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Futons: Everything You Need to Know

Futons might be a new word to you but futons beddings are demanding nowadays. The origin of futon beddings is in Japan and these beds have a significant history. Futons are now spread throughout the world for their excellent functions and features.

But if you are new here to know about futons, here we are to provide everything you need to know about futons. So, let’s see what futons are and why they are different from other beddings.

Futons are Japanese traditional beddings that are padded. Moreover, these beddings can be folded or rolled during the daytime. Generally, futons have three parts; a supporting layer, a mattress, and a cover.

You might be thinking that futons are pretty similar to sofa beds. But futons have some differences with sofa beds. The futons can be folded and stored but the soba beds can’t be folded and stored.

Besides, you can move a futon bed easily but moving a sofa bed is pretty difficult. Futons are versatile and budget-friendly but sofa beds are more expensive than futons.

What are futons used for?

Generally, futons are used as beds to sleep comfortably. Futons are foldable and similar to mattresses. You can even sleep on the futon every day. While sleeping on futons, these beds remain warm and comfortable.

Even these beds absorb moisture and sweat. So, you can comfortably sleep at night on the futons. Not only beds, you can use futons also as couches because futons are foldable.

Many futons have multifunction that provide both sleeping and sitting capacity. Moreover, the mattress part of the futon can be used as a regular mattress. But the primary use of futons is as beddings for everyday use.

Are futons comfortable?

Most futons are comfortable. But the ultimate comfort of a futon depends on its material. Some materials might be comfortable and some might be not.

Generally, expensive futons are made of high-quality materials. They are like spongy mattresses. So, these futons provide the best comfort. But some futons are cheap and made with low-quality materials.

These cheap futons are not that comfortable. They are not spongy but firm. Moreover, the futon frame might be uncomfortable even after adding a mattress.

So, it is not compulsory that the futons are uncomfortable. Futons with high-quality materials can be comfortable. Even sometimes they are more comfortable than normal beds.

Futon size

A lot of size variations can be possible in the futon. Besides, you can modify the futon size on your own. But the average size of the futon is the most preferable. One of the common futon sizes is the twin-size futon.

The twin-size futon has 75 inches of length and 39 inches of width. If anyone needs a little bit bigger size than the twin size, he can choose a twin XL size that provides 5 inches more length. Moreover, a full-size futon has 75 inches in length and 54 inches in width.

Tips for cleaning a futon

Cleaning a futon isn’t that difficult. You can clean your futon easily on your own. So, here are some tips that you can follow to clean a futon.

  • For general use, you can vacuum the futon to remove dust and dirt.
  • For spot cleaning the futon instantly, you can use a wet cloth or sponge to clean the futon.
  • After use, you can fold and store the futon in a cupboard to keep it clean from dirt and dust.
  • After every cleaning, dry the futon in the direct sun to terminate bacteria and viruses on it.
  • You can sprinkle baking soda on the futon to keep it clean and odor-free.

Futon covers & accessories

Futon beddings come with three parts; a supporting layer, mattress, and a cover. These are the accessories of the futon. Sometimes, pillows are provided with futons.

The most comfortable futon cover can be a cotton cover. Moreover, wool, polyester, spandex, and linen are also suitable as futon covers.

You can use futon covers or sheets to cover the futons. Many types of futon covers and sheets are available. You can also use a duvet cover as a futon cover. You just need to fasten the poppers at the end.

Price of Futon

Futons have a long price range. The price varies for different materials, quality, height, etc., of a futon. You can get a futon for only $200. But the quality might not be so good. But the average price of a medium-level futon is from $500 to $700.

Some futons are pretty expensive. Even the expensive ones can cost more than $1000. These expensive futons also have good-quality futons and their accessories.

But how much you want to pay for the futon depends on you. But if you want a good-quality futon with a budget-friendly price, you can get the futon within $700.

Futon storage ideas

Many futons don’t have storage capacity as they are laid on the floor like a mattress. But some futons have storage capacity. Many futons come with futon frames. So, let’s see some storage ideas for futons.

  • You can make drawers under the futon frame to keep extra storage.
  • You can make a decker under the futon frame to keep the necessary things.
  • When you fold the futon, you can store things under the folded futon.
  • If you have a box-type futon, you can store things in the box under the mattress.

Care and maintenance of Futon

For a better lifespan and durability of a futon, you need to take care of the futon. So, let’s see how you can take care of and maintain the futon.

  • Split and move the futon often so that the futon does not sag from one side.
  • Vacuum the futon often to remove dust and dirt.
  • If the futon gets any stain, remove the stain with a wet cloth.
  • Dry the futon in the direct sunlight.
  • Store the futon after using it to keep it clean.
  • If the futon has any odor, sprinkle baking soda.
  • Keep the futon cover clean and dry always.

Futons are convenient beddings that have their origin in Japan. But they are getting demand day by day because they are easy to use and foldable.

Various types and sizes of futons are available at different prices. But if you buy a futon, you have to take care and maintain it regularly. Otherwise, the futon will not last long.