a new cover, you can cut the cover from any side. But if you’re going to reuse the cover, detach the staples or threads from the fabric. Then pull out the cover fabric.

Detach the top:

Cut off the top portion of the ottoman. If the top is joint with staples, nails, or bolts, remove them.

Attach the hinges:

Attach the hinges between the two separated parts to make a hinged door. You can do it with a screw-driver. Make sure you can open the top part smoothly. If you want to hide the hinges, you can attach them from inside.

Add cover and cushion:

If the door is made, add enough cushioning over the top. Otherwise, the ottoman won’t be comfortable to put the feet over it. Moreover, add cover fabric on the ottoman. You can customize the cover with the latest design to look the ottoman elegant.

What do you store in an ottoman?

Storage ottomans are the most convenient among the other ottomans. People can store different types of things inside the ottoman. What you can keep in an ottoman depends on how big the ottoman is.

Clothes and shoes are the most typical things to store inside an ottoman. You can make the ottoman more versatile by putting the ottoman inside the dressing room. The ottoman can store clothes and be used as a dressing table stool.

You can also store books and magazines in an ottoman. Moreover, you can store kid’s toys inside the ottoman and place it in the kid’s room. You can also store other baby supplies and bags in the ottoman.

Make sure to keep the storage space clean regularly to prevent the ottoman from developing any bad smell.

Can you sit on storage ottoman?

You can sit on storage ottomans. Storage ottomans generally have a comfortable cover over them. You can make extra sitting options using the ottomans. But you have to about the weight-bearing ability of the ottoman.

Some ottomans, like standard ottoman, pouf ottoman, cube, and rectangular ottoman, have the quality to sit on the ottoman. You can put the ottoman in the bedroom for extra sitting arrangements.

Some people use the ottomans as dressing table stools. So, you can sit on the storage ottoman if it can hold the weight of a person.

Ottomans are one of the most essential and versatile pieces of furniture. You can use the ottoman for different purposes. But the most common and valuable purpose among them is the storage capacity.

Though all ottomans don’t have storage, most of the ottomans have storage. If your ottoman doesn’t have storage capacity, you can also turn your regular ottoman into a storage ottoman. So, you can get customizing ideas from this article.