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How Wide Should a Bunk Bed Ladder Be? (Answered)

Whether you plan to buy a new bunk bed or build one yourself, a ladder is a must. The ladder allows you to reach the top bunk. So, the ladders are vital. Now the question is, how wide a ladder should be. Let’s find out.

How wide should a bunk bed ladder be?

Bunk bed ladders come in different sizes and widths. A standard bunk bed ladder usually has a width of around 16 to 18 inches. Commercial bunk bed ladders are usually 12 inches wide. However, bunk bed ladders for kids are much wider. They are generally about 30 inches wide.

Bunk beds have different widths for different purposes. Usually, bunk beds are popular for dorms or toddlers. Here, the width of the beds, as well as the ladders, are different.

The ladders in the bunk beds are usually not as tall as the bed themselves. However, the width of some bunk beds matches the width of the bed.

The average width of bunk bed ladders is about 16 to 18 inches. For a slanted ladder, this width can be around 20 inches. However, the commercial bunk bed ladders are usually about 12 inched in width. if you build a custom bunk bed, you can tweak this width and make them wider.

Bunk beds for kids are smaller and shorter than adult bunk beds. Hence the ladders are also smaller. However, the width of the ladder for kid’s bunk beds is more. On average, the width of a ladder in a kid’s bunk bed is 30 inches.

What is the standard width of a bunk bed ladder?

Bunk beds are popular for hostels, dorms, or even kid’s rooms. These beds are popular due to their compact shape and the extra sleeping space that comes with them.

However, to get the most out of them, you’ll need something to reach the top bunk. And that’s where bunk bed ladders come in.

When it comes to the bunk bed ladders, there are different sizes available. These sizes entirely depend on the size of the bunk beds themselves. There’re various styles of bunk bed ladders as well.

The standard height of bunk bed ladders is anywhere between 58 to 65 inches. In the case of the width, commercial bunk beds ladders are around 12 inches wide and traditional bunk bed ladders are around 16 to 18 inches wide.

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The ladder’s width comprises the side rails’ width and the length of the ladder rungs. There should be a sufficient gap between the rungs and the side rails.

How wide should bunk bed steps be?

Bunk beds are an excellent option to manage an extra sleeping place in a compact area. However, to get the best out of your bunk beds, you’ll need ladders that are wide and adequately fit your bunk beds.

The width of the steps of a bunk bed ladder is a crucial factor. The overall structural strength of the ladder depends on them. They’re also essential to ensure comfortable movement while getting on the upper bunk.

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The width of the steps of a typical bunk bed ladder should be around 3 inches to 5inches. If you want extra wide steps, you can scale up the width by 1 or 2 more inches. The metal bunk beds that are available in the shops may come with wider space between two steps and it can be up to 9 inches.

A ladder with steps that have proper width is comparatively safer as well as comfortable. These wide steps ensure that you don’t fall over or hurt yourself while climbing up.

While providing comfort, wide bunk bed steps also provide additional rigidity to the ladder. These steps hold the side rails firmly and make the ladder stronger.

How far apart should kids’ ladder rungs be?

If you’re buying or building a ladder for your kid’s bunk bed, you’ll need to consider your kid’s age. Your kid’s age is an important determining factor here. The rungs on the ladder must be appropriately spaced, and the side rails need to be wide enough.

If the rungs are spaced incorrectly, your kid might get severely injured. An ideal stepping ladder for kids should have around 3.5 inches of space between the rungs. If the gap is any less than 3.5 inches, then the kid might trip over.

If you want a climbing ladder for your kid’s bunk bed, the ideal spacing between the rungs should be around 9 inches. This wide gap will prevent your kids from falling in between the rungs and getting stuck.

So, when buying the ladder for your kid’s bunk bed, at first, decide whether you want a stepladder or a climbing ladder. Look for a stepladder with a 3.5-inch space between rungs. While for a climbing ladder, look for a 9-inch gap between rungs.

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How to build a bunk bed ladder?

If you are into craftsmanship, then a DIY bunk bed ladder can be a perfect project. Making this ladder is a fun and straightforward task. You can make it by following some simple steps. These steps are as follows:

Gather all the materials:

Gather all the materials you will need for the project. You’ll need wooden planks, a measuring tape, a table saw, sandpaper, wood glue, a nail machine, nails, hammer, wood filler, and wood stain.

Determine the size:

After collecting all the materials, you’ll need to determine the size of the ladder and take all the necessary measurements.

Cut the planks:

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Once all the measurements are ready, cut down the planks according to your plans. At first, make the side rails for the ladder. Then cut pieces of wooden planks for the steps. You can use a table saw or a jigsaw to cut the planks.

Join the steps:

After cutting down all the necessary parts, join the steps with the side rails. You can use a hammer and nails or a nail machine for this. Use wood glue to give extra strength before attaching them.

Fill any holes, sand, and a stain:

After joining the side rails and the steps, fill any holes on the wooden planks using wood filler. Then sand all the edges and lastly use wood stain to shine the ladder.

What are the standard sizes of bunk bed ladders?

Bunk beds come in different sizes. They also vary in size based on the user. For example, a dorm bunk bed is usually taller than a toddler bunk bed. That’s why there’s no single standard size for bunk bed ladder as well.

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A typical bunk bed ladder is 58 to 60 inches in height. They’re usually around 16 to 18 inches in terms of width. The height is about 50 inches for a kids’ bunk bed, and the width is 30 inches.

Thus, the standard size of the bunk bed ladders varies based on the user type. For kids, the ladders are usually smaller with wider rungs. On the other hand, adult bunk beds are generally taller with fewer wide rungs.

How to make a bunk bed ladder more comfortable?

Bunk beds usually come with pre-installed ladders. These ladders, however, are not always the best you can get. They’re often uncomfortable and slippery.

That’s why you need to check the ladders properly before buying the bunk beds. However, you can make your already purchased bunk bed ladders comfortable as well. There are few ways you can do it.

Place ladder cushions:

You can place ladder cushions on all sides of the ladder. These cushions will make the ladder comfortable. As these cushions provide extra grip, they’ll also secure the ladder.

Using treaded cover:

Another great way to make your bunk bed ladder comfortable is to use treaded rubber cover. These are soft and comfortable. You can buy them for around $18 to $20.

DIY Pool noodle ladder cover:

You can make these covers at a very low price. Although they are reasonable, they can be an excellent option for making the ladder more comfortable.

Buy these from the stationery shop and secure them on the ladder using duct tape.

How do you secure a bunk bed ladder?

Safety is a significant concern when you are using bunk beds in your kid’s room. The ladder in your kid’s bunk bed must be secure enough to prevent any injury. There are some ways that you can follow to secure these ladders. Follow them to secure your kid’s bunk bed.

Properly connect the ladder:

At first, make sure to install the ladder properly. Make sure the screws that attach the ladder with the bed are tightly screwed in. You can also use hooks to secure the ladder with the bed.

Use ladder rugs:

Use ladder rugs on each step of the ladder. Make sure that the rugs are comfortable and have a good grip on the steps.

Use a handle on the ladder:

Using ladders with handles is a better choice to secure it. You can use these ladders to make your kid’s bunk bed and secure them.

Bunk bed ladders are a vital part of it. Choosing the right ladder and the right size of them is crucial. That’s why make sure to select the right size of ladder for your bunk bed.

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