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How Far Can You Move a Kitchen Sink? (Answered!)

If you have had the same old kitchen for a very long time now, it’s time you changed it. Kitchen renovation is almost like a project dedicated to renew and beautify your interior decor. The first thing that comes up in thought in this modification is relocating the kitchen sink. 

Just by moving the sink from it’s previous place to a new one, you can change the entire makeover of your kitchen. The process of relocation might be difficult sometimes, considering how far you want to move your kitchen sink. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try when renovation is the ultimate motive.

How Far Can You Move A Kitchen Sink?

A kitchen sink can be moved to any distance. However, the difficulty level of the process depends on how far you want to move your kitchen sink. Moving the sink to another room or even to a longer distance in the same room will require much toil. So preplanning this entire process is necessary.

Relocating the kitchen sink is necessary with a view to adapting some visible changes to your kitchen island. This process has become easier as days pass on because of the easy plumber set-up techniques. 

Introduction of the water pipe with crimp fittings and push-fit fittings, the flexible supply lines, etcetera has broken through the thoughts of tough plumbing. Water pipes these days can be rerouted through walls or ceilings. You may need to drill through your walls and make a few holes. Water pipes can be cut and elongated as necessary.

As said, the difficulty level of this relocation depends on how far the sink will be installed. If the sink is to be installed within a short distance, you can just add on to the drain or the vent. Use longer tubes or longer faucet supplies if necessary. This will cover up the difference.

However, if the distance is longer, get ready to shed some extra sweat. If you think you can handle the pressure and you know the tactics, you can do that yourself. Otherwise, call the plumber.

Can You Put A Sink Anywhere?

You can actually put a sink anywhere you want to. As the entire look of the kitchen depends on the relocation of the kitchen sink, you have to be very wise and sincere while choosing the place.

The kitchen island is the central area of the kitchen, and the sink here takes most of the attention. So, it takes quite a big planning before starting.

Remember, relocation of the sink is costly. So, to make it cost-friendly, you can choose a place nearby to the previous place. Thus, the extra-long faucet supplies won’t be that much necessary. Also, all of your work inside the kitchen will always be handy.

However, it is referred that you place your kitchen sink just beside the dishwasher. That’s how you can easily rinse the dishes and put them inside the dishwasher.

You can also put a bucket nearby in case there’s any waste from the washing. 

How Far Can Kitchen Sink Be From Drain?

The kitchen sink can be set as far from the drain as you want it to be. But the question is, will it be effective? We think not. Before you decide where you want your kitchen sink to be, check if the drain connectivity to that place is active or not. 

We recommend setting the sink near the drainage system and easy venting. Water can be a big source of gross rubbish. So, if you can ensure the sink is near the drain, there might be no water clogging or any chance of other unnecessary and unpleasant events taking place. 

Is Replacing A Kitchen Sink Easy?

Replacing a kitchen sink is easy if you have experience in it. The installation process of the kitchen set, including the sink is handy these days. However, if you don’t want to risk any damage to your kitchen, you can always call a plumber. 

This will add up to your budget. This entire process stands on a handsome amount of budget. If only you think that the budget is affordable to you, go for it!

How to Replace a Kitchen Sink?

Step 1: Take The Measurement Of Your Previous Sink

Before you go shopping for your new sink, take the measurement of your previous one. The size of the perfect sink matters!

However, if you’re thinking of using the old sink just in a different place, even that will require the measurements.

Step 2: Choose The Essentials

You need to choose what essentials are required for your new setting before you go shopping. Essentials like faucets, sprayer, soap dispenser, faucet filter, etcetera may need changing.

Step 3: Remove The Old Sink

You have to remove the sink in order to set a new one or even just to change the place.

Follow the steps mentioned below, and you’re good to go!

  • Turn off any water supply. Turn off the main water supply if necessary.
  • Now turn on the faucet to relieve any water pressure inside the faucet as well as the line.
  • Separate the water lines and get a bucket for if there’s any leakage of water.
  • Unscrew the disposal and remove it gently.
  • You’ll find some metal clips just underneath the sink. Loosen them for an easy lift up.
  • Take a sharp knife; a utility knife would be better and cut through the caulk.
  • Now lift up and remove the sink!
  • Clean the place thoroughly.

Step 4: Set-up The New One

In case you’re installing a whole new kitchen set, including the sink, unpack the compounds and start plumbing. However, if you’re reinstalling your old sink in a new place, the process is all the same.

  • Put the sink in the designated place.
  • Use the caulk to fix the sink and blockage any hollow.
  • Put the metal clip underneath the sink just how it was set before.
  • Connect the disposal that you have previously removed.
  • Connect all the separated water pipes and start the water flow.

Your sink is ready to use!

Is It Expensive To Move A Sink?

Moving a sink might be expensive in most cases. Any renovation of your interior decor costs a lot. Drilling through the kitchen island costs you quite a few pounds. If you’re relocating your old sink, the cost is comparatively less. You just need to buy some pipes for the extended water line.

On the other hand, if you’re replacing the old sink with a new one, you’ll have to plan for a bigger budget. This budget will include the sink base cabinet, the new and extra pipelines, and definitely the sink itself!

With whatsoever cost, you’ll have to keep a pretty good amount of money for the plumber. In case you’re capable of doing the work all by yourself, this should not be a botheration! 

How Much Does It Cost To Relocate A Kitchen Sink?

Relocating a kitchen sink can be expensive, depending on the quality and the configuration. Also, there’s an undeniable issue with the cabinets. Remodeling of the cabinets is necessary for the new replacement. The sink base cabinets are specific for each model of the sinks and the plumbing. Starting from the cabinet to the extra pipelines, the entire process is costly. According to a research, the average cost behind this is as low as 440$ and as high as 2600$.

How To Move A Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe?

When you want to move your kitchen, it’s necessary to remove any connection through pipes underneath beforehand. One of the mentionable pipelines is the drainpipe, aka the disposal. It is basically connected through some screws, nuts, and bolts.

Firstly, make sure to turn the main water supply off. And take a bucket in order to avoid any kind of a mess.

Secondly, You just have to take a screwdriver and remove the hardware.

And finally, remove the disposal as well as the drain pipe.

Do I Need A Permit To Move A Kitchen Sink?

You don’t need a permit if the relocation of your kitchen sink is nearby. However, in any way, if the relocation is across the room or anywhere far, you will need a permit. This is so because you’ll need to add or subtract drain lines or water pipes, and other supplies. Also, because of the changes in construction that will be required for the relocation, you’ll need a permit.

Overall, removing the kitchen sink to only a little distance is highly recommended. This helps balance the cost. Otherwise, the expense becomes high. So, we suggest making a plan of the budget and the entire process before you get on the field.