How to Style Throw Pillows on a Bed, Couch, and Sectional?

Throw pillows are decorative pillows that are used for creating a bond with the color accents while illustrating the colors of curtains, walls, or carpet within a room.

So to create a harmonious accent look within any room, it’s a must to have the styling sense to style toss pillows on beds, couches, and sectional. So it’s natural for you to want to learn how to style throw pillows on a bed, couch, and sectional.

Therefore, let’s break into each segment to learn the answers.

How To Style Throw Pillows On A Bed?

To style throw pillows on a bed, it’s vital to consider the height and width of the headboard first. After that, planning for the color scheme for the throw pillows and the beddings is the second step. And the last step is considering the desired look before decorating a bed with toss pillows.

How Do I Arrange My Couch Pillows On My Bed?

This section has included short explanations regarding various couch pillow arranging methods on the bed for you.

Mix Prints:

Select toss pillows that have a different pattern from the other pillows and belong to the relevant but not an identical color palette. Keep the different patterned toss pillows in front of the other standard pillows and create a designing look.

Mixed Texture:

If your bed is feeling empty or to create a random look on your bed, you can choose a completely different textured toss pillow such as a faux fur pillow. And style it by keeping it in the middle of the bed to have an aesthetic vibe and cozy environment.

Size Of Headboard:

Since couch pillows on beds are kept in front of the headboard, so the size of the headboard be taken into consideration the most while arranging toss pillows on the bed.

If the headboard is tall and wide, choose bigger-sized toss pillows but if the headboard is short and not too wide, choose the smaller size toss pillows.

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Odd Numbers:

An odd number of couch pillows build up a visual interest on the bed as it keeps the viewers’ eyes shifting around the bed. So you can keep an odd number of couch pillows on your bed such as just one toss pillow or a group of 3 small-sized toss pillows.

Different Shape And Size:

While arranging couch pillows on the bed, try to use different shapes such as round, rectangle, etc. rather than choosing only square-shaped toss pillows. Also, use both the bigger and smaller-sized couch pillows when you are styling with a group of toss pillows.

How Many Throw Pillows Should You Put On A Bed?

According to the modern toss pillow arrangement on the bed, it’s eye-pleasing to put an odd number of throw pillows on the bed. Because an odd number of pillows always create visual interest among your visitors and the bed looks the best.

Therefore, you can keep 1,3, or 5 toss pillows to create an elusive look.

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What Size Throw Pillow For A Full Bed?

Throw pillows of 22×22 inches size are the accurate ones for a full bed because the length of a twin bed and full/double bed is exactly the same so the height of the headboard should be the same. Therefore, 22”×22” toss pillows are the right size.

However, a full bed is wider than a twin bed, if you consider the width then you can choose 24”×24” throw pillows too.

How To Style Throw Pillows On A Couch?

To style throw pillows on a couch, start off by creating a versatile base for the toss pillows, then choose an anchor color that highlights the couch, and cover all couch bases. Also, consider the overall style, size, pattern, and texture of the couch before styling throw pillows on a couch.

How Do You Arrange Pillows And Throws On A Couch?

4 simplest ways of arranging pillows and throws on a couch have been explained below.

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A Blank Canvas:

Choose a neutral-colored couch as a blank canvas.

For example, if the sofa is a white one, you can put other neural and solid-colored throws and patterned throw pillows with a pop-up color to highlight the room.

Mix And Match With Patterns And Textures:

You can mix and match the pillows and the throws with print on a print pattern such as two different geometrical printed pillows and throws.

Also, you can mix and match with textures like you can choose linen/velvet pillows and can put faux fur throws in front of the pillows.

Arrange Considering  Style:

You can arrange pillows and throws considering a specific style or color pattern. Such as if you have a bohemian style living room and furniture, choose bohemian style pillows and throws for the couch.

Or else arrange pillows and throws considering a certain color pattern that’s related yet has different hues from the color pattern.

Arrange Symmetrically:

Style the pillows and throws symmetrically on the couch. Layer up the big pillows in the back and the throw front from the side. You can also choose different shapes of pillows.

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How Many Throw Pillows Should You Put On A Couch?

3-5 throw pillows are generally suitable for your living room’s couch.

However, there is no rule of thumb regarding how many pillows you should put on a couch. You can keep as many as throw pillows you want but keep in mind that you must leave enough space on the couch for people to sit.

Should Throw Pillows Be Taller Than The Couch?

Throw pillows should never be taller than the back of the couch where you are about to place them. Because taller throw pillows look gigantic and messy. Also, breaks the harmonious look of a living room or any other room.

What Size Throw Pillows For The Couch?

The standard sizes of throw pillows for the couch are 18×18 inches and 20×20 inches. But if your couch is a bigger sized one with deep seats or tall backs, then the suitable sizes of throw pillows for such couches are either22×22 inches or 24×24 inches.

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How To Style Throw Pillows On A Sectional?

To style a throw pillow on a sectional, the first step is to create and match the toss pillows with the color palette. Then throw pillows should be buddied up with the end pillows in layers. And lastly, the throw pillows must be kept in front of all pillows on sectional to create a focal point.

How Do You Arrange Decorative Pillows On A Sectional?

Different ways of arranging decorative pillows on a sectional have been explained below.

Arrange With A Matched Color Pattern:

Choose a color pattern for sectional, such as a neutral tone, or a bold tone, or a mix and match tone. Then arrange the throw pillows according to that color palette.

Like you can choose neutral/bold-colored throw pillows that differ from one another in terms of pattern and shape.

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Layer According To Sizes:

If you are using throw pillows then arrange them according to the sizes. Set the bigger throw pillows at the back, then the middle-sized ones, and lastly the smaller ones.

Build A Focal Point:

Arrange the throw pillows on a sectional in such a way that it creates a focal point there. To achieve that look, use a bigger-sized throw pillow there and try to choose a statement throw pillow that comes in an exotic material or design.

Style In Different Shapes And Sizes:

Since it’s sectional, it has to be visually pleasing. So use throw pillows in different shapes and sizes. Don’t just stick with the typical square-sized throw pillows.

Buddy Up With End Pillows:

Some of you use big-sized end pillows, in this case, whole arranging throw pillows on sectional you should buddy up the toss pillow with the end pillow.

For example, you should use the same material and color for both the end pillows and throw pillows but in a different design.

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How Many Throw Pillows Should You Put On A Sectional?

You should put 7 throw pillows around on a sectional. But still, the number of pillows you want to put on a sectional depends on your personal preference, whether you want more or less throw pillows. Also, depends on the size of the sectional.

What Size Throw Pillows For Sectional?

The right size of throw pillows for placing on sectional would be between the size 12 inches to 20 inches.

A sectional requires different sizes of throw pillows, so the biggest ones should be 20”×20” ones and the smallest ones should be 12”×12”. And middle throw pillow ones, you can choose any size between 12-20 inches. 

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How To Choose Throw Pillows For Sofa?

A few basic principles regarding choosing throw pillows for sofa are provided here for you to remember.

  • Select one cohesive color scheme
  • Go for a symmetrical pillow arrangement
  • Choose 1 ordinary print, 1 gorgeous print, and 1 solid print
  • Don’t choose more than 5 relevant color
  • The front pillows should be smaller

Can I Use Acrylic Paint On A Throw Pillow?

You surely can use acrylic paint on a throw pillow. Just wash the pillowcase before you start painting it with acrylic paint.

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Final Thoughts:

While styling throw pillows on a bed, couch, and sectional, look for a suitable color scheme first. Then consider the overall style of the room and furniture. And finally, choose the right sizes, mix and match materials, different patterns, and shapes for decorating with throw pillows.

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