Can You Have Two Different Accent Chairs In a Living Room?

The living room is the focal point of a home, and based on the look of your living room, the guests will take their perspective about the whole house. Therefore, you can double the lookover of your living room by adding different accent chairs.

But the real question is can you have more than one accent chair in your living room, and if yes, how can you balance the looks of your living room with two accent chairs. In this article, we have noted all the answers to your questions regarding accent chairs.

Can you have two different accent chairs in a living room?

Well, you can certainly have two different accent chairs in your living room. Designers also suggest that you will need to have two accent chairs in order to balance out the look perfectly. However, you can also have three accent chairs with a small couch if the size of your living room is bigger.

Accent chairs will surely need to match with other furniture in order to increase the beauty of a living room. First of all, consider how many accent chairs you will need to balance out the look of your living room completely.

If your living room has the capacity of setting five or six seats, then you can easily place two or three accent chairs in the living room.

You can certainly increase the number of accent chairs in your living room, but that will depend on the sitting arrangements and the size of your living room.

How to decorate with two accent chairs?

You can certainly decorate your living room with two matching chairs or by mixing chairs, but it completely depends on your choice. There are a few pointers you may use to help you make a decision in this scenario, which are listed below:

Go for matching chairs:

You should go for the matching chairs because, for most of the cases, it will complement the decor of your living room. Accent chairs can be matched using the same color range, related designs, similar materials, or matching pillow covers.

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Mix matching:

If you have a variety of colored couches or sofas, then the accent chairs don’t have to match, but they should complement the color scheme and design of the overall look.

You may purchase whites or cream accent chairs to go with a yellow couch, and this lighter shade complements yellow nicely.

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Colors to use and colors to stay away from:

You will need to avoid those colors which clash too much with other furniture in your living room. You can certainly go for the Scandinavian style or country style, whatever completely goes with your living room.

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How many accent chairs should you have in a living room?

Well, it entirely depends on the size of your living room. As we have discussed earlier, accent chairs are one of those chairs which increase the beauty of your living room from double to triple. But that doesn’t mean you should buy more accent chairs than your room needs.

Most importantly, you will need to consider the size of your living room, and if it has four or five seating capacity, then you can easily add two or maybe even three accent chairs with a small sofa or couch.

However, if your living room is small and it has two or three seating capacity, then it’s better to go for one accent chair with a medium-sized couch.

How to place accent chairs in a living room?

Accent chairs are relatively smaller than other designable chairs, which is why they can easily fit in the corner or around a table in your living room.

However, there are some of the tips you can follow while you are decorating your living room with accent chairs.

Around coffee table:

The best place to set your accent chairs is around your coffee table.  Friends and relatives may comfortably meet and talk, play board games like chess, and even read peacefully whilst having a nice time.

By placing the accent chairs around the coffee table, you will be able to create an oddly satisfying, cozy seating area in your living room. Side by side, it will also offer you a perfectly balanced symmetrical look to your living room.

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Pairing with an ottoman:

Your accent chairs can be placed next to an ottoman. This facilitates interaction in the same way that the table does, but with a more relaxed feeling. An ottoman is distinctive enough even to attract notice and bring attention to the accent chairs.

An ottoman may also be a terrific way of adding some personality to your room. You can choose the color velvet for a luxurious feel and also even bare wood for a more textured look. You might also invest in an ottoman with drawers to store a couple of additional comforters.

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Beside a bookcase:

If you’re a reader, accent chairs might be a wonderful way to relax while reading quietly. Build a reading nook by placing a bookshelf beside your accent chairs and placing your favorite books within easy reach.

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Along the fireplace’s side:

By putting an accent chair next to the fireplace, you can create a welcoming and cozy fireside seat for yourself or a visitor. Instead of a single, bigger sofa, two accent chairs may create a comfortable atmosphere when decorating around a fireplace.

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How do you choose an accent chair for the living room?

After the above discussions, you might be clear about the number of accent chairs that your living room needs. You also might have got a clear idea about color choices and designs that go with your accent chairs.

However, if you surf online, there are thousands of options for choosing an accent chair that will eventually make you confused. That is why here are some of the tips you can take note of to avoid such confusions:

Avoid loud patterns:

You should always avoid loud patterns that conflict with other furniture in your living room.

Mix and match styles:

You are also not restricted to a particular style. Some might prefer the Nordic home design or a more hippie look. You can surely mix and match the styles as long as they complement one another.

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Select fabric wisely:

The fabric you select for an accent chair may have an impact on how welcoming a space looks. Velvet and leather, for example, are considered warm fabrics.

When you purchase a chilly accent chair for a warmer space, heat up with a ball of wool or throw a blanket.

Do not overstuff:

You will need to ensure that you do not overcrowd your living room by overstuffing more accent chairs.

You will need to keep more than 15 inches of space between the furniture of your living room. Otherwise, it will look more constricted or overcrowded or a closed space.

Choose right size chairs:

An accent chair might appear smaller or larger at times. You’ll need to collect accurate measurements of the area where the accent chairs will be placed. Make sure your accent chair does not surpass the space’s maximum size.

What to put between two accent chairs?

There are lots of things you can put between two accent chairs. You can either place a small accent or a coffee table in between two accent chairs. You’ve created a comfortable small nook by putting a coffee table between them.

Side by side, you can also keep a large ottoman in order to make your living space more attractive. If you don’t have any space for furniture anymore in your living room, then you can place a floor lamp in between them.

What is the most comfortable chair for a living room?

Suppose you are looking for the most comfortable chair for your living room than without a doubt, you can choose the lounge chair. They are just one of the stylish pieces of furniture that completely change the lookover of your living room.

They are also one of the recommended pieces of furniture from the experts if you are looking for comfy chairs for relaxing and seating.

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This is without a doubt the greatest alternative available at the most reasonable pricing. Therefore if you have a tiny area, you may want to choose a lounge design couch, which is perfect for your lifestyle.

Does the furniture have to match in the living room?

It completely depends on one’s personal choice to match the furniture of their living room. The most important factor is to look for the perfect and right color combination for your furniture.

You can sure mix and match your furniture if you have a different taste or if you want to stay within the limit of your budget.

Certainly, the designs might match or mismatch, but it doesn’t matter as long as you are trying to give your living room a perfectly balanced make-over.

Where to place an accent chair in the bedroom?

Accent chairs are often smaller in size than the rest of the room’s furnishings. They’re not as big as a lounge chair or a wing chair. They look great grouped around over a table or even in a corner in the bedroom.

Accent chairs aren’t designed to be used for lengthy amounts of time. Obviously, comfort is vital, but so is size and scale. Accent chairs may be used to fill open corners and discussion spots.

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It entirely depends on your choice of whether you want to buy more than one accent chair for your living room. However, keep in mind that purchasing more accent chairs is not a hobby; rather, it is meant to complement the style of your living area.

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