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Do All Futon Mattresses Fold? (Answered for Beginners)

Futon mattresses are pretty convenient in saving space. They are both comfortable and elegant looking. Today, most houses have at least one futon. These mattresses are so convenient that they can be converted into a bed, sofa, couch, and vice versa.

Futon mattresses can be of various types and styles. You can place it in your bedroom or living room. You can save your home space by folding the futon.

But you might be thinking about whether all futon mattresses fold or not. Well, this article will tell you about all types of futon mattresses and their functions.

Do all futon mattresses fold?

Almost all the futon mattresses fold. Most futon mattresses are Bi-fold type. This type of mattress bends in the middle. The futon frames are foldable and can be converted into a bed, sofa, couch, and vice versa. So, the futon mattresses are also foldable.

When you fold the futon bed as a sofa or couch, the mattress also needs to be folded. So, the mattresses are also available in Bi-fold, Tri-fold, and many other forms. You need to adjust the futon frame and the mattress by folding the mattress in the correct ratio.

Futon mattresses are available in different functions and styles. Let’s see some typical futon mattresses you can use in your home.

Bifold futon mattress:

According to the foldability, futon mattresses can be folded in two ways. The Bifold mattress is one of them. You can fold in the middle of the mattress in the bifold mattress.

Generally, the bifold futon mattress has more seating capacity. Three or four people can easily sit on a bifold futon mattress. If your room has less space on the floor and more space on the wall, you can use a bifold futon mattress.

Trifold futon mattress:

Trifold futon mattress folds three times on the width of the mattress. A trifold futon needs more space on the floor and less on the wall. So, if you have comparatively more room on the floor, you can use a trifold mattress.

The Trifold futon mattress is three times foldable. So, when you use the mattress as a bed, it will become a queen-size bed. So, you can buy a trifold futon mattress if you need more bed space.

Japanese futon mattress:

Japanese futon mattress is a traditional Japanese mattress that goes with the Japanese futon frame. Sometimes, people use the mattress directly on the floor without the frame.

Japanese people use tatami mats under the mattress traditionally, which is made of rice straw. This type of mattress is pretty comfortable. If you are versatile with your room decoration, you can experiment with a Japanese futon mattress both with frame and without frame.

Foam futon mattress, spring futon mattress, wool filled futon mattress, cotton futon mattress, innerspring coil futon mattress, etc. is some types of futon mattresses according to the materials used in the mattresses.

How to fold & unfold a wooden futon frame?

Futon frames are fantastic furniture that saves your room space. Their main advantage is fold-ability. If you want to use a wooden futon frame, you must know how to fold and unfold the frame. Let’s see how you can fold a wooden futon frame.

Pull the top:

The top section of the frame where your shoulder goes when you sit, pull that section. Continue pulling the top until it falls into place.

Push the seat:

Push down the seat section where you sit on the futon couch. Push it down gently until it falls into place. Try to pull and push both the top and seat sections together. This will make the folding quicker. When both sections place in their position, it will transform into a couch.

Adjust the position:

When you use the futon as a sofa, it places along with the wall. But for making the bed space, you should pull out the frame outside. Adjust the position right with the wall to save space and look it adjustable.

For unfolding the wooden futon frame, you can also follow the steps.

Adjust the position:

You need to adjust the position of the futon frame. When you use it as a couch, it takes less space. So, for unfolding as a bed, you need more space to place the frame. Pull out the frame and place it in the right position with the wall.

Grab and pull the bottom section of the frame:

Grab the bottom section of the wooden frame and pull it out. If the frame is trifold, pull out the third section also. If the third section has legs, pull the legs also to adjust the frame.

Adjust the top section:

Push down the top section of the frame where your head goes when you sit. Push it gently until it turns into a flat position with the other sections.

Adjust the legs:

The frame’s legs remain the same whether you use it as a couch or as a bed. But check the legs’ position. Adjust them so that they seem to be symmetrical with one another. 

How to fold & unfold a trifold metal futon frame?

For folding and unfolding a trifold metal futon frame, you need to follow some general steps. Let’s see how you can fold and unfold a trifold metal futon frame.

Folding a trifold metal futon frame:

  1. Remove all the bedsheets, pillows, covers, and anything over the frame.
  2. Pull the top section of the frame gently until it sits in the position.
  3. Push the third section gently until it joins with the middle section.
  4. Tuck the remaining section with the bottom section and push it under the bottom section.

Unfolding a trifold metal futon frame:

  1. Unfold the mattress and lay it on the bottom part.
  2. Pull the top section up and pull the third deck down.
  3. Adjust the mattress and adjust the legs.
  4. Ensure the backrest falls automatically flat.
  5. Align the mattress flat properly.

How do you fold a Japanese futon?

Japanese futons are generally used on the floor without the frame traditionally. You can roll the mattress or follow the steps.

  1. Fold the comforter first in half.
  2. Fold the comforter again so that you can store it in a small space.
  3. Then fold the mattress two times to make it smaller.
  4. You can also roll the mattress as it is thin in shape.
  5. If you use a bottom mat, fold it too.

What is the difference between a futon mattress and a regular mattress?

Futon mattresses are a unique type of mattresses. They come in different functions and styles.

A futon mattress is generally thinner than a regular mattress. Besides, a regular mattress has springs on it. Regular mattresses are sturdier than futon mattresses.

Contrarily, futon mattresses save space. You make versatile uses of futon mattresses. You can easily fold and unfold a futon mattress. Also, futon mattresses are cheaper than regular mattresses.

How do you keep a futon from folding in the middle?

Futon beds are really convenient as they can be folded and unfolded. But the problem is the futon folds in the middle even when it flattens. So, to keep a futon from folding in the middle, you can follow the steps.

  1. Detach the futon from the frame, and put it on the floor.
  2. Calculate the total mattress, the length, and the width of the bottom and top parts.
  3. Cut the rubber grip strip in detail, length as well as the width of the seat slat.
  4. Put the futon on the sofa and put the futon mattress back on the frame.
  5. Lastly, measure the length and width again and cut a rubber grip strip to adjust the length of the back deck.

Futon mattress is one of the well-known and convenient mattresses. This mattress can save your space. Moreover, it has multi-functions. You can sit on the mattress as a sofa and lie down on a bed.

Futon mattresses are also available in various styles. So, if you are interested in buying a futon mattress, you can do it without hesitation.