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What Accent Chairs Go with Gray Sofa? (Explained)

Gray sofas are everywhere. They look classy, neat, and go with absolutely any color.

But when it comes to pairing the right colored accent chairs, we often scratch our heads thinking what color might go well with gray sofas.

What accent chairs go with the gray sofa?

With gray sofas, both same colored or contrasting accent chairs can be paired. For light gray sofa, light pink, shades of blue, white, and yellow accent chairs match well. For dark gray sofas, white, beige, brown, or other very light tones make the perfect match.

The following hues of accent chair pair perfectly with any gray sofa:

White or cream:

Say no more. Whether you have a light gray sofa or one that is so dark, that it looks sort of black, accent chairs that are white or cream will go with the grays without fail.

Pink or blue:

When we think gray, we think pink or blue. It’s because these colors belong and make the most beautiful contrast.

Not only do pink or blue accent chairs make the room light and cozy, but they’d also add more life to the room.

Bright yellow or pink:

Bright colors especially a magenta or yellow accent chair, give your room a complete turnover.

Along with adding a burst of lively colors, they complement any shade of gray perfectly.

Beige or brown:

If you pair beige or caramel brown accent chairs with any shade of gray sofa, you surely have a designer’s mind as they make the most striking contrast.

What color accent chair goes with a light gray sofa?

With light gray sofas, you can play it safe and pair it up with other gray tones of accent chairs, whether it is lighter shades or darker. Since accent chairs add the missing pop of color in the room, you can pair tones of yellow or mustard chairs with a light gray sofa as well.

Other than that, you can imagine the classic white, or white in gray patterned to go with the light gray sofa couch. Lighter shades of pink and blue are a favorite among home decorators when it comes to matching accent chairs with light gray sofa.

You can also add bright pinks, olive greens, and all shades of beige and leather brown accent chairs.

What color accent chair goes with a dark gray sofa?

The color scheme to go with dark gray is slightly more limited than light gray. Since dark gray sofas take away the brightness from the room, it’s best to pair them with accent chairs that are light and soft in color.

White, cream and light beige are a favorite pick among many interior designers. Caramel or tawny brown accent chairs compliment dark gray sofas beautifully as well.

If your dark gray sofa has a light pastel pink or light gray cushion on them, similar colored accent chairs would also be a perfect match.

How to choose an accent chair color?

Here are a few tips you may want to consider before spending big on any accent chair:

Your room’s color scheme:

When you are choosing the color of your accent chair, the first feature that you might want to firmly take into consideration is your room’s color scheme.

Let’s say your sofa is gray, with pillows of different patterns and colors on the sofa. Notice which colors appear on the pillows or the artwork behind the sofa.

You can also keep in mind which another color appears through the room in bits and pieces. Suppose the color that is prevalent through the room in splashes is pink.

Choosing a pink accent chair, in that case, would be the best choice. This will work for any color and any furniture, as long as you are choosing the color of the accent chair based on the color that appears only rarely through the room. This ensures that your accent chair pops up.

Whether to match or not:

What kind of décor do you prefer? Do you prefer an accent chair to match the color of the sofa or the other furniture or are you more daring to try out the mix and match of furniture?

This completely depends on your personal preference and style. If you ask modern designers, they would probably suggest a bright mustard accent chair to go with your blue sofa.

A more traditional style would mean you can pair a blue sofa with a blue accent of a different style. To stay in between, and on a safer design side, you can go for slight contrasts.

A deeper green sofa to go with a rich green accent chair, and a white sofa would go with any light pastel shades on the accent chair.

Do accent chairs have to be the same?

Accent chairs can be the same or different. There are no hard and fast rules as to whether you have to match the two accent chairs or not. If you prefer accent chairs that have contrasting color, style, or texture fabric, you’ll have to keep in mind the scales and chair legs.

Keep in mind that most people prefer the same accent chairs because they look a lot more sophisticated and classic. Rather, a better way is to have a different style or color of a pair of accent chairs as to the main sofa or couch in the room.

How to pair accent chairs?

Same to same:

The best, safest, and most preferred way, even by designers when it comes to pairing accent chairs is to have two of the same kind.

Contrast and mix all you want with the sofa in the room instead.

The texture of fabric:

If you want to play with mix and match, many people find it safer to go for a contrasting texture on the two accent chairs, keeping the color the same.

It’s also a great idea to have both accents of the same fabric like leather, to go with a couch that may be heathered gray in color.

The scale of chairs:

Keeping the scale of the two accent chair, keeps the visual dynamics of the room more or less consistent.

While it could be a great idea to pair two slightly smaller metallic framed accent chairs with a relatively larger, cozier sofa, one shouldn’t scale out the accent chairs too much.

Furniture legs:

If you have a wooden legged safari chair, it could be disastrous to pair it with a classic metallic accent chair. Keep consistently when it comes to the legs of the accent chairs.

What color cushions go with a gray sofa?

There’s no end to the colors and shades of cushions you’ll be able to pair with a gray sofa.

Whether it’s taupe, gold mustard, white or pink cushions, patterns of the same, or a mixture of colors will add vibrancy to the look of the room. Additionally, blue, emerald green, caramel leather brown cushions also go with gray sofa.

If you love zebra prints or reds, there’s always scope to add different patterns and pops of blood red cushions on your gray sofa.

What color curtains go with gray sofa?

Gray sofas are so popular in modern times because of how easy they are to style, whether it is a curtain or cushion. Thankfully, almost all color curtains go with gray sofas, some make better matches than others.

A no-fail color for curtains when it comes to gray sofas is certainly white. White makes the room look larger and feel lighter. Besides, you might be surprised to know black is a popular curtain choice as well.

Further, if you have yellow, olive green, or red on your mind, you can be certain they’d look beautiful with gray toned sofas as well. Just be sure there are pops of those colors elsewhere in the room too.

What Color rug goes with gray sofa?

Matching the right rug with a gray sofa can be more challenging. One of the safest options in choosing a rug color is blue. Whether it’s deep blue to teal, blue is always a great match for gray.

Pattered yellows with white, or mixed styles of gray with white rugs or white, black checkerboard rugs are also a popular choice. Unlike accent chairs and other furniture, rugs matching the color of your sofa or the cushions on the sofa are a great idea.

How to mix gray and brown furniture?

Since both these colors can be classified as neutrals, they can be pared in different ways when it comes to furniture. If you have, suppose, a gray sofa includes cushions that are brown.

Additionally, you can also pair wooden furniture with classic brown touch on their legs to go with a gray couch. Accent or safari chairs with brown leather coverings will be a great addition if you have a gray sofa or rug in your room.

Do blue and gray go together in a room?

Blue and gray are always a popular color scheme match and they do go together in a room.

You can pair gray sofas with blue rugs or blue accent chairs with all shades of gray furniture. You can also have blue cushions on your gray sofa and vise versa.

While the right accent chair can create a world’s difference in your living space, the wrong one can do the exact opposite.

Knowing how to choose accent chair color is not a trick, but simply requires you to keep certain factors in mind.