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Why Are Throw Pillows So Expensive? (All You Need to Know)

Throw pillows are generally decorative pillows. These pillows can be different in colors and design. Besides, throw pillows are so common that you might find them in offices, houses, and other interiors. People keep the throw pillows in sofa, couch, bed, etc., places.

While buying throw pillows, you might wonder why throw pillows are so expensive. Well, all throw pillows are not expensive. But they are expensive compared to other pillows. So, let’s see the reasons for throw pillows being so expensive.

Why are throw pillows so expensive?

Throw pillows are expensive for their expensive fabrics and designs. Generally, throw pillows’ cost is more because of their increasing demands. Moreover, their shapes, making process, and elegant appearances make them more demanding. That’s why throw pillows are so expensive.

If you want to know why throw pillows are so expensive, you have to know about the factors affecting the expense. Let’s see the reasons behind the excessive expense.


Generally, throw pillows are made of expensive and high-quality fabric. These fabrics are expensive than other pillows. So, throw pillows become also expensive after manufacturing.

Shape and design:

Generally, the shape of the throw pillows is not like the regular pillows. So, the manufacturer costs differently for these throw pillows.

Moreover, many designs are available for throw pillows. So, the price of throw pillows is also different and more than the other pillows.

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Making process:

The making process of throw pillows is pretty different than other pillows. So, throw pillows are also expensive.


The demand for throw pillows is increasing day by day. These pillows are used mainly for decorative purposes. So, like other decorative items, throw pillows are also expensive.


The appearance of throw pillows is elegant. They also enhance the outlook of furniture and room. So, the elegant appearance of throw pillows also makes them expensive.

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Are couch pillows overpriced?

Yes, couch pillows can be overpriced. Generally, couch pillows are placed for extra comfort and decorative purposes. So, these pillows also have different shapes and designs. So, the manufacturer often costs more for these couch pillows.

Couch pillows are not like regular pillows. So, they have different demands. Moreover, couch pillows are not for regular use. So, these pillows are often overpriced.

How much do throw pillows cost?

How much throw pillows cost depends on the fabric and design of the throw pillows. Generally, throw pillows cost from $20 to $200. The price varies for different designs and fabrics.

If you are searching for medium-quality fabric for regular use throw pillows, you can get them within $100. But if you want to buy high-quality throw pillows that have both decorative and long-lasting functions, you can get them within $200.

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How much does it cost to make a throw pillow?

Making a throw pillow is less costly than buying a throw pillow. Generally, when you buy a throw pillow readymade, the expense will be more. But when you make a throw pillow after buying different parts of the pillow, it will cost less.

For example, you can make a throw pillow only from $15 to $50. This cost can vary for different fabrics. But when you buy a throw pillow, you will have to spend more. So, if you want to make a throw pillow, you can do it within $50.

How to make a throw pillow?

Making a throw pillow is not that difficult. You have to follow a step-by-step process to make a throw pillow. So, let’s see how you can make a throw pillow.

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  • Cut two pieces of fabrics equally in a square shape. You can take the dimension from 15 to 20 inches. The pieces should be equal.
  • Keep one fabric over another and place them together. Pinup the four corners of the square-shaped fabrics.
  • Stitch the edges of the fabrics together. But leave at least 5 inches area without stitching from where you will insert the stuffing.
  • Turn the fabric right-side out and put stuffing inside the fabric.
  • Turn the left unstitched portion inside and sew that portion in such a way that the excess fabric is not left out.
  • Put on the pillow cover on the pillow and make the cover decorative with different items.

How to care for luxury decorative pillows?

When it comes to taking care of luxury decorative pillows, you must be careful. Generally, the fabrics and designs of luxury decorative pillows are sensitive. So, while cleaning them or storing them, you must maintain some techniques.

So, let’s see how you can care for luxury decorative pillows.


While cleaning the luxury decorative pillows, you should do it carefully. You have to remove the pillowcase first. Then you have to pre-treat the stained area of the pillow.

If you want to wash in a machine, you have to maintain a delicate cycle. Finally, you have to dry the pillows well.

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If the luxury pillow is made of velvet, you have to store it in such a way that the velvet might not get dirt and dust easily. You have to cover the pillow with extra fabric while storing it.

Moreover, when you store the luxury pillows, you have to re-clean the pillows every two to three months later.

Regular care:

While using the luxury pillows regularly, you have to keep the pillows fresh. You can dry clean the pillow if machine washing is not possible. Moreover, keep the luxury pillows dust-free.

Besides, if the pillows are for decorative purposes, don’t use them while sleeping or for regular use.

Is buying an expensive throw pillow worth it?

Yes, buying an expensive throw pillow is worth it. Generally, we buy throw pillows mainly for decorative purposes. So, expensive throw pillows also have expensive and high-quality fabrics.

Moreover, the designs and shapes are so elegant that they will change the outlook of your room.

Besides, throw pillows will create a different vibe and look according to your choice. So, if an expensive throw pillow satisfies your purpose, buying it is worth it.

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Where to buy cheap throw pillows?

Throw pillows might be available in any pillow shop. But throw pillows are generally expensive. So, if you want to buy cheap throw pillows, you have to search for different places. For example, you can buy cheap throw pillows from online shops.

You can order cheap throw pillows from Amazon. You will find their throw pillows with different price ranges. Moreover, you can also find online ordering processes from many other online branded shops.

For example, you can order cheap throw pillows from Target, Walmart, Wayfair, IKEA, etc. places. So, you can easily find a cheap throw pillow from here.

What makes a quality throw pillow?

If you want to make or buy a quality throw pillow, you have to notice some factors. First of all, you have to notice the fabric of the throw pillow. The lifespan and durability of a throw pillow depend on the quality of the fabric.

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A quality throw pillow must have high-quality and durable fabric. Moreover, the throw pillow should have an elegant design. Besides, the shape and outlook are other factors that make throw pillows good quality.

Another thing you have to notice is that the stitching quality. In cheap throw pillows, the stitches are not durable. So, good and strong stitching make throw pillows good quality.

What do you fill a throw pillow with?

Filling the throw pillow with good material is important. You can’t use any type of stuffing in the throw pillows. So, you have to fill a throw pillow with materials that make the throw pillow look good and make it comfortable.

Generally, you can use cotton fibers to fill a throw pillow with. Moreover, you can also use foam. Foam is a common material for stuffing pillows and other beddings. Besides, you can fill a throw pillow with different materials.

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Here is a list of materials that you can use to fill the throw pillow with.

  • Foam
  • Cotton
  • Styrofoam Beads
  • Artificial Fibers
  • Buckwheat Hulls
  • Memory Foam
  • Feathers and Down

You can also use old clothes to cut into pieces to make a DIY throw pillow. This way you can also recycle old clothes.

Final Thoughts:

Throw pillows are more expensive than other pillows. Throw pillows are expensive because they have different fabrics, shapes, and designs. Moreover, the manufacturing cost of throw pillows is more than other pillows. Lastly, the increasing demand makes the throw pillows more expensive.