Why is My Ottoman Bed Creaking or Squeaking? (Explained!)

Ottoman beds are pretty convenient to use. They have a tremendous amount of space for storage, but they are comfortable too. The beds open on one side, and after closing, none will get to know that there is a lot of stuff in the bed’s storage.

But sometimes, you might notice that your ottoman bed is creaking and squeaking. This sound might be disturbing.

You need to know why the bed is creaking or squeaking and how to eliminate the problem. This article will help you to know why your ottoman bed is creaking or squeaking.

Why is my ottoman bed creaking or squeaking?

Ottoman bed creaking or squeaking is a typical sign of friction between different parts of the bed. If the bed is made of steel or wood, it will cause some sounds. Another reason for squeaking is a loose joint. If there is any loose joint between the parts of the bed, it will creak or squeak.

If your ottoman is wood or metal, it must have some joints. Sometimes, these joints get loosed. Then some squeaky some come from the bed when you get up or get down from the bed.

Friction or rubbing between the different parts of the bed also causes creaking or squeaking. So, when you get up or get down from the bed, surfaces of the bed rub and get creaking or squeaking.

4 reasons why my ottoman bed is creaking or squeaking?

Creaking or squeaking of the ottoman bed is a typical problem. You might have faced this problem also. Creaking or squeaking can be pretty annoying sometimes.

But you might be confused about the reasons behind it. Let’s see some reasons why your ottoman bed is creaking or squeaking.

Loose joints:

Every bed has some joints. Similarly, ottoman beds have joints, whether they are made of wood or metal. If the joints get loosed, the bed will cause creaking or squeaking. When you get up or get down from the bed, these problems are more noticeable.

Friction between joints:

In every joint, a mechanical friction force is present. For continuous use, the friction or rubbing increases. When you use the bed, this rubbing or friction between the parts of the ottoman bed will cause creaking or squeaking.

Broken mattress spring:

Ottoman beds generally have two parts. The lower part is for storage, and the upper part is the mattress. Sometimes, the springs of the mattress break and cause creaking or squeaking.

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Friction between the frame and floor:

Sometimes the frame is not even from all sides, or the floor isn’t even. If this happens, friction between the frame and floor occurs. So, the ottoman bed is creaking or squeaking for this friction.

How do I stop my ottoman bed from squeaking?

Ottoman bed can sometimes be squeaking. This problem is irritating for most people. If you want to stop your ottoman bed from squeaking, you need to follow some steps. You can get ideas from the following steps.

Tightening the loose joints:

First of all, you have to tighten the joints of the ottoman bed with a screwdriver. Once the joints are tightened, the squeaking might not happen. Shake the ottoman to notice whether any squeaking is coming from the bed or not.

Decrease the friction:

After tightening the joints, make sure the frame is symmetrical with the joints. If the joints are balanced, the squeaking won’t come from the ottoman.

Adjust the frame with the floor:

Notice that the frame of the ottoman is in an even position with the floor. If the floor and the ottoman are adjusted evenly, the squeaking will decrease.

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Change the mattress:

After doing all the above things, if the problem is still bothering you, you can check the mattress. If the springs of the mattress break, change the mattress and get rid of the squeaking problem.

Are ottoman beds noisy?

Ottoman beds can be noisy sometimes. Even all the beds can be noisy at any time. Generally, when you buy an ottoman bed, it doesn’t make any squeaking. But if the bed is uneven with the floor or the floor isn’t plain, the ottoman can be noisy.

Some other reasons can also be responsible for making the ottoman noisy. For example, if the joints of the ottoman are loose, this can make the bed noisy. Moreover, the friction between the ottoman bed’s surfaces can make a squeaky sound.

Another reason for ottoman beds to become noisy is the problem with mattresses. Sometimes, the mattress’s spring breaks and makes this sound.

Read more in detail, Are ottoman beds noisy?

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What is the least squeaky bed frame?

The solid wood platform bed frame is the least squeaky bed frame. The common reason for the squeaking of the bed is the loose joints of the metal frame bed. The bolts and joints of the metal bed make noisy sounds when you get up or get down from the bed.

So, solid wood is a suitable material to make the least squeaky bed frame. Wood-based frames are stronger and sturdier than a metal frames. That’s why the solid wood frame makes less noise.

Metals are more prone to friction. Metal frame beds also have metal springs on them. We know that friction between the surfaces of the bed can make a squeaking sound.

Friction between the metal springs makes pretty noisy sounds. So, a wood platform frame can solve this problem.

Do all beds creak?

Generally, creaking is typical in all beds. Most beds have joints, whether it is of wood or metal. The joints are sometimes loose or make friction with other parts. For this reason, almost all beds creak. If the bed is of metal, the creaking is more.

Most beds have mattresses. The problem with the mattress can also make a creaking sound. If the mattress’s spring is broken or loosen, the sound is more bothering. So, all beds are pretty common to creak for different reasons.

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Do ottoman beds have a solid base?

Most ottoman beds have a solid base. Generally, all the ottoman beds have storage capacity, and the upper part of the bed is the cover of the storage. So, it’s pretty obvious to put a solid base over the bed.

Over the solid base of the ottoman beds, people put the mattress. So, the base must be solid, to put a plain mattress over it.

Most people like the solid base on an ottoman bed. A solid base is pretty convenient to use. Moreover, it’s more comfortable than other types of bases. So, if you want a standard ottoman bed, you can use a solid base ottoman bed.

Do all ottoman beds have slats?

Most ottoman beds have slats. Slats are essential for making the ottoman more strong and durable. Especially, slats make the mattress durable for a long time. Slates are usually used under the mattress to support the mattress and hold it in one position.

A standard ottoman bed should have slats to support the mattress. Slats also ensure that the mattress doesn’t slide off from its position. The overall life of an ottoman bed and the mattress increases with slats on the bed.

So, if you want your ottoman bed to be long-lasting and the mattress is in the correct position, you can use a slatted ottoman bed.

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How long do ottoman beds last?

Ottoman beds are pretty durable. They have similar features to other beds. But how long ottoman beds will last depends on which material the bed is made of. If the ottoman bed is a wooden frame solid base bed, it can last up to 10 years.

If the frame is made of metal, it will lase even more. Ottoman beds are comfortable and strong. If the bed has slats, it will increase the lifetime of the mattress. So, the overall bed will be long-lasting.

When should you replace your bed frame?

It would be best if you replace your bed frame when the bed’s slats don’t sit in their position. The lifetime of the bed’s frame depends on the materials. If the frame is made of wood, it can last up to 10 years.

Wood bed frames are prone to crake or break. So, you should replace the bed frame if it has a crack on it. If you face difficulty putting the slats over the frame in the correct position, you should replace them.

So, you should check the slats and bed frame every year to notice any cracking. If you see any break or crack, you should replace the frame to avoid any accident.

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Ottoman beds are safe and pretty comfortable. Most people like the ottoman beds for their storage capacity. But sometimes, the bed makes creaking or squeaking sounds that are annoying.

Many reasons can be responsible for the squeaking, such as loose joints, friction, problems with the mattress, etc. So, you have to notice the problem and solve it. You can quickly solve the creaking or squeaking problems by the ideas of this article.

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