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Can a Futon Frame Fit in a Car? (Explained!)

If you’ve just bought a new set of futon or shifting your place and your futon has a frame with it, then you must be wondering whether you can fit your futon frame along with the futon in your car. It depends on the dimension of your futon frame and your car compartment.

Can a futon frame fit in a car?

You can fit a futon frame in a car by disassembling its body parts following the instructions. The most efficient way is to fold your car’s back seat and place the frame wrapped in a box on the back seat. You can give it a better fit by removing the legs and packing them in a separate container.

Will a futon fit in an SUV?

You can easily fit your futon in an SUV as futons are incredibly flexible. You can roll it, tie it up with rope, or squish it on the back seat.

The SUV comes with a pretty big luggage compartment. You can fold your futon into two halves, roll it as tightly as possible, or tie it with a rope and fit it in there.

You can also fold the back seat of your SUV car with button control. This position allows you to lay the futon flatly on the back of your vehicle without any rolling or squishing.

Sometimes, rolling and tying your futon can be troublesome, so ask your seller to wrap your futon with plastic. Plastic will make it slippery, and it will be very convenient for you to squish it on the backseat.

You can leave your queen-sized futon in a vertical position on the ground of your SUV backseat. It is effortless to fit and take out the futon in this position.

If you’re struggling with squishing and rolling up your futon, you can set one end of it on the butt of the front seat and drape the other end on the backseat of your SUV.

Will a futon fit in a minivan?

Fitting a futon in a minivan is no rocket science either. First, disassembling your futon frame apart, you can hold it on the back of your minivan. You have to maintain extra consciousness while disassembling the futon frame; follow the instructions provided.

If your minivan doesn’t have a large compartment on the back, folding down the back seat can offer you an excellent fit for your futon. If you have a third or fourth seat, fold all it down into haves, it should provide a vast space for your futon to fit.

You should leave the newly bought futons in the boxes like they were, and place them in your van. Such a process will save your futons from any external damage.

If you face any trouble fitting it along with the boxes, you can give it an excellent fit by changing the angles or rearranging other accessories in the back of your minivan.

Folding the standard size futons into small cushion size will offer you much space in the minivan. You have to fold it as tightly as possible and bring it to its smallest size.

You can also tie your futon with a suitable elastic rope by dividing it into small sections, or roll your futon tightly and then tie the futon roll with a string. For better protection, you can cover it with a sealable bag.

Will a futon fit in a rav4?

A rav4 offers you a substantial amount of space in the back compartment where you can fit your futon without any hassle. You can fold your futon into small sections, tie it with rope or roll it on the back of your rav4.

Considering the size of your futon, if it’s a standard size futon, you can fold the back seat of the rav4 and lay it evenly on the back of your rav4. This position will occupy a lot of space.

You can fit a queen-size futon on the compartment area placing horizontally. This process requires you to measure the dimensions of your futon and the compartment area.

However, you can even use a small queen-size futon as a sleeping or sitting area on the back of your rav4, covering it with a blanket and utilizing it for recreational purposes.

If you have other items to carry, fold the futon into smaller sections as tightly as possible and squish it on the back compartment. You can also roll your futon and leave it there.

Sometimes, carrying futons in this way may be troublesome as it gets loose; in such case, tie your futon with a rope and wrap it with a sealable bag to give it an excellent compact.

Now, if your futon’s texture doesn’t allow you to fold or roll it, you can fold the backseat of your rav4 and lay your futon flatly there.

Can you take a futon apart?

You can take a futon apart depending on your futon’s structure, whether it is a bifold, trifold or loveseat futon. No matter if your frame is of metal or wooden, you can take apart most modern futon frames by just using pliers, Allen keys and standard wrenches.

If you’ve assembled your futon by yourself, then you can take it apart with the help of pliers and standard keys. First, you have to look for any screws or bolts in your futon frame. It is comparatively easy to take apart a bifold futon frame. You have to unscrew the lower deck and the upper deck.

However, you can also take apart your bifold and trifold futons. But sometimes, it can get troublesome if you’re not a pro in this sector. So it is better to seek help from professionals to save your furniture from any damage.

How do you take apart a futon for moving?

A futon is easily moveable, lightweight and has four simple compartments which you can take apart easily with pliers and wrench by yourself at home.

Seven steps to take apart a futon frame for moving –

  • Step 1: Remove the cushion or pillow covers from your futon and store them somewhere safe.
  • Step 2: Lay your futon flatly in bed-position and start looking for the bolts and screws. You will find transmission clips joined to the arms with brackets at the back of the deck.
  • Step 3: Now start loosening the bolts and screws with the standard wrench holding the seat deck in the same horizontal position if it was attached to the back deck. You may assist someone with this to avoid any accident or injury.
  • Step 4: Take out the seat deck unscrewing the transmission clip, and disassemble it from the frame.
  • Step 5: Remove the back deck from the transmission clip, in the same way, unscrewing the nuts and bolts from the arms.
  • Step 6: Remove the arms holding the stretcher horizontally and ask a friend to keep the other arm vertically. Unscrew the bolts and nuts with a standard wrench and take out the arms.
  • Step 7: Unscrew the second arm and place every part of your frame safely. Your futon is now ready to move. Wrap up the disassembled parts in a box carefully.

How do you move a futon frame by yourself?

You can move a futon frame by yourself by following the given steps-

  • Step 1: First, you have to pull the futon frame away from the wall and other furniture to avoid damage. Keep at least at a distance of 8 inches or 20 cm away.
  • Step 2: Take out the cushions, pillows and futon from the frame and store them safely.
  • Step 3: Remove the legs of the futon frame unscrewing the nuts and bolts.
  • Step 4: Unbolt the nuts of the arms holding the stretcher with a wrench or pliers.
  • Step 5: After you’ve disassembled your futon frame, pack it safely in a container or box and wrap it off.
  • Step 6: Now you can easily move the boxes to your car or vehicle.

Can you use a futon outdoors?

You can use a futon outdoors with durable wooden futon frames for various recreational purposes. Outdoor futon slipcovers built of polyester, cotton blends, synthetic fibres and woven textiles are precisely designed for outdoor use.

Outdoor futons allow you to use them in the terrace, sun deck or even poolside furniture adding a whole new dimension to your futon as a bed or couch. You can also use futons as a bed outside, covering it with an outdoor futon blanket and have a picnic with your closed ones.

Knowing that you’re going to spend the night in the courtyard, you can offer your guests a more cozy ambience with these outdoor futons.

Though traditionally futons were being used as a bed or couch, with the evolution of futon frames, you can use this versatile furniture like sofa, bed, couch and even outdoors, folding them according to your desire.

Not to mention, you can fit these lightweight futons along with the frames in your car and carry them anywhere.