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Kitchen Sink Soap Dispensers (All You Need to Know!)

There is no way you can use liquid soap without a soap dispenser. If you have never had one in your kitchen sink, they might sound fancy! Well, they are not. In fact, kitchen sink soap dispensers are necessary if you want a more organized sink. And they work just like any other dispenser.

How do kitchen sink soap dispensers work?

Kitchen sink soap dispensers come with a bottle that acts as a reservoir, along with a pump. The container is filled with liquid soap. To use it, you have to press the pump down with a finger to get the soap out of the dispenser. They are easy to use and are usually placed or fixed near the faucet.

Soap dispensers are a great addition to have in your kitchen sink. It’s always preferable to have a container full of soap that we don’t have to refill ever so often. In addition to the convenience, they come in different styles and types to choose from. You can even match them with your faucet or countertop.

There are few different types of kitchen sink soap dispensers. The basic mechanism is the same for all types. There are conventional glass or plastic bottle dispensers that sit on the counter of your sink. There are ones that come in sets along with a tray.

More modern ones include the automatic soap dispensers that use touchless motion. A popular option is the built-in soap dispensers, which are easy to use and install.

Moreover, you can also choose whether you want your soap dispenser to sit beside your faucet or you want it mounted near the sink wall. Metal dispensers last longer than plastic ones and don’t clog or foam easily.

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Does soap dispenser go to left or right of the faucet?

Soap dispensers go to the left side of the counter. Usually, drying racks are placed on the right side of the faucet. Before washing the dirty dishes, we keep on the left side, which is the same side as the soap dispenser, for ease of reach. The clean dishes then go to the drying rack to the right.

If there are two sinks side by side, you can place two soap dispensers for each sink. Each dispenser will be placed on the left side of the faucet.

Although most people find it comfortable to have their soap dispensers on the left side, there are some exceptions. It might be convenient for you to have the soap dispenser on the right if you are a left-handed person. Furthermore, if your tap fitting is pullout spray is advisable for you to have the dispenser on the right. 

It’s important to note that there are no fixed rules on which side soap dispensers go on the faucet. You may put it anywhere you choose to and where it is easier for you to reach.

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How far should the soap dispenser be from kitchen faucet?

The recommended distance of the soap dispenser from the faucet is in the range of 8 inches to 10 inches.  However, there are no hard and fast rules on how far your soap dispenser should be from the kitchen faucet.

Most people prefer their dispenser to be as close to the sink as possible. This could be in the distance of 4 to 6 inches from the faucet. Closer it is to the faucet; there is little to no risk of spilling soap all over the sink basin every time you wash your dishes.

People who don’t like all the fittings crammed in prefer it a little further away, some as far as 10 inches. Installers also recommend you keep a 2-inch distance between each of your sink fittings, whether it is your soap dispenser from sprayer or sprayer from water control.

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How do you install a soap dispenser on a kitchen sink?

Here are 4 easy steps in which you can install a soap dispenser.

Step 1: Drill a hole on the countertop

At first, make sure there is a hole in your sink where the dispenser can be installed. If there are none, drill a hole on the countertop where you want to fit the dispenser

Step 2: Check assemble of the dispenser

Most dispensers have a base attached to the pump, which can be removed to fill the reservoir. The reservoir is threaded under the sink. There will be a mounting nut to fix the dispenser in place, along with a rubber washer or foam washer. Set the pump in the hole you drilled.

Step 3: Thread in the mounting nut

Use the mounting nut or gasket to attach the soap reservoir under the sink. After first, rotate it and tighten it using your hands only. Use a wrench or pliers to finish up threading the nut into place.

Step 4: Thread the soap container

Place the bottle on the nut hole and hand tighten it to place it securely in place. Lastly, put the pump into the hole.

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Why do you need an automatic soap dispenser?

Automatic soap dispensers have built-in motion sensors. When someone puts hands under the dispenser, the soap comes out without touching the pump. This is a contactless method.

You need an automatic soap dispenser if you want a more hygienic way to use soap dispensers. Since you don’t have to touch the pump, there will be no chance of transferring germs to your hands or to the dispenser. Automatic soap dispensers are mostly used in public or commercial washrooms.

Automatic soap dispensers look fancier and are a lot more expensive than usual soap dispensers used in regular home kitchens.

Although the modern techy dispenser is fun to use, it is also prone to few downsides. These soap dispensers run on a battery that runs out quickly if overused. Additionally, every time you need to change a battery, there will be added costs.

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Are kitchen soap dispensers worth it?

Whether it is a conventional style manual dispenser or a built-in metal one, kitchen soap dispensers are a pleasant addition to your sink. With a soap dispenser near your faucet, you can always have enough liquid soap without having to fill the container every other day.

It helps you to store your dish soap near the sink and hide it at the same time. It also keeps the sink cleaner. Additionally, a suitable dispenser adds style to your sink.

If you are planning to use liquid soap for washing dishes, a kitchen soap dispenser is essential. Most new soap dispensers usually have the option to fill the soap from the top.

This means refilling the bottle every time it empties is hassle-free. Considering how convenient and affordable soap dispensers are, they are surely worth it. And you can get GAGALIFE Built in Sink Soap Dispenser, Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser, Built in Sink Soap Dispenser on Amazon easily.

Should I get a built-in soap dispenser?

It’s a good idea to invest in a built-in soap dispenser. Built-in soap dispensers are a convenient and cleaner alternative to your soap holders. You don’t have to worry about soap running out every few days, as the reservoir is large enough to last for long.

Top filling systems are easy to use as well. The installation process is also pretty simple and requires just a few minutes. You can also position the soap dispenser as you like and as close or far away from the faucet as you want.

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Pros and cons of built-in soap dispensers?

While built-in soap dispensers have numerous benefits and work as a great kitchen fitting, there are a few drawbacks that concern users.


  • The kitchen sink looks cleaner and more organized. You don’t need to worry about storing the dish soap at any other place.
  • If you fill the bottle once, the soap lasts for very long. So you don’t have to get refills every time.
  • Adds elegance to the rest of the faucet. You can also choose from different colors or styles.
  • You can get just the right amount of soap out. There is no mess.
  • Built-in soap dispensers are durable. You don’t have to worry about replacing the bottle either.


  • You have to drill a hole in your counter.
  • If it is not installed properly, soap and water leaks can create a mess on the counter
  • Once installed, you cannot change the position of the soap dispenser. 
  • Sometimes, soap dispensers can get clogged or foamed.

Why do soap dispensers stop working?

Your soap dispenser may stop working if the pump gets stuck. In that case, the pump of the dispenser won’t retract when you press the pump. Another reason could be the broken spring of the pump or damages inside the dispenser tube. If the spring inside the pump is broken, you can fix it by detaching the reserving from the cap.

The dispenser will also stop working if the pump is clogged or even foamed. In that case, you have to clean the pump and unclog the tube. Unassemble the container from the cap and the tube. Once you get the dispenser tube, soak in under hot water for a half an hour. While the pump and tube are submerged in water, press a pump a couple of times. That should clear any foaming or clogging in the tube.

If the pump is completely broken, get a replacement!