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Nightstands: Everything You Need to Know

Nightstands are essential when it comes to bedrooms as they can uplight the decor in your room as well as be quite functional. The functions may go unnoticed sometimes but nightstands do end up making it quite easy for anyone.

You will appreciate the benefit of having one when you have all the necessary items close to your hand. Thus, it is important for you to know the basics when it comes to the basics of nightstands so that you can maximize the proper use of one to your benefit. 

Nightstands are basically like bedside tables that you would put on each side of your bed. It is placed in a way that it is around five centimeters away from your bedframe and this will allow you to access the top of the nightstand by just putting your hand out.

Nightstands are always in style as it is considered a necessity in most households. The designs and functionality of nightstands are always changing to fit the trend better as well as to increase their functionality.

Nowadays, you would see ones with shelves and drawers for additional storage. 

Standard nightstand size

Nightstand sizings are obviously limited to personal preference. However, there are some standardized sizes allocated to help your bedroom look lore elevated and neat.

They usually tend to be square in shape and be around 22 to 24 inches in width and 18 to 24 inches in depth. For king-sized beds, you should opt for a higher range to make them look more proportionate.

For California-sized beds, it is suggested to use a chest instead of a nightstand as it offers similar functionality and prevents the room from looking empty. 

Nightstand Height

The height of a nightstand usually depends on your bed height. The average height tends to be 24 to 28 inches tall. As a rule of thumb, it is suggested to use one or two inches taller than the crown of your mattress so that you can easily access it.

However, if your bed is lower in height then you will have to opt for a shorter nightstand. Alternatively, if you have a larger bed then you will have to opt for a taller nightstand. 

Nightstand materials, textures, and colors 

Materials and Texture:

The best part about it is you can use your imagination and use any material for your nightstand. It depends on your personal preference and the vibe you would like your room to give off.

Wood is the most common choice amongst consumers as it is a safe choice. It is heavy, durable, and has a beautiful wood grain texture that can add richness to your room. Hardwood is one of the best choices but ones such as mahogany can be quite expensive as they are hard to find and are quite exotic. 

Color of nightstand:

This is again up to your personal preference and depends on the color combination of the other furniture in your room as well as your walls.

The most common one is the usage of wooden colors as they are neutrals and can match any decor. They come in both light and dark tones. Other popular colors are cream, white, black, or grey. 

Tips for styling with a nightstand:

Maintain Practicality:

Do not gather your nightstand with too much decor as it will reduce the functionality. It will look too scattered and messy and you will not have the option to have empty space to keep your everyday items.  

Basic Essentials:

Remember to keep basic essentials like lamps and books on your nightstand. Not only can it make your space look more classy, but the added height from the lamp can add more depth to your space. It is also very functional. 

Add some nature:

It is always a good idea to have some flowers or plants on your nightstand as it adds a unique touch. It also helps your room to feel more bright and lively.  

Three pieces:

The best way to style a piece of square furniture is to add three pieces of decor with varying heights. First place the tall decor, then the smaller trinkets in the front. An example would be a lamp with a small plant and an alarm clock.  

Nightstand Accessories

When it comes to nightstand accessories, the key is to make them functional and well-organized. It is important that you place a lamp as not only does it add a flare to your room but it also comes quite handy at night.

You can also add something to enhance fragrance such as fresh flowers or candles. An alarm clock is also a useful accessory to add alongside some books. It will make your nightstand look more stylish but is also very practical for your personal use. 

Matching and mismatching nightstand in your bedroom 

If you do not want to follow the traditional route and go for mixing and matching your nightstands then it can add more quirkiness to your room. You can easily add visual appeal by having two nightstands of different shapes.

You can also use different materials to add a difference in texture. If you are keen on using wood, you can use different grains or shades.

You should also look for fun accent pieces and mix them with a delicate piece to add interest to your room. You just have to keep in mind that the two pieces play along with each other. 

Price of nightstands 

On average nightstands can cost anywhere between $180 to $300. However, the price starts hiking up based on the material it is made up of. Hardwood can teak and mahogany are hard to find and are high in demand.

As a result, the prices can start from anywhere between $500 and can hike up to a few thousand dollars.

Designer nightstands are also quite heavy on the wallet as they are made from exotic materials and tend to be one-of-a-kind pieces. These nightstands start from $1000 and can be worth thousands. 

Do you really need nightstands?

Nightstands are considered an essential piece of furniture for many people. It is technically a mini closet but just for your essentials.

It has a range of practical uses from charging your phone to keeping a lamp for additional lighting to even keeping a glass of water if you get thirsty at night!

You can keep your absolute necessities on one and have them accessible to you just a few inches away throughout the night. 

There are many different types of nightstands and you can definitely find one that caters to your needs. It is an excellent storage space for all your essential items which is only a reach away.

It can add a personal touch to your room as well as make your room look more organized and even. You just have to keep in mind to purchase one that creates unity in your room and is soothing to the eyes.

If you are not heavy on spending too much money then you can always find cheaper alternatives!