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Will a Futon Fit Under a Loft Bed? (Explained!)

Loft beds are modern-day beds as it saves up a lot of space and very convenient to use. Also, there is quite a lot of space under a loft bed to turn it into a couch, or a workstation, or a little kid’s play area.

So if you have installed a loft bed in your home or already have one, seeing all these crafty ideas, probably you must be thinking will a futon also fit under a loft bed or not. 

Will A Futon Fit Under A Loft Bed?

Futons come in many different sizes, so certainly small-sized futons will perfectly fit under a loft bed. Because futons are foldable so small-sized or mini-sized futons will easily adjust underneath a loft bunk’s futon frame and will not take any extra space. 

Loft beds have extra space underneath the top bunks, using that space to place a futon will create extra sitting/sleeping space in the room. But since the space under a loft bed is not so broad, therefore, smaller to mini-sized futons will be a perfect fit for the underneath space.

Most loft beds don’t come with an underneath frame, so you can install one bifold or a trifold or a single futon frame to place your over it.

Since futons are foldable they easily can adjust with the frame and provide a bed-sofa. Which is a great addition to the room as this area can be used for sitting or as an extra bed for guests. 

What Size Futon Will Fit Under A Lofted Bed?

A twin XL-sized futon of 39”×80” futon will definitely fit under a lofted bed. Futons are usually very low in height which is why it is great to use under a loft bed.

These futons are mainly used in college dorms where lofted beds are mostly seen. And they fit into to frame in a great manner creating extra space for sitting as well as sleeping. 

Therefore, if you have a loft bed in your house, you surely can purchase a twin XL-sized futon to place over the underneath space/ frame. 

Also, if your loft bed’s underneath space is really narrow then you can choose the twin-size futon of 39”×75”, which is the smallest-sized futon and can adjust anywhere. Both of them are great in terms of adjusting with the lower bunk of oft beds. 

How Much Weight Can A Loft Bed Support? 

A child or junior-sized loft bed has a capacity of holding a weight between 159-220 lbs and an adult loft bed has a weight capacity of holding/supporting between 250-600 lbs. 

However, the weight supporting capacity is directly related to the bed frame as well. Hardwood-made loft bed frames support more weight than softwood such as pinewood-made loft bed frames. Because hardwood frames are extra durable and strong so can hold up much weight.

And in terms of metal-made loft bed frames, steel-made hollow metal tubes support less weight than tubes made of cylindrical metal. 

Also, remember that how much weight A loft bed can support also depends on the sleeper’s weight and the mattress or beddings he/she is using, 

4 Benefits Of Having A Loft Bed?

Loft beds have numerous advantages, especially in modern houses as space is limited in those houses. Here to help you comprehend the benefits, the main 4 benefits of having a loft bed have been described in detail below. 

Additional Sleeping/Sitting Spot

The main benefit of having a loft bed is, it saves up a lot of space. Especially, if yours is a growing family or you live in a narrow apartment. As loft beds have an empty space underneath the top bunk, therefore, you can install another frame such as a futon frame and place a futon mattress over it. It will create a great advantage as you can use it as a sitting area as well as a bed. 

So, it’s an ideal solution and cost-effective instead of having two beds or a bed and a sofa at the same time. 

Creates A Play Area 

If your kid’s room doesn’t have enough space to play then a loft bed is the only solution. As you can use the empty space under the top bunk to create a fun playing area with your creativity. And make it a play and storing toys area. Therefore, your kids will have enough space to play and relax at the same time. 

Provides A Private Area 

Loft beds are great when it comes to providing a little private area in a shared bedroom/tiny apartment. 

You simply can use the lower space to turn it into a private area like a working area or reading/relaxing area. By setting up a table, chair, a small shelf to store books, a table lamp, and sometimes relaxing picture or showpiece or a soft rug and a bunch of pillows(for relaxing purposes) you can make it your little comfort zone. 

Practical Storage 

As loft beds save up spaces you can use the empty space for storing clothes, books, kid’s toys, and others. You can install shelves, drawers, sometimes can even create a walk-in closet to store your valuable stuff. It’s a brilliant option and provides a great advantage by reducing the necessity of several separate pieces of furniture.  

Can A Full-Size Bed Fit Under A Loft Bed? 

Absolutely you can fit a full-size bed underneath a loft bed. And this is one of the great advantages of loft beds. Almost all loft bed provides empty space to have a private space or a lounging space.

So you can remove those existing pieces of furniture underneath the top bunk and place your full-sized bed under it by placing the bed upright to the loft bed. 

Ranging beds from full size to even a queen size bed, you can easily fit under a loft bed only if you are placing it perpendicularly. 

What Should I Put Under My Loft Bed? 

There are thousands of ways to use the empty space underneath loft beds. Here is a list of 8 ideas for using the empty space/putting stuff underneath your loft beds. 

  • Install a futon frame and place a futon over it to create an extra sleeping/ lounging space. 
  • You can put beans bags under your loft beds
  • You can add a private workstation 
  • Add shelves, tables, chairs to make a reading area
  • Build shelves, drawers, or closet to make e walk-in closet
  • Install shelves and make a storage area to put all your unnecessary stuff 
  • Add some fun things and creativity to make it a play area 
  • Place some pet furniture like a pet bed, water and food plate, playing items to make it a great place for your pets to play around it. 

How Much Clearance Do You Need For A Loft Bed?

It’s vital to have at least 30-36 inches of space between the top of the loft mattress and your house’s ceiling. That means your ceiling must be 100 inches high. Which is 4 inches more than a typical 8-feet ceiling.

This much clearance provide adequate space for most of the people to sit vertically and maneuver safely. 

If you intend to install another bed-sofa then the minimum clearance should be at least 30 inches between the top bunk’s platform and the lower mattress. 

And if you want to use up the empty space to build a desk area then the minimum clear space should be 52 inches between the bottom of the loft bunk and the floor. As you will get enough space to sit comfortably.

Are Loft Beds Worth it?

Indisputably loft beds worth it. Especially when you live in a growing-up family or a tiny apartment. Loft beds the ideal solution for modern-day homes where people live in a limited space.

So loft beds free up extra usable space that you can use to create an extra sleeping area, or a lounging area, or a private area(workstation/reading area), or a play area, or even a walk-in closet. 

That means even if you live in a small room with a loft bed you can organize and utilize the space in the best way possible while freeing up extra spaces for you. 

Can Adults Sleep In Loft Beds? 

Most of the adults comfortably can sleep in loft beds. They can in their twin-sized or even a full-sized mattress in loft beds. Loft beds are not only made for kids, it’s for adults as well.

And it has the weight capacity of holding the weight of adults between 250-600 lbs. So if you have adult guests at home, you can offer them loft beds to sleep in. 

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What Age Are Loft Beds For? 

The minimum age for a loft bed is six. Kids under six years old can not have a loft bed to sleep in. As they are too young and don’t have the maturity to use a loft bed safely. But kids who are six or above six years old or even adults can use loft beds.

Children tend to be very playful, especially under six years old are very curious about everything and they don’t have the maturity to understand what is safe and whatnot. So if you give them a loft bed, they might jump off it out of curiosity and injure themselves. So it’s not safe for them.

Futon mattresses come in different sizes to meet people’s needs and expectations, so for a loft bed, the small-sized futons will adjust with the underneath empty space.

And it will make a cozy sleep/sit-in area. Or if you want to fit a full-sized futon then place the bed frame vertically, so the choice depends on your preference.