Why is My Futon So Squeaky and How to Fix It? (Explained!)

Futon is basically a multipurpose piece of furniture that comes as a set usually. It includes a wooden or metal frame, cotton-stuffed mattress and sometimes a duvet. Futons originated in Japan.

These can easily be unfolded into beds and then be folded backwards. The duvets are easily rollable. Futon mattresses are really popular because they are more durable than the regular mattresses.

Futons are basically built to be used on the floor. So, you can simply put a futon set on the floor and feel the actual comfort that it is designed to provide you with.

Why Is My Futon So Squeaky?

Your futon can be squeaky often because it’s either made of wood or metal. The futon can get rusty sometimes or even can be damped and create erosion in particular places. If anyhow the futon gets damaged or gets loosen up from any edge, the futon starts making squeaky noises whenever ridden on.

6 Reasons Why My Futon Squeaks

As futons are foldable, there can be many issues regarding their joints. Be it or be it not only about the joints, futons can squeak for many reasons. Some mentionable and most common reasons are alluded below.

If The Futon Is Not Tightly Set Initially

While setting up the futon set, if however the screws remain loose, the futon will start squeaking right away.

The Futon May Get Rusty If Made Of Metal

Metal-made futons may get rusty after a while. This may happen when in contact with water. Rust makes the futon fragile and shaky.

This may lead to the Squeaky noise often. 

Constant Folding May Lead To Loose Joints

Whenever used regularly, the futons may lose its perseverance. This may make the joints loose and the components may start rubbing against each other. That’s how the squeaky noise can be generated! 

Wooden Frames May Get Damped And Become Fragile

Fragility leads a futon to squeaking. Whenever the wooden frame gets damped, it becomes frail and tippy. In such a case, whenever you’re riding on it, it’ll shake and definitely makes that squeaky noise. 

Metal Elements Used In The Joints May Start Grazing With One Another

Due to any horrid circumferences, the metal elements like the hinges, nuts, bolts- these may get into friction with one another and hence make the squeaky noises. 

Any Damage To The Futon Slats Will  Lead To Squeaky Noise

A futon is a piece of furniture that is really versatile. And the versatility of this makes it used much more than regular furniture. So, futons are most likely to be damaged along with the slats as well and such damage; any damage will direct these to make noise.

How To Stop Futon From Squeaking?

The squeaky noise coming from the piece of furniture that you’re seeking comfort from, can be pretty annoying and discomforting. So how to stop that noise from happening? Regarding this particular issue, here are some ways to look into and to solve this disturbing matter.

5 Effective Solutions Of A Squeaking Futon

Locate The Noise Generating Spot

The noise can be generated from any corner of the futon. If you want to solve this problem, you need to locate where the noise is being generated from. Once you have located and understood the issue, take action accordingly. 

Change The Hinges, Gliders, Nuts Or Screws

Futons are foldable because of the rollers and the hinges mostly. The rollers, hinges, gliders, nuts, screws or even the bolts can somehow get damaged or rusted. These have lesser longevity. So, change these metal components as soon as you spot the issue. 

Tighten The Loose Joints

Sometimes this issue can be solved entirely only by tightening the loose joints as well as the nuts or hinges. In such a case, probably that was the only issue. So, take a screwdriver and tighten all of the screws and bolts. 

Repair The Broken Parts Of The Futon Frame

The futon frame holds the bundle of slats that hold the mattress in a firm position. The regular use of this piece of furniture sometimes may lead to breakage in the frame or sometimes even in the slats.

These are responsible for the squeaky noise in most cases. So, you need to repair the broken parts either with the help of wax or wood dust in case the frame is made of wood. Otherwise, a soldering machine would do the work to repair the metal frame.

In any case if repairing isn’t solving this issue, it’s time to change the slats or the frame. 

Lubricate The Are Where The Squeaky Noise Is Being Generated

Sometimes, even after conducting all necessary steps, the squeaky noise still remains unstoppable. The final solution regarding this issue might be lubricating.

Use any kind of furniture friendly lubricant in the source of the noise. Hence, the friction will still happen but the noise will be suppressed.

Is It Normal For A New Futon To Creak?

Creaking is absolutely normal and most of the wooden furniture creaks. Even, the wooden floorboards, wooden stairs creak. Creaking does not happen due to any damage or issue in the wooden piece.

Creaking is thought to be one of the regular and natural characteristics of wood. Even if the piece of furniture you’re concerned about, is made of strong, durable wood, it will creak. So, if the concern is about a new futon, the same fact applies as well!

Why Does My Futon Sink In The Middle?

Futons sinking in the middle is a common issue going around. There can be many reasons behind a futon’s sinking in the middle. Even though the frame structure might be very strong and durable, it can still bend in the middle causing the mattress to sink.

The futon frame can be made of both metal and woods. There can be variations as well in the wooden base.

No matter how or what kind of wood or metal you choose for the base of your futon, the lack of proper care, extensive use and ignorance may lead to a sunken futon.

How Do You Fix A Sunken Futon?

Sometimes years of use, if unfortunate, only a few months of extensive use can cause a sunken bed. Sunken futon is not really an unsolvable issue. It’s not really as tough as it seems.

Just follow some methods and you can fix your sunken futon easily.

  1. Sometimes the mattress gets damp and sinks in the middle. In such case, hitting on the mattress with a stick or a broom and then putting it under sunlight for an hour or two will fix the mattress. 
  2. Flip the mattress over and this may do the work at once! 
  3. Put a thin plywood or board in the middle just in case fixing the mattress doesn’t do it all. 
  4. You can also use a cushion or a thin pillow just in case the board doesn’t come handy. 
  5. Finally, changing the slats might be the only alternative if everything else goes in vein.

How Do You Keep A Futon Mattress In Place And How To Fix It? 

Futon mattress is set on the slats that are set on the futon frame. The mattress however, can sometimes be slippery and it may slip from its right place. Hence, the discomfort in sleeping starts.

Fixing it is really necessary while being a really simple work.

Here are some ideas on how you can keep the futon mattress in place and how you can fix the issue entirely.

  • Initially, buy a mattress that fits the slats and the frame size without leaving any room for the mattress to move.
  • However, if you fail to buy the fitting mattress-size, follow these steps-

Use A Mattress Grip:

A mattress grip is a kind of mat that is use to keep the mattress in position. You just need to buy it from a reliable shop and place it under your mattress.

Use Foam Adhesive Grips:

If buying a mattress grip is not how you want to solve your issue or if you think that you don’t want to spend your money on it, then go for the foam adhesive grips. These are extremely affordable and you can get them from any stationary shop. Just get them and stick the adhesive foam on the slat and put back the mattress.

These will stick together instantly and your mattress will stay in position. Do it on all corners.

Use Rubber Strips:

You can also go for rubber strips. You’ll easily find them in the hardware stores and or in any fabric stores. Go and get yourself a long strip.

Make sure the rubber strips are firm enough not to let the mattress move. Now, as simple as it is, take the measurement of the insider slats from the beginning to the end and cut the rubber strips doubling the measurement.

Now tie the ends vertically securing the mattress with the horizontally set slats. And that’s it!

Why Won’t My Futon Lay Flat And How To Fix It?

A futon is peace of furniture that is supposed to be often folded and then unfolded to turn into a bed. The lack  regular folding and unfolding may cause a jam on the joints which can be quite dissatisfactory to your comfort.

Also, the lack of regular care can cause a such situation in a futon that it won’t lay flat.

So, to fix this issue, follow these steps mentioned below-

  • With a partner’s help, lift up the futon from both the side and slowly release the bottom part.
  • Stretch it till it reaches its limit and lays flat.
  • Use lubricant for easier unfolding because lubricant makes the gliders slippery leading rhe joint to open easily.
  • Last but not least, You need to fold and unfold the futon more than you usually do which causes the jamming.

If used properly and with care, a futon will last longer. If otherwise, the futon won’t and you may need to buy another. So, be careful and cautious while using a futon. 

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