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How Deep Can a Nightstand be? (Nightstand Depth Explained)

As the trend goes, a nightstand is a piece of furniture that is basically set inside your bedroom; beside your bed. It is fully functional and gives you all the privilege of putting necessary items on it for example, a table lamp and a clock. 

You can put your daily used accessories on the nightstand just before you go to sleep.

You just need to choose the right size for your preferable nightstand.

How Deep Can A Nightstand Be?

The ideal depth of the nightstand is 20 inches. This depth can be different compared to the height variety of your bed. For instance, king size beds require about 35-40 inches deep nightstands, 28-34 inches deep nightstands for the queen beds and 24-38 inches deep nightstands for the twin beds.

The nightstand is an important piece of furniture just like the rest. It often comes with one or more than one drawers; sometimes even with no drawers. Drawer or no drawer, the average height aka depth of a nightstand as said, is 20 inches.

However, not all the nightstands are 20 inches deep. There are different sizes as well! So, how would you choose the right size balancing your bed?

Here’s how-

King size beds:

King size beds are pretty high. However, there are lower king beds as well. We recommend about 40 (more or less) inches high nightstand beside a high king size bed. This height can be reduced as wanted in order to keep the balance between the bed and the nightstand.

Queen size beds:

Queen size beds are less high. These can be maximum 36 inches deep and the perfect size of the nightstand shall be 28-34 inches high.

Twin size beds:

Twin size beds are usually 25 inches high sometimes including the mattress and sometimes excluded. Also, they can be higher. The perfect size for your nightstand here will be within 24-28 inches.

Most relevantly, just measure the height of your bed including the mattress and go buy either the same size or an inch or two added or subtracted. 

The purpose of the nightstand is to give you comfort during sleep. In case the nightstand is shorter than usual, or even if it is longer than the proper size, the entire comfort here is disrupted.

Here, you’re having to go beyond your reach, stretch your arms and the comfy is not what you feel here.

So, if you want to invest, invest in the right size of your nightstand.

What Are The Standard Size And Dimensions For A Typical Nightstand? 

A nightstand has to be in a perfect shape and size for it plays an important role among all other furniture. The suitable and perfect shape of the nightstand is what we call a square shape. So, as said before, the average proper depth of a nightstand is 20 inches.

Because it is square shaped, the width is also 20 inches i.e. equal in the height and width dimensions. However, the height can be as much as 28 inches long and the width can still be 20 inches. That’s totally on you and your choice.

Whatever the size you choose, remember to make sure that the depth of the nightstand you’re getting for your bedside matches with your bed i.e. the depths are balanced. Trust me, you don’t want any unnecessary disturbance to your comfort.

How To Make A Cheap Nightstand On Your Own? 

Making a nightstand is very easy and cheap. Here’s what you can do-

You can customise an old tea-table and use it as a nightstand. This is also a recycling project. All you need is a table, an abrasive, and spray paint or liquid paint or even varnish will do! Just follow the following steps! 

  • Pick Up A Suitable Table With A Perfect Height: Tea-tables are often small tables. You can easily take one and use it as your bedside table.
  • Smoothen Any Rough Edge With An Abrasive: You need to make the table a fine and smooth one. You want any discomfort while using it.
  • Color The Table and Put A Lamp On it: After finishing the smoothening task, it’s time for coloring the table. You can spray paint or even hand paint the table if you want. You can also use liquid varnish.

Just remember to let it dry completely before you start using it. And then put a table lamp and an alarm clock! You’re good to go! 

Now, this is a drawerless nightstand. If you want to make drawers, you need to buy wood or the material similar to your DIY nightstand. However, making drawers is not as easy as it seems.

There are measurements. If one measurement goes wrong, the drawer will not fit and it will look bad. So, it’s better not to spoil the project by doing something that might seem tough to you because building drawers require experience.

But in any way if you are thinking of hiring a professional, it’s an entirely different case.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Nightstand? 

If you’re recycling your old table and making it your bedside table, the cost is 20$ maximum. This is so because you already have a table the only expanse is the subtotal of the paints and the abrasive! No labor charge included!

If however, you want to build a nightstand from scratch and also with drawers on your own, the cost should be within 500$ and not more than that. If otherwise, like, if you’re hiring a professional to do the work for you, the cost should be within 50$ to 18,000$! It entirely depends!

Store-bought nightstands cost, depending on the quality, as low as low as 36$ to as high as 8,000$!

How To Organize Deep Nightstand Drawers? 

Deep nightstands come with drawers most often. There are usually three drawers. Sometimes there are two and in very few cases, there is one drawer. Keeping the nightstand drawers organized is not obligatory but is a ‘should do’ work.

You should stay organized and so should be your house and all the other pieces of furniture. Here’s how you can organize your deep nightstand drawers-

  • Make a list of the things that you might need at night.
  • The list may include medicines, the prime of all concerns. Also, necessary keys, papers, refreshers, etcetera.
  • Choose the drawer for your suitable items and put them accordingly. That’s it!

However, we recommend putting the medicines in the first drawer. After all, medicines will come in handy in case of any health emergency at night. All over, you can use store-bought plastic organizers inside the drawers.

These organizers keep the drawers free of mess and organized.

Nightstands should be in a regular and perfect size because it’s a question about your comfort. You simply put your stuff on the table before going to bed and take them back after-bed. So, be very careful before choosing the proper size of the nightstand.