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Sideboards: Everything You Need to Know

Sideboards are the perfect balance between a classy and contemporary look. Sideboards are known for elevating the elegance of your house, adding storage spaces, and for bettering the practicality of your household.

Sideboard’s durability and versatility make it such a piece of furniture that never goes out of style due to its timeless appeal. In addition, these very sideboards also help keep your home organized and neat. 

Additionally, sideboards add to the décor of your home and give you the flexibility to incorporate them anywhere like in bedrooms, dining areas, kitchen, entertainment rooms, and home offices which justifies its multiple functionalities.

In a more traditional sense, a sideboard is a piece of furniture that is traditionally used in dining rooms. These sideboards are traditionally manufactured with multiple drawers/cabinets to store all the necessary plates, cutlery, and tablecloths.

However, their usage is not only limited to that, rather the usage expanded from its appeal as side tables for dining purposes to statement pieces in the living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. 

Nevertheless, these timeless pieces are still in style since their inception in history. Whether to give a vintage, rustic, classy, or modern look to your home, these sideboards never go out of style.

What are Sideboards used for? 

Sideboards are very versatile pieces of furniture that elevate the look of your home. It creates a very luxurious and elegant look and the functionality these sideboards offer is something that validates your purchase. 

In addition, these traditional pieces of furniture can be of great use if you use these sideboards besides your dining table for storing food while dining since these tables are also called buffet tables. 

Sideboards are also used for storage for your living room or hallway and enhance the elegance of your house. You can also use sideboards as dressing tables by simply placing a mirror. These are also used to create a cleaner cut, chic look.

Where can you use a sideboard? 

Versatile pieces like sideboards can be used in multiple places of your home.

You can place your sideboard in your living room with a wall-mounted mirror against the wall and you can also place them behind a couch to veil the plain look of the back of the couch.

In addition, you can also use a sideboard in the hallway as a statement piece to increase the functionality by creating some spaces for storage and for storing keys, coats, and so on. You can also place a sideboard in the dining room as a buffet table.

How to choose a sideboard? 

The first thing you need to do while choosing a sideboard is to take proper measurements of the place where you want your sideboard to be. You should always have a place in mind before choosing a sideboard.

In addition, you also need to take account of the other furniture in your living or dining room as you do not want the sideboard to look disproportionate to other pieces of furniture.

Moreover, you need to make sure to leave 24 to 26 inches of space between your other furniture and the sideboards. You need to have these criteria checked to choose a durable and functional sideboard.

Styling & Matching a sideboard

Whether vintage, classy, or contemporary look, there are innumerable ways you can style and match a sideboard as these sideboards go with almost everything. 


Different vintage, retro, boho, or contemporary artworks or paintings go very well with your sideboard.


Mirrors are the best addition to style your sideboard as it creates a very chic and modern look.


No one can underestimate what simple flower decorations can entrail. It gives your sideboard a tropical and fresh look.


You should always look for creating symmetry while matching and styling a sideboard. There should be a balance between objects and synchronization between artifacts. 

Accessories for sideboards 

Your sideboard’s look won’t be complete until you accessorize fully according to your preferences. The possibilities of accessorizing the sideboard with different things and pieces are endless.

You can accessorize a sideboard by placing mirrors on the walls and by using fun wallpaper above the sideboard. You can also use books, vintage vases, flowers, paintings, artworks, and so on.

In addition, you can also use trays, geometrically shaped objects. You can also add little plants here and there to create a natural look. 

Sideboard price 

Sideboards are more on the expensive side. According to history, they were mainly visible in upper-class families. The status since then is attached to it. 

In addition, the detailing works on some of the sideboards make them very costly and their versatile uses also add to the reason of them being on the costlier side. 

Furthermore, to talk about the prices of sideboards, a simple wooden sideboard can cost you 230 to 300 dollars and the more expensive ones can cost you more than 1000 dollars to purchase. 

Sideboards are undoubtedly a great addition to any dining area, no matter what the mood of the room is. From luxury traditional to modern-looking cozy dining, a sideboard can be stylish as well as create a statement and texture to the look of your decor.

The traditional sideboards used to have exquisite wood finishes with beautiful knobs, pulls, and short legs. The main purpose was to serve as a buffet table along with creating a space for the dishes, plates, and lighting arrangements.

With its cabinets, cupboards, and drawers for your formal cutlery collection, the surface of the sideboard can be of great use for creating extra space in the dining area.

The modern sideboards can be as graceful as a traditional one to a minimal piece of furniture that you can use comfortably in your cozy apartment.

To sum up, sideboards are one of the furniture pieces that does not disappoint you with its single usage rather its multiple usages make it more convenient and superior to other furniture of this kind.

By adding a sideboard to any empty place, it actually creates a perfect way to use that space. Moreover, due to its practical appeal, it can be put in any place which does not compromise the look of your house rather elevates the glamourous nature of these sideboards.