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Are Mirrored Nightstands In Style? (Explained)

Mirrored nightstands were once quite the rage, known for their splendor and chic luxurious touch. However, as we move to more and more contemporary designs for our interiors, you may be worried if the glam classic has fallen out of style. 

Are Mirrored Nightstands In Style?

Mirrored nightstands are in style due to today’s culture of creative homemaking. Furnishing is a matter of individual expression just as one’s clothes. It’s true that when mirrored furniture is overdone, it can seem tacky. But one standout nightstand would add unmatched beauty to your bedroom.

You don’t have to worry about your nightstand being out of trend. As long as there is a cohesive vibe in your interior that can make your bedroom look good, any furniture is a good choice. You can go for a luxurious look or a throwback retro style. 

The only factor when decorating with a mirrored nightstand is that you have to pay special attention to designing the whole room. Lighting and placement are important due to the reflections.  

You also have to consider not to put too much furniture in the room with mirrored furniture because that would look messy. Placing one or two mirrored nightstands is a great way to add a glamorous piece in an otherwise traditional room.

How to Decorate With Mirrored Nightstands?

Here are some ways to decorate your mirrored nightstand better:

Consider the Reflections

When selecting a mirrored nightstand, you have to consider all the elements in the room. In particular, you want to see which parts of the room your nightstand will most likely reflect. 

For instance, if the tabletop is the mirrored area, you might want to put a pretty vase on it for a beautiful reflection. Or, you may add a lamp for the added reflective glow. 

If the drawers are the mirrored areas, you want to see which direction the stand will likely face. Make sure the opposite furnishing is already to your liking, so you can double it with the reflection.

Match The Surroundings

You want to place the nightstand in such a way that it attracts eyes but does not take up all the attention. Mirrored nightstands are by nature quite eye-grabbing. You have to match your surroundings so that it does not look thoughtlessly placed. 

In a modern bedroom, you may want to couple it with a simple style of furniture. That would go well together as a contemporary and minimalist style. 

For lovers of the glamorous mirrored nightstand, you want to go all out. Embroidered bed sheets and chic flooring that goes well with the curtains will make your nightstand feel right at home.

Which Brands Make Mirrored Nightstands?

Check out these brands that make mirrored nightstands in the $100 to $500 range:

  • Zuri Furniture
  • Baxton Studio
  • GDF Studio
  • Statements by J
  • Coaster Home Furnishings
  • Acme Furniture
  • Wholesale Interiors
  • Decor Love
  • Mecor
  • Bunny Technology Llc
  • W L Depot
  • OJCommerce
  • VirVentures
  • Ktaxon
  • BisonOffice
  • Hayneedle

How Do You Make a Mirrored Nightstand?

What you’ll need:

  • A basic wooden nightstand (a new one isn’t required, second-hand ones will do)
  • Mirrors
  • Sandpaper
  • Measuring tape
  • Strong industrial glue like Gunther Mastic for use on mirrors
  • Knobs of choice

Measure the area for the mirror:

There are two main areas people usually put the mirror in. Firstly, you can put them on the visible surface of the drawers. Secondly, you may mirror the tabletop of the nightstand. 

Either way, get the measurements of the exact heights and widths of each surface. For drawers, multiply the measurement of one drawer. Using these, order some mirrors or get them cut if you’ve already purchased them.

Take off the knobs from the drawers:

We are going to take off the wooden knobs as they will not suit our mirror look. 

If you aren’t mirroring the drawers, you can ignore this step.

Sand any uneven surfaces on the nightstand:

Before attaching the mirrors, we want the surfaces to be even and smooth.

Place the glue on the back of the mirror carefully and attach:

Evenly coat the mirrors with an appropriate amount of glue and stick it in place. 

Make sure you are wearing gloves or some protection as these glues are quite a hassle to get off.

Wait a day:

Before moving on to our next step, wait a day for the glue to cure on the mirror.

Glue new knobs:

The new knobs should be slick and polished to match our dresser. Often metallic or gem-type pieces are the choice. 

You can figure out the center of the drawers from your previous measurements, so glue it in the exact spot. 

Or, if you want two knobs on each drawer, space it out in this ratio 1:2:1. That is to say that the space between each knob should be about half the width of the drawer. The length from the knob to the edge should be a quarter. 

However, these are just guidelines. Feel free to adjust accordingly.

Wait for the knobs to cure and you’re done!

Now, you can move on to decorating your new nightstand!

How Do You Paint Furniture to Look Like a Mirror?

What you’ll need:

  • A wooden nightstand
  • Metallic Paint Spray or Mirror Effect Spray
  • Newspapers
  • Sandpaper
  • Clear paint varnish
  • Glass knobs

Sand the nightstand smooth:

Using your sandpaper, you want to make every surface of the nightstand feel even with no coarseness. Take out the drawers and sand them separately. 

This is because spray painting will enhance the smallest ridges. So, you better prep it from the beginning for a good finish.

Select a ventilated spot and place newspapers in the work area:

Lay down newspapers to protect the flooring in an area with good ventilation for best results.

Remove the wooden knobs from the drawers (Optional):

Replace them with more suitable-looking glass knobs, etc. This will avoid your nightstand looking too one-dimensional. 

However, spray paint will also coat it in shiny paint so it’s not a must to do so.

Spray away:

Spray paint the visible surfaces of your nightstand. The layers are thin. Let each dry before you move on to the next one. You shouldn’t need more than 2-3 coats.

Coat with the clear varnish after the paint dries:

Seal your paint in and have it looking more polished with a clear protector. And you’re done.

What Dresser Goes With Mirrored Nightstands?

Any type of dresser that matches the non-mirrored portions of your mirrored nightstand should go well with mirrored nightstands. For example, if your nightstand is off-white in body, your dresser follows the same color scheme. Nightstands don’t always have to match the dresser, you can always mix and match to go for a unique look.

Is It Ok to Have Two Different Nightstands? 

It’s okay to have two different nightstands as long as everything in your bedroom looks cohesive and well-balanced. Some actually like the look of mismatched nightstands because of the unique visual element it brings.  

Usually, you can balance the different shapes with the same color and different colors with a similar shape, etc.

Can You Fix Mirrored Nightstand?

Yes, you can fix a mirrored nightstand if the damage isn’t too obvious to the eye. Small chips are easy to cover up. However, larger cracks will call for the replacement of the entire mirror. Beware that a cracked mirror is prone to breakage, so it can be a threat. 

How Do You Fix Mirrored Nightstand?

If your mirrored nightstand is made of glass or acrylic mirrors, you can fix it by following these instructions:

  1. Clean the mirror thoroughly. Be careful not to aggravate the chipped area.
  2. Use the stabilizer and through the crack, pour in the resin.
  3. Add another smaller portion of resin above.
  4. Once the resin is hardened, peel it off and finish by wiping down the mirror. 

If your mirrored nightstand has a large crack, try covering it up in the following methods:

  • If the area is the tabletop, place a vase, showpiece, or cloth over the crack.
  • If the area is the drawers, try decorating it with gemstones, etc.
  • Try painting over the area with a metallic spray.

What Is the Best Thing to Clean Mirrored Nightstands With? 

The best thing to clean mirrored nightstands with is a non-solvent glass spray cleaner. Couple it with a microfiber cloth for wiping the surfaces and you will have a lasting sheen on your mirrored nightstand.  

Water and white vinegar solutions are a great homemade cleaner for mirrored nightstands. 

In general, you should try avoiding general spray cleaners. General cleaners are not made to clean glass surfaces like that of mirrors. Instead of a polished mirror, you may end up with a reduced shine due to the harsh chemicals. 

Another tip is to avoid directly applying any cleaner onto the furniture. This can lead to discoloration in that one spot. Especially, if your mirrored nightstand has wooden areas, it will look like a brighter splotch. So, remember to spray on the cloth instead.

Mirrored nightstands probably aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon. And what’s more, you can DIY your own with a few reasonably priced materials and a bit of patience.