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How Big and High Should a Mirror Be Above a Sideboard?

You have the perfect piece of the sideboard to accentuate the interior beauty of your house. You want to decorate it with utmost elegance but you are not sure which size of the mirror should be appropriate.

This can be challenging but with the right guideline, you will be able to get your desired look that matches your style, grandeur, and grace. 

A sideboard with a mirror is an exquisite piece of a statement piece for your house. However, the mirror of a sideboard should be a balanced match to your sideboard.

Too big of a mirror can hinder the decoration of your room and the same is the fate with choosing a mirror that is too little to pull off the artful touch and luxurious feel.

How big should a mirror be over a sideboard?

To have a proportionate and balanced look between your sideboard and the mirror, you need to pair a right-sized mirror above your sideboard. To maintain that balance, a mirror above the sideboard should be at least two-third and no more than three-fourths the width of the sideboard.

How high should a mirror be above a sideboard?

The height of a mirror above a sideboard depends really on the sideboard’s size, your room’s layout, your placement of the sideboard, and your preferred use of the sideboard. Generally, interior designers suggest leaving 4 to 6 inches between the bottom of the mirror and the sideboard. 

What size mirror over the sideboard?

The size of the mirror over a sideboard depends on various factors. Understanding those factors well will help you to choose the perfect sized mirror over your sideboard.

How wide should a mirror be over a sideboard?

A mirror’s width depends on the size of the sideboard. If the mirror is larger in width than the sideboard, there will be an imbalance.

If your room is not very wide, then it will be insignificant to hang a wide mirror. You should choose a mirror that is a bit smaller than the size of the sideboard.

How long should a mirror be over a buffet?

The length of a mirror over a buffet depends on your preferences. However, it is better to measure the length of the mirror according to the buffet.

You can also cut cardboards and place it above the buffet to better understand the length of the mirror according to your convenience. 

Why does the right size mirror above the sideboard matter?

A right-sized mirror above the sideboard can bring out the elegance of any room. Mirrors’ various shapes, sizes, and designs can accentuate the outlines of the room without compromising the original purpose of the mirror.   

Making a Place Brighter and Larger: 

One of the most effective ways for making your room look larger is through the use of a right-sized mirror. Whether you place the mirror (above the sideboard) in the dining room, hallway, or in a bedroom, the right-sized mirror can give the allusion of an enlarged room. 

Entryways are the best places for hanging mirrors over sideboards. A narrow entryway can feel much cozier and wider with the ideal-sized mirrors. 

The reflections from the lights in the hallway or the reflection from the direct sunlight from the dining areas can surely brighten up the place.

Practical and Functional Use: 

Size of mirror matters as size is related to the practical and functional purpose. A disproportionate mirror can hamper the practicality of the mirror by ruining its real-life functions. 

A disproportionate mirror can also give an unappealing, and deformed look to the whole house. For example, if you decide to place a vertically large mirror on a narrow space that is left between two windows, it will give the house an uneven and unpractical look. 

Peaceful Environment Resulting from Rightly Aligned Stature:

A right-sized mirror can make a small room feel bigger and a darkened room feel more illuminated. The right-sized mirror above the sideboard is like positioning artwork in the gallery.

The right-sized mirrors, be it round, rectangle and box-shaped, can give you a peaceful feeling if there is a right and proportionate alignment of mirrors to the sideboards. 

Not to mention if you have OCD, this imbalanced mirror will be a constant headache for you which can hamper the peaceful environment of the house. 

Why the right height of placing a mirror above the sideboard matter?

The right height of the mirror is another important factor to look at while placing a mirror over your sideboard.

If the minimum distance is not maintained or height is not proper, then the mirror will not create a pleasant look for your home. A sideboard itself is low in height. So, know the right measurements to make the house look good.

Gives Artful and Aesthetic Touch:

Your house is your canvas and you want to decorate it to your heart’s content. Mirrors whether placed above a sideboard, buffet table, console table, or fireplace, the right height of placing matters in giving a luxuriously aesthetic look. 

In the case of the height, if you put the mirror too far from the sideboard, the whole look of the house will be disproportionate. Additionally, it will fail to provide an aesthetic end.

Practical and Real-Life Use:

A mirror can be a great decorative piece but it also has some functional use. Apart from the decorative purposes, a mirror which is placed on the right height above the sideboard can help with the practical uses.

Additionally, whether for quick fixing of make-up or for glancing at yourself before heading out of the door, you need your mirror to be placed at a proportionate height concerning the sideboard. 

Indented or Preferred Use: 

Your intended usage matters regarding placing the mirror in the right height. If you use your sideboard for holding keys/bags, then the height of the mirror from the sideboard should be a couple of inches higher from the sideboard. 

If you prefer to use your sideboard as a buffet table in the dining room, then you should raise the mirror a few more inches higher. The same mirror positioning process must be followed if you use the sideboard for placing decorative vases/family photos. 

Visual Break: 

The visual pleasure resulting from the mirror being put in a perfect height proportional to the sideboard can be hampered if the mirror is placed at a height that reflects all the decorations on the sideboard. This makes it look all cluttered and messy. 

Your eyes need the visual break from the sideboard to the mirror and consequently, you need to put a fair amount of gap between the two. It will be aesthetically pleasing without compromising your visual pleasure. 

How to choose the right mirror size for the sideboard?

Choosing the right-sized mirror can be challenging if you are not familiar with the factors that influence the decision for choosing the accurate-sized mirror for the sideboard. 

Choosing the mirror’s measurement for the sideboard highly depends on the space that is available surrounding the sideboard. If the space is narrow, the size of the mirror will not be vertically large and vice versa. 

Furthermore, the size of the mirror also depends on the sideboard. For the mirror to fit with the sideboard like a puzzle, the sideboard must be taller and wider than the mirror. 

However, it all comes down to your preferences. If your reasoning for placing a mirror in a certain position satiates your wants/imagination and gives you satisfaction, then you can certainly go with your instinct.

Should I hang a mirror horizontal or vertical? 

Mirrors can offer the perfect blend of fashion, style, and passion. There are so many things that are needed to be taken into account before hanging a mirror above a sideboard.

By following some guidelines, you will be able to enhance the beauty of the room and pull off the function of mirrors. 

Hanging a mirror vertically or horizontally depends on the room in which you are trying to hang the mirror. You should hang a mirror vertically if the room is very wide. You can hang the mirror horizontally if your room includes low ceilings.

Whether you should put the mirror vertically or horizontally also depends on your preferences, room corners, placement of windows, and placement of furniture. 

For example, if there is a narrow space between two windows, then you should hang the mirror vertically, Additionally, if there are longer spaces between two windows, then the better option will be placing the mirror horizontally in between the windows. 

Where should you not hang mirrors?

Mirrors are something that redefines the elegance and sophisticated allure of your home. It can be soothing and flattering at the same time. However, mirrors can generate a flattering feeling only when they are placed in a perfect position; not in misplaced parts of the house. 

You should not hang mirrors in a place that can be uncomfortable for others. For example, you should not hang a mirror to the level of your dining table as many people are not fans of watching themselves in the mirror while eating.

You should not hang big mirrors on the toilet. You should also avoid placing mirrors on the ceiling. Placing a tall mirror in a small room might also look awkward with the proportion of the room. 

We highly discourage placing mirrors on such sides where the sun rays can be reflected. Many people do not want direct sunlight reflecting from the mirror and invading people’s sleep in the morning. 

You should avoid placing mirrors in unpractical places. Moreover, you should not place a mirror on neighboring walls. You should also refrain from placing a mirror right across the door and bed as you may experience unnecessary jump scares at night times. 

These are the instructions to be followed for determining how big and high a mirror should be above a sideboard. However, at the end of the day, your preferences overshadow everything else, so you have the liberty to choose the preferred length and width.