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Why Are Futons So Expensive? (Reasons Explained!)

By now you must have known that futons are really popular and beneficial for everyday use. So it’s obvious that all these advantages can urge your wish/need of buying a futon.

However, after seeing the high price, it may leave you in deep thought that why futons are so expensive than regular beddings. 

Why Are Futons So Expensive?

Decent-quality branded futons are made of high-quality materials, so the brand name and quality materials are the reason behind futons being so expensive. Moreover, futon frames come in various metals and extra accessories like futon covers, mattress toppers, etc. increase the price of futons more.

Only good quality futons are highly beneficial. And therefore, branded futons that feature a quite decent quality and are made up of materials like latex, memory foam, innerspring and pocket coils are really expensive.

Because the brand name itself is a big reason and the material quality is another. 

Additionally, futons require extra accessories like a futon cover, pillow, mattress topper, etc. to add comfort and proper care. And these items are required to by along with futons so the price automatically increases. However, customized items cost more. 

Besides, futon frames come in various materials and sizes. So it’s another reason why futons are so expensive. 

4 Reasons Why Futons Are Expensive? 

Futons are generally expensive than regular beddings. And there are major four reasons why these mattresses are pricier. To give you detailed knowledge these reasons are explained below.

Brand Name 

Several brands make high-quality futons, and over time they have gained a reputation in the market. Therefore, the futons they manufactured are normally expensive than others. As the brand name has already gained trust from customers and they wouldn’t think twice before spending on a branded futon. 


Decent quality materials are used to build a futon mattress. This is another reason behind futons being expensive. Latex, memory foam, and innerspring and pocket coils made futons are more pricy than regular beddings. Because these materials keep the futon firm and durable for a long time. 

Futon Frame

Futon frames are the other accepted reasons behind futons being costly. Futon frames come in different sizes and materials. And these two factors influence the price. Like if the frame is made of hardwood and it’s big in size then the total cost of a futon with a frame will be higher than a metal-made big/small futon frame. 

The build quality also makes it expensive. If it is not a good built, then the futon frame can start squeaking after using it for some time.

Futon Accessories 

Futons require additional accessories like futon cover to protect them, pillow, or futon mattress toppers for comfiness. And these charges extra money. Plus, if you want customized accessories then it will charge more. So eventually the total price will increase. 

How Much Does A Good Futon Cost? 

A decent quality good futon can cost $1000 or more if it is made up of memory foam and comes along with a hardwood frame and a decorative cover. 

However, if you are looking for good quality mid-priced futons that will give you excellent service for years, then you purchase them at $500-$700 on average. Mid-priced futons are also can be great for everyday use. These futons are made up of wooden/metal frames and foam mattresses.

Well, if you intend to spend as little as you can but want a quality futon then it’s a very tough demand. But if you try you perhaps can manage to get a good futon with a metal frame and 6” mattress at $250-$300 on average. 

Are Futons Worth It?

If you are contemplating to invest in futons then it’s an absolutely great choice because futons will make your every penny worth spending on it. 

Futons are greatly beneficial for modern households due to limited space. It saves up space that you can use for other purposes. It’s foldable so you are getting a sofa-bed in a futon. Besides, you can roll it up and store it anywhere and then again use it at night. 

Futons make up quick beds for guests. If you have a guest to stay over with, you simply can place a futon on the floor and make a quick bed for him. 

Futons are great for kid’s rooms too. You can place a futon under the loft bed and make it another sleeping or couching area for your kids.

Since futons are lightweight, it is easier for your to clean and maintain them. You alone can take them out under sunlight to sanitize them. 

Another great benefit of futons is they are portable. So if you go for a campaign you can tie your futon and take it with you for getting a comfy sleep. And it will easily adjust in the backseat of the car.

The last reason that will convince you why futons worth it is, futons are healthy for your health. Futons have a thick and firm surface and it helps the back muscles uniformly.

Mainly, keeps the back spine aligned while sleeping. As well as, all the body to have a natural turn and twist. Besides, sleeping in futons gradually lessen back pain. 

So all of these significant factors prove that futons worth it. 

Are Futons Cheaper Than Beds?

Futons are cheaper than beds. Because a bed must require a bed frame to be placed over it but in cases of futons, you can or can not use a futon frame. 

The bed requires a frame that adds up extra charges depending on its material. Whereas futons not necessarily require a frame, you can use it on the floor to sleep or sit on. So futons are considerably cheaper. 

Another thing is futons are relatively thinner than typical beds, so you spend less on a thin mattress than a thick one. 

Besides, bed mattresses are mostly made up of expensive materials. But futons are also made of cost-effective organic cotton. So, it is inexpensive. 

Can You Make A Futon?

If you want you can make a futon all by yourself. It’s very easy and anyone can build a futon. All you need two things, a thick and firm foam block and a mattress cover.

Just place the mattress cover on the floor and fill it with the foam block gently. But make sure that the edges get a smooth finishing.

Now, if you want, add a layer of comforter or mattress topper for extra comfort. And here you are done with making your own futon. Enjoy!!

How Do You Make A Futon Out Of Pallets? 

Making a futon out of pallets is easier. If you want to make a queen-sized futon, then here are a few simple steps are needed to be followed and you will be done making your own futon. 

Cut The Woods As Per Your Preferred Measurement 

The first thing is to cut the wood(pinewood is better as it’s cheaper) according to the size of your queen-sized futon mattress. If it’s a 60”×80” size queen futon then cut the woods to make each 48”×40” sized pallets for a full 61”×48” sofa-bed frame. 

Join The Pieces Together 

The next step is, join the wood boards together and make two pallets of 48”×40”.

Join The Pallets 

Then join the pallets upright. Take one whole pallet of 48”×40”. And cut the other pallet into half( 48”×21”). And add both of them together. Add two big hinges between the pallets. One end of each hinge on each pallet. And attach locking caster at the center of each long side and corner. Also, add legs and handle to it. And you will get a futon frame of 61”×48”. 

Place The Mattress 

Lastly, place your queen futon mattress over the structure and you are done making your own futon out of pallets.  

What Can I Use As A Futon Mattress?

You can use a memory foam mattress as a futon mattress if you want to use it as a futon bed only. Because memory foam can’t bend into a sofa. 

Another solution is, lay out cotton batting sheets as per your preferred size and tuft the stacked cotton layers with upholstery meddle and strong thread. And stuff it inside a cover. There you go making your own futon which perfectly can be used as a futon mattress. You can even fold it. 

Is Sleeping In A Futon Good For You?

Sleeping on a futon is really good for health. Because a futon’s surface is thick and firm. And sleeping on firm surface comfort and support the back muscles. As well as, help to keep the backbone aligned throughout the night rest time.

Besides, let the body have a natural turn and twist. Moreover, if you sleep on futons regularly, it may even lessen your back pain. 

Can A Futon Be Used As A Bed? 

A futon is an excellent alternative to a bed. And of course, a futon can be used as a bed. In fact, futons are designed to be used as an everyday bed. You can use a futon mattress on both a bed frame and on a futon frame. If you want you simply can lay a futon on the floor and sleep.

Or if you have a futon sofa-bed, you can use that too as a bed. Just pull forward the seat section and push down the back section releasing the locking. Then the futon will lie horizontally and you can use it as a bed at night. 

When it comes down to futons, comfort, quality, and longevity are unavoidable factors. And futons that feature all of these qualities are tend to be expensive.

On top of that, the branded futons are supposed to be expensive due to popularity. However, as futons serve so many purposes effectively, therefore, even if it’s expensive, it’s worthy.