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Are Ottoman Beds Strong and Sturdy? (Explained)

A comfortable bed is an essential element of your sleep but it could be so much more than just rectangular-shaped furniture.

In most cases the place underneath the mattress and bed frame is unused and stays empty, there is so much empty space for storing your pillow, bed sheets, and other stuff.  The Ottoman bed makes it possible to access and use the space underneath the bed mattress and frame.

You can easily lift it and thanks to a hydraulic system it will open up the whole section and give you a vast amount of storage space.

So the concern may arise that Ottoman bed has a lightweight build will it be able to sustain heavy loads, it’s great for storage but will it be comfortable, how long is the service life, let’s get a deeper understanding and try to find answers to all of your inquiries.

Are ottoman beds strong and sturdy?

Ottoman beds are quite strong and sturdy. Its frame and body are made with lightweight material so that it can be easily lifted by a person. However, the light weight doesn’t compromise its durability and strength. An Ottoman bed can easily withstand 50kg to 90kg weight on a regular basis. 

How strong are ottoman beds?

The Ottoman beds are made with lightweight material so that anyone can lift them and reach their storage compartment. However, people carry a misconception that it’s made with lightweight material so it must be fragile.

The Ottoman beds are reliable, sturdy, and strong. A decent quality built ottoman bed will be able to tolerate up to 90kg without breaking any sweat. So you can always place your bet on Ottoman beds strength.

Do ottoman beds break easily?

Ottoman beds may be made with lightweight material for easy-to-lift purposes but when it comes to safety you won’t have to compromise even a little bit. The ottoman bed building material may be lightweight but it has a high resistance and proper durability.

The bed frame can tolerate up to 90kg at ease and a properly maintained bed will give you a service life of more than 8 years.

If the built quality and assemble procedure was satisfyingly good then you can rest assured that your ottoman bed won’t break that easily.

Do ottoman beds have a weight limit? 

A decent quality ottoman bed should be able to withstand up to 90kg weight pretty easily. The weight limit will include mattress, bedding weight, and the person who will be sleeping on it.

Brand quality made ottoman beds will be able to hold more than  200lb pretty easily and can tolerate up to 600lb

How much weight can an ottoman hold? 

Ottoman beds are great for having easy access to the storage compartment. You can utilize almost all of the space underneath your bed for keeping your pillow, bedsheets, etc.  You might be convinced with the storage quality now let’s have a look at the build quality.

Ottoman beds are made with lightweight materials to make them easy to lift so the general concern may emerge will an ottoman bed able to support my and my family’s weight.

So if you are looking for a specific number then an ottoman bed can hold up to 200lb to almost 600lb. So you can rest assured about the ottoman bed’s weight support quality. 

Are ottoman beds less comfortable? 

No matter if it’s a normal bed or bed with a storage unit, the most important quality your bed should possess is comfortability. The bed you sleep in should be comfortable and also provide you sufficient support to your spine.

Ottoman beds are made with lightweight material so that you can easily lift the bed and reach the storage compartment.

The ottoman beds are made in such a way that you can use almost any comfortable mattresses of your choice on your bed. With an ottoman bed, you get easy access to extra storage space without compromising comfortability.

Are ottoman beds a good idea & why? 

You don’t want your home to be filled with too many closets and other furniture for storing pillows, bed sheets, and other stuff. For a city dweller, the chance of getting to save space in their house is a big deal. So why buy an ottoman bed & how is it a good idea:

  • Extra space: ottoman beds can utilize the space underneath the mattress pretty nicely. Compared to other storage beds an ottoman bed can give you 45% extra storage space. 
  • Easy access to the storage: you won’t have to go through any extra hustle when lifting the ottoman bed mattress to access the storage unit. A hydraulic lifting mechanism makes the ottoman bed easily lift and go down in seconds. You can choose which way you want to open or lift the mattress as the opening hydraulic mechanics can be installed to any orientation.  

How long do ottoman beds last? 

Strong, sturdy, and reliable ottoman beds have a long period of service life. If properly maintained it will sustain up to 6 to 10 years pretty easily. 

The hydraulic lifting mechanism may need to be checked & repaired in case of any unease in reaching the storage space but it’s great built so you won’t have to worry about doing that too often.

Are ottoman beds easy to assemble? 

Ottoman beds are pretty easy to assemble. Most of the manufacturing companies will send you a pre-assembled Ottoman bed or furniture to your doorstep. If you are thinking about assembling your own Ottoman bed then you can follow these simple steps

Attach the legs:

After you unpacked all the parts of the Ottoman bed check out the instruction manual for bed assembly. You can start by attaching the legs to the headboard and footboard. 

Loosen up the bolts:

Partially loosen up the bolts and screw, they should be still attached to the body, and don’t remove them completely.

Attach the side rails:

Assemble the side rails to the headboard and footboard. Don’t use any power tool like a drill or similar stuff, always use a screwdriver and tighten the screws by hand.   

Attaching the lifting mechanism:

Check out the instructions manual and see how the orientation of the lifting mechanism is provided. Some beds have a front lift and some have a side lift mechanism.

Attach the lifting mechanism to the right place. Now attach the gas-filled piston to the lifting mechanism. With a gentle force press down the lifting mechanism to the limit, after pressing it should stay lower than the top of the side rail.

Finishing touches:

Attach all the screws and nuts to the right place and then install the top board. Attach the long and short bottom cross rails and you are all done.

Are ottoman beds noisy?

In general, a properly assembled ottoman bed won’t produce any annoying squeaky sounds. The squeaky sounds in a bed may be due to weak or loose joints, box springs, and other related body parts.

If you are annoyed by the squeaky noise from your bed you can follow a few simple steps to get rid of it.

Pinpoint the exact spot:

You would need to pinpoint the exact spot or specific joint which might be producing the noise.

If it’s a new bed and produces squeaky sounds then the bed assembly might not have been done properly or the joint may have loosened up during shifting the bed.

It would be impractical if you are thinking about completely reassembling the bed, it will save you a lot of time and effort if you pinpoint the exact location of the noise and fix that specific part.

Tight all the nuts and screws:

The squeaky sounds occur when two pieces are in contact with each other and constantly getting rubbed. So the problem can be dealt with by just tightening up the nuts, bolts, and screws of the bed.

The joints may need to be checked thoroughly, sometimes there might be more damage than just a loose nut or screw. Due to overload the joint may have undergone deformation and need to be dealt with differently.

Lubricant the joints:

You should use lubricant on the joints to get rid of the annoying noise. 

Check the screw and nut condition:

The screw and nuts might be rusty or loosen a few threads so replacing them or sanding them can also solve your noise problem.

I hope you got an overall outlook on the ottoman bed’s built quality, weight-holding capacity, strength, comfortability, and reliability.

An ottoman bed is different from other fancy-looking beds, the ottoman bed will allow you to utilize the space underneath your bed, its hydraulic lifting mechanism is great for opening up the storage compartment without any extra effort.

It’s a comfortable bed with an extraordinary amount of storage space. You can invest your money in the ottoman bed without any worries, it will be a great attachment for your household.