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Are Ottoman Beds Noisy? (All You Need to Know)

After a long day your comfy bed is all you need to relax and dream away. But a noisy bed can turn your dreams into a nightmare.  Or worse, you won’t to sleep to watch a dream.

Ottoman beds do not have it in their characteristics to be squeaky. If you start to heat unwanted noises be sure to check it out as soon as possible. The problem is fairly easy to deal with.

Are ottoman beds noisy?

It is very common for ottoman beds to be squeaky and noisy if a screw or a bolt comes loose. It can be easily fixed by tightening the problematic screw. The friction between the joints can sometimes cause the bed to be noisy as well. The metal frames can also be a reason for the unwanted noise.

Ottoman beds have become very popular among the interior world nowadays. And the customers seem to lean towards this new design as well.

This is because the beds are very comfortable. But the bed may be a bit on the noisier side due to loose screws and the metal frames.

The metal frames of the beds’ structure may cause a bit of noise but this is not very common. The friction between the joints can make unnecessary noise. Another reason might be loosely adjusted screws and bolts.

The problem can be solved easily with a bit of maintenance and oil. It is best to take care of it as soon as the noise becomes obvious.

Why do ottoman beds squeak? 

It is not uncommon to hear squeaky noises from your ottoman bed after a while. Usually the noise comes after using the bed for a long time due to the joints getting dislocated. But sometimes the noise can be obvious very early-

Loose screw and bolts

If you have a loose screw somewhere on the ottoman beds’ frame, it could create a very distinct noise as the bed moves. This can be fixed by simply tightening the loose bolts and screws.

Metal Frame

Metal frames usually make a bit of cranky noise when they get in touch with each other. To keep the noise to a minimum, it is best to apply a very little amount of oil to the sides of the frames.


With time the joints of the bed frame can start to get rusty. The friction between the frame and rusty joints can make a noise. Changing the joints is a good idea to stop the noise from getting too much.

Ottoman beds are not usually noisy and squeaky. Examine your bed frame carefully to get to the core of the problem and solve it properly.

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How do I stop my ottoman bed from squeaking?

Noisy beds can be frustrating and annoying when you are looking for peace and comfort. Thankfully, it is not very difficult or costly to fix a squeaky bed.

The first step is to find out why your bed is making the noise. Afterwards you can take action accordingly-

  • Take off the mattress from the bed frame;
  • Check the mattress to see if the noise is coming from there while you are at it;
  • Rock the bed frame from left to right to see where the noise is coming from;
  • Once you find the source of the noise you can start your work.

The noise might be coming from any loose screw or bolt. There might be some issues with the joints. The frames can also be a reason for the squeaky noises-

Loose screw and bolts

Get the right tools to properly screw the bolts. Make sure they are tight this time. Check as many times as you need by rocking the bed frame before putting on the mattress.

Joint issues

If you see the joints have become rusty and loose it is best to apply a little bit of oil. Any kind of oil is good but best to use coconut oil. A bit of oil will stop the rusty joints from clashing into the frame and making a noise.

If the joint still makes noise, take it apart entirely and use a new set of bolts and joints. Reassemble the joint frame again. And check before putting on the mattress.

Frame problem

If you feel there are other issues, other than loose screws and joints, why the bed is making noise try these basic things to stop the squeaking –

  1. Use old cloths or socks on the slates of the bed frame to stop noise due to friction on the frame;
  2. If there are any gaps in the frame use corks to cover them. This will reduce the friction;
  3. If any of the slates are making the squeaking noise, put a book or any foam near the slates to stop the noise;
  4. Put towels under the bed frame to stop the noise due to uneven design or measurement. Use it under any of the uneven legs as well.

Try out these small steps to make your bed noiseless and a comfy place again. They are very easy to follow and do not require many tools either. Take your time with it and you should be fine.

Will WD40 help a squeaky ottoman bed?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to stop the squeaky noise is to use any oil based lubricant. WD40 is a good choice for you.

WD40 is a very handy piece of lubricant that almost every garage has. If you find any joint or bolt making a squeaky noise, just use a bit of this lubricant to fix the issue. It is a great alternative for oil.

This formula is best for the ottoman beds as the lubricant works best with metal frames. The formula is not too greasy so it is better to work with it since you will be working on a bed frame.

Can you sleep on an ottoman? 

An ottoman frame has enough space to be converted into a comfy be without taking much space and storage. If you are looking for something minimal, an ottoman bed is the best option for you.

An average ottoman has more space than any divan by 40%. This makes it a very comfortable place to use as a bed. If you want more space around the room and want to save storage, an ottoman bed is definitely for you.

The comfort of a bed with saved space is obviously a more efficient option.

Do you need a special mattress for an ottoman bed? 

You do not need a special mattress for your ottoman bed. Rather, finding the right sized mattress for your ottoman bed is very important. A mattress too large will not fit the frame and a mattress too small will be uncomfortable and unstable for the bed frame.

Usually mattresses for the ottoman beds are sold by the frame size which fit. But it is best to check the frame size and the mattress size just to be sure and safe. 90cm by 190cm mattress should be fine for a standard sized ottoman.

How much weight can an ottoman bed hold?

A standard and solidly made ottoman bed will hold weight within the range of 40 to 80 kg. This is the capacity of a standard sized bed made properly. However, if your bed is not made with cheap materials, the frame will fall under the weight.

A king sized ottoman can hold as much as 80 kg easily. A single bed is usually standard when it comes to ottoman beds. Do not put too much weight on the ottoman if you want it to last long as a bed.

Ottoman beds are the new sensation in the interior world. They are cute, comfy and sleek, all the while saving storage space and giving a minimal vibe. The bed might get noisy and squeaky but you can fix it easily.