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How Big Should an Ottoman Be? (All You Need to Know)

An ottoman is a trendy and stylish addition to any living room. It can transform the entire setting of your living space. But what size should you get?

It can be tough to decide which size Ottoman is right for you, especially because of the plethora of options. Well, look no further because we can help you make the correct choice. 

How big should an ottoman be?

Since ottomans come in many sizes, the size suitable for you depends on its purpose, the size of your room, the size of your couch/sofa/chair, and the furniture it is placed next to. The other pieces of furniture in the room also play a role because it needs to look proportional and balanced. 

Before purchasing an ottoman, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will you be using it for? 
  • How big is your room?
  • Where will you place it?

What is the standard size of an ottoman?

There is no standard size of an ottoman. Ottomans come in various shapes and sizes to match the comforts of their owners. Height, width, and depth, all three measurements are important before you purchase an ottoman. 

When it comes to height, it should be at least 1 inch shorter than the seat of your chair or couch. If you have a large sofa or sectional, then you should have a wide ottoman. The longer your sofa, the wider the ottoman should be.

The depth should be decided according to the size of your room. Your ottoman should be deeper if you have a big room but for a small room, a narrow ottoman is ideal. This is to make sure that the room does not look cluttered.  

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How big should an ottoman be in front of a couch? 

Most ottomans are slightly shorter than the couch. The preferred ottoman height is between 15.5 inches and 22 inches when in front of a couch. They should be the same height as the seat of the couch if it’s used as a footstool.

The width should be at least half the size of your couch. It can go longer than 36 inches so that people can reach both ends. 

But if you have a small ottoman, you can combine it with another small ottoman to make up for the width. 

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What size ottoman for sectional? 

A good rule of thumb is to have 18 inches of space around all sides of your sectional. There should be equal space on each side of the ottoman if it is centered with the sectional.

But you don’t always have to follow this. A small ottoman can look good if it has small legs and it will appear heavier in the open space. 

The ideal ottoman is ⅔ the width of the sofa portion of your sectional(in case your sectional comes with a chaise). 

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What size ottoman for a chair? 

The ideal height of an ottoman for a chair should be the same as the height of the seat of the chair. It could be an inch or two lower as well.

To find out the accurate seat height, use a measuring tape and measure the top of the seat of the chair to the floor. This is the height of your ottoman, minus an inch. 

Test the height to make sure it’s comfortable for you. You can do this by stacking boxes to the height you’ve measured. The width should also be the same as the seat of the chair. It looks balanced. 

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What size ottoman for a king bed? 

These ottomans are usually placed at the foot of the bed and are usually as long as the width of the bed. The width can be a few inches less. They are lower in height compared to the king bed. They should be at least 2-3 inches lower than the bed.  

Instead of a long and deep one, you can put two narrow ottomans instead. 

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What size ottoman for a loveseat? 

The ottoman should either be as wide as the loveseat but if your ottoman is small, then you could put two. It should be equal in height to the seat or lower depending on its purpose. They usually come in sets so you’ll find plenty of options.

What size ottoman for glider chair? 

Gliding ottomans are mostly needed for the nursery. Ottomans often come with gliding chairs themselves. Similar to normal chairs, this ottoman should be as tall as the seat of the chair or lower for accessibility. They should be as wide as the chair too so that they look proportional next to each other. 

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What size ottoman coffee table? 

Ottomans and coffee tables are similar in many ways. You can use an ottoman as a coffee table as long as it can function as a table. The length should be around ½ or ⅔ the length of the sofa.

 The height should also be measured in relation to the sofa or couch. It should be a bit lower than the sofa seat. This way you can easily reach it with your feet.

If you have two sets of sofas or a large sectional, you could use both a coffee table and an ottoman. The ottoman should be smaller than the coffee table if the coffee table is in the center of the room. It should not overpower the coffee table. 

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What height should Ottoman be? 

The height of the ottoman is important. A wrong measurement in height can make it uncomfortable for your back and legs. The suitable height depends on the height of your sofa or couch or the furniture it is placed next to.

The height of an Ottoman should be lower or the same height as the sofa. This is so that you can reach the ottoman easily while sitting on the sofa. 

An ottoman should be at least 1 inch shorter than the seat of the couch or chair. To find out the correct measurements, try ottomans of different heights. Or you can stack a bunch of boxes and books to find out the suitable ottoman height for you. 

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Can an ottoman be taller than the couch? 

You can purchase an ottoman that is taller than the couch. But it is not the most comfortable choice.

If your ottoman is primarily used as a footrest, you should be able to reach it comfortably using your feet. A taller ottoman can strain your back and legs when you lift your feet. 

However, it can be taller than your couch if you are only keeping it for storage or decoration. Then there is no need to worry about the height as long as it’s not too high. But make sure it looks proportional to the other furniture in the room.  

If you prefer elevating your legs above the level of your couch, then there is no problem purchasing an ottoman that is taller than your couch. Elevating your legs comes with many health benefits and a lot of people do it. 

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What size should the ottoman tray be? 

You need to make sure that the tray corresponds to the size and shape of your ottoman. Find out the dimensions of the top surface of your ottoman and buy a tray accordingly. It shouldn’t be too large and should fit on the ottoman.

There is no rule on ottoman tray size but I would recommend not to go any larger than ½ the size of your ottoman. 

Match the shape. If you have a round ottoman, purchase a round tray. 

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What shape ottoman is best for sectional?

  • A square ottoman: This is best for a sectional that has equal lengths on both sides.
  • A rectangular ottoman: An L-shaped sectional will look great with a rectangular ottoman. The longer width will enable more people to use it. Pick one with a hollow center if you need storage.
  • A round ottoman: This is best suited for a sectional with rounded corners or a wedge. If it has no corners, you will less likely be bumping into it and it will be easy to get around.

If you have a really long sectional, try two or more ottomans. This is a new design and high in fashion. You can either pull them apart or keep them pushed together. Try it out for a chick modern look.

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How far should the ottoman be from the couch?

Make sure to place your furniture in a way so that you have enough space for easy circulation around the room but while also keeping it close for convenience. The purpose of the ottoman and the sizes are a factor. The larger your furniture, the more space is needed to walk around. 

An ottoman should be at a comfortable distance from a Chair or Couch. If you’re using your ottoman as a footrest, it should be 12 inches apart from the couch. There should be enough room to move around the ottoman but it shouldn’t be too far so that you can reach it easily.

If the purpose of the ottoman is to be used as a side table then it should be close to the couch so that you can reach the top of the ottoman. Ensure that it’s not too close to prevent bumping into the edges of the furniture. 

The ideal distance between pieces of furniture is usually 36 inches but this is too far as ottomans are comparatively small. 

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If your ottoman is larger than a coffee table, there should be at least 14 inches distance between the ottoman and the couch. If you are using the ottoman only for storage, 30 inches apart from the couch should be enough.

Choosing the right size ottoman is very important. Since ottomans are a multifunctional piece, the main priority should be the comfort of your guests while using the living room. If you have an ottoman of the wrong size that you just can’t replace, adjust the legs!

Not only should it be functional and practical, but it should suit the layout of your room as well.