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Why are Nightstands so Expensive? (Answered!)

Every night, before going to bed, a nightstand is the furniture you need to use to keep your small belongings. So whether you already own a nightstand or contemplating buying one, it is natural for you to think about why this small piece of furniture costs so high. 

Why Are Nightstands So Expensive? 

Nightstands are a relatively expensive piece of furniture because they are aesthetically designed, and hand-made from high-quality wood. Also, its manufacturing charges for labor and low market interest are other reasons behind nightstands being so expensive.

Nightstands are small yet long in height kind of table or cabinet that stands by bedsides Due to their unique design, various colors, especially because these furniture are hand-made by carpenters and woodworkers from high-quality wood, nightstands are so costly. 

Moreover, nightstands have low market appeal and require high charges for manufacturing labor, therefore, it is another main reason why nightstands are so expensive despite being a piece of small-sized furniture.

5 Reasons Why Are Nightstands So Expensive?

To convince you and answer your all questions regarding the high price of nightstands, here 5 explanations have given below that will explain with the proper information that why are nightstands so expensive. 

Aesthetic Design 

Nightstands might be small furniture but they are designed and crafted very beautifully and meticulously to enhance your room’s decoration just like the cherry on top. 

Also, buyer demands that they only want to purchase aesthetically designed nightstands for placing them beside beds, since its standing beside their beds, it must look good to capture people’s eye whenever they enter in room. 


Yes, nightstands are completely hand-made, carpenters very patiently design them keeping in mind the demand of aesthetic design, then meticulously craft those design to give them a life and that definitely would capture your eyes at first glance. 

And, woodworkers do the rest of the job, from cutting wood, shaping them to make a complete nightstand, they do it all my their hands without taking the help of any machine. 

So it is obvious that to pay these workers a justified amount of wage for their labor, nightstands are so expensive. 

High-Quality Wood 

Most of the time nightstands are made from high-quality wood so that this furniture become durable and sturdy for a long time. And such wood costs more than regular wood, so nightstands are expensive. 

Woods like Mahogany, Oak, Walnut are comparatively expensive woods and these are mainly used for making nightstands, since the material itself is so expensive it is quite normal that the outcome means the nightstands will be expensive too. 

Low Market Appeal 

Nightstands are popular to only A small section of buyers so that the furniture companies can’t mass produce them, that is one of the main reasons why nightstands are so expensive.

Since the customer base for nightstands is relatively small, producers try to make maximum profit from every sold unit, therefore, nightstands are expensive. 

High Manufacturing Charge 

Nightstands normally require a high manufacturing charge for their complicated structure. Since workers need to give more labor to manufacture it than other furniture, that is why nightstands are considerably more expensive. 

So these are the 5 particular reasons that explain clearly why are nightstand so expensive. 

How Much Do Nightstands Cost? 

Nightstands have different sizes, color, and materials based on these things, price of nightstands vary. So to give you a proper idea of how much nightstands do cost, a list has been given below based on different types of nightstands. 

Bedside cabinet nightstand

Bedside cabinets have a combo of drawers and doors and covering shelves with plenty of storage inside. It also has a room for placing a lamp on top. Overall it will give you a vibe of cool, contemporary design. 

The average price of bedside cabinet nightstands is around $50- $200, depending on the material and design. 

Campaign style nightstands

These nightstands are more traditional ones and these feature brass hardware and corner cover just like the same traditional way. 

Due to their traditional look and features, as well as high demand among antique pieces collectors the average price of campaign-style nightstands, is $1000, sometimes the price can cross $1000 too. 

Built-in nightstands 

These nightstands give a modern vibe and are perfect for small rooms. It is basically is a part of your bed that is built in your bed frame and has built-in shelves to keep stuff. 

Since these types of nightstands are part of your bed that is why it doesn’t cost too much and the average price of these nightstands is $200

Bedside cocktail table 

These are more like a side table that gives an antique vibe in an eclectic room. It has only a tabletop surface without any additional drawers or storing space.

The average price of cocktail nightstands is $50-$100. Depending on the size the average price can increase to $200. 

Shagreen nightstands 

These are the most beautiful, luxurious, and expensive nightstands you can find in the market. Its scaled texture gives a snakeskin vibe also, you can find them in faux made of vinyl. 

The average price of the original shagreen nightstands is $2000 but the average price of faux-made shagreen nightstands is $1000. 

What Are Nightstands Made Of? 

Nightstands are mainly made of wood but metal, glass, plastic, and wicker are being used to make nightstands. The materials of the nightstand have been listed below.


Wood is the most common and widely used material for making nightstands. Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, Acacia, and Maple, and Pinewoods are the most widely used ones. 


These days glass is also being used to make nightstands to give your room a stylish, fresh vibe. High-quality, sturdy, and durable glass-made nightstands have become a fashionable solution for storing stuff. 


Along with wood, nightstands are made of metal as well because metal adds extra durability. Sometimes it can be a fully metal-made nightstand or sometimes it is a combination of wood & metal or glass & metal.


To add a luxurious and sophisticated vibe to nightstands, the upholstered fabric is also being used for making nightstands. It features a detailed silhouette with tufted details that creates a bold and modern look in any bedroom. 

Do You Really Need A Nightstand? 

Yes, to store your scattered little belongings and bedside necessities in an arm-reach distance safe place, you do need a nightstand. 

Nightstands are a great piece of small furniture to store bedside necessities, extra or scattered belongings like watches, hairbands, medicines, notepads, pens, etc. and you can find them easily when you need to use these.

Moreover, if you love to decorate your room, the nightstand is an excellent piece of furniture that doesn’t take up too much space as well as gives an aesthetic look to the room. 

What Kind Of Nightstands Should I get? 

You should get a nightstand as tall as the height of your mattress for a balanced look and with a surface that you can use for different purposes. 

Height indeed is the prime concern while getting a nightstand but you should even consider features like the adequate surface area to keep a lamp, alarm clock, or anything that you want to get within an arm-reach distance. 

Then the storage space, you need to check if the nightstand has enough room for storing your bedside necessities. 

And then, material, color, and design to match with your other pieces of furniture in your room. Also, the material is a very important feature as it decides the durability of the furniture. 

What Kind Of Wood Should I Use For A Nightstand?

To make a high-end nightstand, you should use hardwood like Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, Acacia, Maple, Cherry. And for a relatively affordable option, you should use a softwood like plywood or pine wood.

Wood for nightstand totally depends on your preference, if you like to spend extra bucks to make a strong and lasting nightstand for quite a long time then, undoubtedly use high-quality woods that are mentioned above. 

But for an affordable yet fashionable choice, you should use plywood or pine wood, these two are cheaper in price and nice enough to make a nightstand.  

How Much Would It Cost To Build A Nightstand? 

If you want to build a nightstand by hiring a professional then it would cost $48-$18,000, if you order from a store it would cost $36- $7,000. 

Also, you can DIY your own nightstand, in this case, the price is not fixed as it depends on what materials and design you would choose to build a nightstand.

How Do You Make A Cheap Nightstand? 

The cheapest way of making a nightstand is using plywood boxes and hairpin legs from Burkatron. The process is given below step by step. 

  • Step 1: Find or build suitable size plywood boxes 

First, purchase or find the proper sized plywood boxes, one or two as per your preferences.

  • Step 2: Stick them together with glue and nails

Then hit some nails and add glue to stick them together. 

  • Step 3: Add the hairpin legs 

And then, add the hairpin legs from Burkatron, with the help of nails again. 

  • Step 4: Color it

If you want to add some vibrancy, color it as you want. 

Nightstands are so expensive mainly because it needs high-quality wood and more labor. But it is perfect small-sized furniture to enhance the look of your room as well as to store your belongings.