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What is The Best Lamp Size for a Nightstand? (Explained)

One of the main utility of a nightstand is you can place a lamp on the top surface of it. But you need to choose an appropriate size that perfectly goes along with the size of your nightstand, so there’s a high chance that you are thinking about what is the best lamp size for a nightstand. 

What Is The Best Lamp Size For A Nightstand?

The best lamp size is 28-30 inches tall and the width should be one-third of the nightstand, which goes perfectly with a standard-sized (27-30 inches) nightstand. A lamp should be large enough and must have the same height as a nightstand so that it looks proportional to a headboard.

The ideal lamp size should be the same as the size of the nightstand where it sits plus extra one-two inches so that the lamp looks proportional to the bed’s headboard and gives a sufficient amount of reading light. 

But remember, the lamp size can vary depending on the nightstand’s size. If the nightstand is 27-30 inches tall then choose a lamp of 28-30 inches tall as well.

And if the nightstand is relatively short then choose a one-two inches taller lamp so that the light directly doesn’t fall onto your eyes. 

What Is The Average-Size Nightstand Lamp? 

The average-size nightstand lamp is nearly about 28-30 inches tall with shade, give or take extra one-two inches. And the width should be one-third of the nightstand. 

Stating is as an average-sized nightstand lamp because the standard or average size nightstand is about 27-30 inches tall.

Hence, the lamp should be the same size or one-inch taller than the nightstand to match the level of the headboard of the bed, so this is a generally accepted average size of a nightstand lamp. 

Note that, though the above-mentioned size of the nightstand lamp is accepted as average-size, often the nightstand lamp size depends on the size of the nightstand, bed, headboard, and room size as well. So choose considering all facts. 

How To Determine Lamp Size For A Nightstand? 

To rescue you from the dilemma of determining lamp size for a nightstand, 4 steps have been listed below.

Consider Nightstand’s Height 

The first thing you should consider while determining lamp size is the size of the nightstand. Because your nightstand has the same height as your mattress, therefore, the lamp should have the same height to match the level of the whole bed and headboard.

If needed choose a one-two inches taller lamp than the average height. 

Check Out The Bed Size

Bed size is also another significant fact to look out for if you have a king-sized bed or thick and bigger mattress then determine to purchase a taller and bigger lamp to create a matched level with the mattress or the bed.

Compare With Your Headboard’s Height

Before determining the lamp size for your nightstand, compare the height of your nightstand and headboard because the lamp size should equal the visual proportion of the headboard. And if the headboard height is more than 36 inches then choose a taller-sized lamp for your nightstand.  

Pay Attention To Your Room Size

Determine the lamp size according to your room size, if your bedroom is a huge one consider taking a larger one so that it can add complement to your bedroom to look full. Otherwise, a teeny lamp in a large bedroom will create a dwarfy look. 

The same goes for the smaller-sized room, determine an average-sized lamp for it, but don’t choose a large-sized lamp, it will create a haphazard look.   

What Is The Best Lampshade Size For A Nightstand?

The best lampshade size for a nightstand should be twice in width as the lamp base and one-third of the entire height of the lamp. 

While purchasing a lampshade for your nightstand, highly consider measuring the base and height of your lamp.

Suppose, the lamp base is about 5 inches, so choose a 10 inches lampshade at least. And if your lamp’s total height( including the harp and bulb) is about 30 inches, then the shade must be about 10 inches tall. 

But, you are always suggested to purchase a lampshade as per your preference and need. 

How Do You Figure Out What Size Lampshade You Need? 

Now that you have bought your lights and, it’s time to figure out what size of lampshade you do need. To make it easy for you, all the considering factors step-by-by have been listed below.  

Measure The Height Of The Lamp Base

The first step is measuring the height of the lamp base because the lampshade’s width should be nearly equal to the height of the lamp base.

Take a measuring tape or ruler, and measure the lamp base from the bottom of the base to the bottom of the rod excluding the rod and bulb holder. And this is how you’ll figure out the width size of the lampshade you want. 

Measure The Overall Height

The next step is, measuring the overall height because the shade’s height is directly associated with it. Take a measuring tape and measure the total height this time including the harp. And then choose a lampshade that is one-third of the entire height. 

This height is important while choosing a lampshade because it determines the coverage of the shade over the bulb without covering the lamp base. 

Measure The Width Of The Lamp Base

The last step is to measure the width of the lamp base because the lampshade should be twice in width as the width of the lamp base.

Suppose the lamp base’s width is 10 inches, then you have to choose a 20 inches wide lampshade. 

How Much Does A Nightstand Lamp Cost?

There is no fixed cost of a nightstand lamp because it totally depends on your preference, brand, material, size, and shape of the nightstand lamp. 

But the average price should be around $150 if you buy from a retail shop but again a nightstand lamp can cost an average of $2000 as well depending on the brand, material, and size. 

So, if you want to get a favorable quality laptop without spending extra money, you can get it from retailers at a cheap price rather than going to branded shops.

Which Lamp Is Too Big For A Nightstand?

A lamp is which is bigger in size than the nightstand itself, and that also goes above the headboard of the bed is too big to be placed on top of a nightstand.

Generally, the lamp size should be the same as the nightstand and the standard size is 28-30 inches in terms of height but if the nightstand is 27-30 inches tall but your lamp is about 34-36 inches tall or more than it’s too big for a nightstand.

Also if the lamp has a bulky shade to cover the bulb it’s large for a nightstand. 

Should A Bedside Lamp Be Higher Than The Headboard? 

No, a bedside lamp shouldn’t be higher than the headboard. It should the same height as the headboard, or if the headboard is larger than 36 inches then choose a little extra large lamp to create a balance between the lamp’s height and the headboard. 

Normally, a headboard is chosen as per the room’s size, and a lamp is chosen according to the nightstand’s size but it’s is also important to choose a lamp of the same height as the headboard, so that the light directly doesn’t reflect on your eyes or face. 

But if you take a taller lamp than the headboard then the reflection of light will be dimmed as the lamp is too tall. So a bedside lamp must not be higher than the headboard. 

Should Lamps On Nightstands Match?

The answer is both yes and no, yes because if the lamps match with the nightstand, it will give a complete, symmetrical look and will complement the total look of your bedroom.

And no, because the decision of selecting a matched or unmatched lamps depends on your personal preference, arrangement and decoration of your room. 

It is always better that you choose a lamp matched with your nightstand’s height, size, and color, also with your bedroom’s theme and decoration so that it can create a beautifully-balanced look. 

But in case, you don’t a matched lamp at least consider matching the size of the lamp with your nightstand to avoid imbalance.

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What To Put Under A Lamp To Look It Taller?

If you want to make your lamp look taller, you can use a lamp decor riser, a stack of books, and wooden props. 

Lamp decor risers are beautifully designed pedestals if you want to maintain an aesthetic look in your bedroom then it is the best option for you. 

But if you want to go for an affordable option then you can use wooden lamp riser props, which is also a great option and gives a classy look.

And if you really want to go for a cheap option then use a stack of old books, it also works somehow fair to make your lamp look taller. 

The best lamp size is always the one that matches the size of your nightstand and it’s an undeniable fact. So always purchase a lamp that is in the same height and one-third of the width of your nightstand, and it makes a perfect lamp size for your nightstand.