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Can Throw Pillows Be Donated? What to Do with Old Pillows?

Your soft furnishing, small, colorful, and decorative throw pillows can become worn out very quickly. As there is a saying that old things can be turned to gold, you can also turn your old throw pillows to gold to leverage those pillows.

There are so many ways to make use of these pillows. In some cases, it includes donating the pillows. In other cases, it doesn’t. However, a donation is a great way for getting rid of any items, but the question is whether it applies to the throw pillows.

Can throw pillows be donated? What to do with old pillows?

Throw pillows can be donated. Even donating throw pillows is a great way for getting rid of the pillows. It can be donated to animals, child shelters, and other places. However, that is not the sole way to use the old pillows. Decorating, recycling, and repurposing are also some creative methods.

Donating any items is a good way and when it comes to donating throw pillows, the answer is emphatic yes. You will be donating pillows to others in various ways. Depending on your preference, you can donate it to senior centers, charities, animal shelters, and orphanages.

However, based on the condition of your pillow, you can either recycle or repurpose them. Whatever you do, you will have to make sure you use the pillows properly. The pillows can be old for you, but those pillows can come to use by other needy people.

Additionally, try not to go for the option of throwing your pillow. It is never a good option. Always try to make the best use of the pillows. Maybe your pillows faded in color over a period of time, but they can be good for other purposes—such as crafting and recycling.

Thus, throw pillows are okay for donation and even encouraged only if the pillows are safe.

Should couch pillows be donated?

Couch pillows should be donated. It is generous work, and everyone appreciates these kinds of activities. However, before donating, you should think for a moment about the condition of your pillow. Is your pillow good enough for such a donation?

You should consider the utility facts before donating the pillows. Sometimes, the pillows can become very worn out, near obsolete. In those cases, you should use the donation option for the couch pillows.

For example, couch pillows can be infectious. So, before you donate the couch pillows, you have to ensure that they are disinfected. You can disinfect them using different antiseptics.

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What to do with old throw pillows?

There are so many things or strategies you can do in case of your old throw pillows. The ways you do those can vary. But the main purpose will remain the same, leveraging the throw pillows.

You can do the following things with old throw pillows:

Use by decorating:

Most old throw pillows are good enough in the condition of use. So, you can easily use them by applying a few decorations to them. You will not only leverage your pillows but also turn them into a beauty material.

Turn them as pet beds:

This is a great way if you have pets in your house. Old throw pillows may not look good in your living room however, they can be a great addition to your pet’s house.

Giving away the pillows:

You can consider it a generous way of making use of old pillows. You can donate the pillows to your local shelters or Goodwill conveniently. If there aren’t any local ones, you can search for them online.

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Where to donate throw pillows?

You can donate your throw pillows to any local shelter. Except for local ones, you can go for other options of places for donating pillows. They can vary from pet shelters to orphanages. However, you should keep your eyes open.

Moreover, Goodwill is always an option for donating kinds of stuff. You can do so by getting a little profit there too. So, look for nearby Goodwill for donations.

Finding the right place for donating pillows is a difficult task. You have to keep enough time for completing this process. You can also contact your neighbors if they are in need of any.

How to dispose of throw pillows?

One can easily throw off an item; however, attention requires when you want to dispose of those items usefully and for the wellbeing of others. That’s why you have to think of effective ways for getting rid of throw pillows.

Here are the ways whereby you can dispose of throw pillows:

Remove the pillowcases from old pillows:

The first way to dispose of throw pillows is to undo the covers on them. Depending on the pillows, there might be other things that you have to follow for the old pillowcases. For example, some pillows have extra coverings or shams.

Using as side pillows:

Once a pillow becomes worn out, you can’t definitely use that as main pillows. However, you should be able to use them as side pillows or alternative pillows. In those cases, the pillows’ newness will not matter. Thus, you can use those pillows.

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Storing in plastic bags:

Keeping all the old pillows in a plastic bag is a good practice. Thus, you can keep those pillows organized and will face no difficulty while donating them (if you want to). Nevertheless, before storing in plastic bags, be sure to dry wash them.

Disinfect throw pillows:

Last but not the least, disinfecting the pillows is crucial before doing anything with them. You should do it especially before storing them in plastic bags. Since they remain closed in those bags for a long time, pillows can become harmful unless disinfected.

By following one or multiple of the above methods, you can dispose of your throw pillows appropriately.

How to recover old throw pillows?

Recovering throw pillows is tricky but not impossible. If you can recover your throw pillows, there is a higher chance that you will be able to use them. You can make your pillows look different by recovering them.

You can recover your old pillows by following the steps below.

Look for holes in pillows or rips in covers:

You can look for holes in pillows as the first step of recovering them. Simultaneously, also check the cover whether you find any rips. Figuring those flaws out is not hard.

Fixing the holes and rips:

Once you have figured the rips in the pillow’s covers, stitch them. In most cases, you will be fine with just stitching. However, you may have to go to tailors if that looks complex.

Dry wash them:

Though most pillows are unwashable, some of them you can wash. For those pillows, follow the dry washing process. Besides, disinfect the pillows.

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Can you donate unused decorative pillows?

You can donate unused decorative pillows, especially because it is unused. Brand new pillows always have the chance of being unaffected by anything. In other words, they are harmless. So, the local shelters can your those pillows without cleaning them much.

Moreover, since they are unused, throwing them will not be a considerate task. That’s because decorative pillows can be beneficial to others.

However, by throwing the pillows, you deprive the needy of those chances. So, donate the pillows.

What can I do with unwanted throw pillows?

There are many approaches you can use to deal with the unwanted throw pillows. With those approaches, you can either keep the pillows with you or give them away. Each of those requires different strategies.

If you want to keep the pillows with you but not as a throw pillow, you can use them in other corners of the house as decorations. Additionally, you can use them as your pet’s pillows.

If you are unwilling to keep the pillows with you, you can give those away to local shelters. Thus, even if you don’t want the pillows, these pillows can be useful for others.

Can you donate throw pillows to goodwill?

You can not only donate throw pillows to goodwill, rather it is recommended for you. Goodwill is a great place for thrifting products. Since your throw pillows fall under that category, you can donate throw pillows to goodwill.

Before donating it there, you should do some cleaning with the pillows. Also, fix the flaws if possible, for example, the stains, the rips, and other faults. Thus you can make your old pillows look attractive.

Though there are other places where you can donate the pillows, goodwill organizes the thrifting materials in a proper way. There is also a higher chance that they will give you better profits.

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Final thoughts:

Donating throw pillows is an efficient and sensible way of disposing of throw pillows. One has to know the proper place and techniques. Throw pillows rarely become unusable. That’s why there will be different ways of dealing with those old pillows. Think of different ways and try to implement them.