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Why Do Bunk Beds Wobble & Squeak? (With Solutions)

If you have newly installed a bunk bed then hearing it wobble and squeak might be quite concerning for you. In that case, you will have to find out the underlying cause behind it and find the solution to fix the problem accordingly.

This is to prevent your bunk bed from further getting any sorts of damage, or worse your family getting hurt over it. 

Why do bunk beds wobble & squeak?

The most common reason for bunk beds to wobble and squeak is due to any loose screws or joints. It can get quite dangerous, especially if you have children playing or sleeping on one. You can, however, easily fix this problem by tightening and thus securing all the loose joints using a wrench.

Wobbly or squeaky bunk beds are quite dangerous and you need to find out the reason behind them to fix the problem. 

Loose Bolts:

The very first thing you should do is check all the bolts and screws joining all the connections. If you do not tighten it every few months then it can start loosening up after a while. This can result in a wobbly or squeaky bed. 

Metal Bunks:

Compared to wooden bunk beds, metal bunk beds are way less sturdy. This can result in it being quite wobbly in nature. 


The metal railings are quite tricky to install and if they are not installed professionally they can end up being unstable. This can make your bunk bed wobbly. 

Wear & Tear:

If your children are jumping on the bunk bad it can cause wear and tear issues and result in a wobbly or worse collapsed bunk bed. 

Should bunk beds wobble? Are they supposed to wobble?

No, bunk beds are not supposed to wobble. They are supposed to be sturdy and if your one is wobbly or squeaky then there is something wrong with it. You should check for loose screws and bolts or any underlying problems it might have.

A wobbly frame is too much dangerous as it might end up causing a serious accident and harming your children. 

Wood Bunk Bed for Kids, Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Frame with Trundle and Staircase, White Finish

On the other hand, if you have a metal bunk bed then you can expect it to be a little wobbly as they are much less sturdy when compared to wooden bunk beds. In that case, it is very important that you get one installed by a professional to make it safer and to avoid any kind of mishap. 

How to fix a wobbly bunk bed?

If you have a wobbly bunk bed then there are various ways you can fix the problem. 

Tighten the joints:

The very first step is for you to ensure to tighten any screws or bolts holding the joints together. If they are loose, it can be one of the top causes for your bunk bed to be wobbly. 

Secure it with braces:

If you install a wood rail and then install bracing it will heavily secure your bunk bed. 

Thick bedposts:

It is a good idea to invest in thicker bedposts as it will make your bunk bed more sturdy. The thickness of your pole is important as it will help to distribute the weight on more even grounds and thus prevent your bunk bed from shaking. 

Bolt the feet to the ground:

Install some feet underneath the poles and bolt them to the ground. This will give the base more structure and support, making it stronger and less wobbly. 

Use solid tubes:

Solid metal tubes will give your bunk bed more support over hollow ones as they are bulkier. More support means that your bunk bed will be less wobbly. 

How can I make my bunk bed more sturdy?

In a few steps, you can easily fix your wobbly bunk bed and make it more sturdy. 


Ensure that all the screws are tightly screwed. If not, use a wrench to screw them tightly in place. If your bed is made of metal then you must ensure that there are not any dents present. 

Change the posts:

If your bed is bent or damaged then you must replace the posts with solid ones to make your bed sturdier. 

Walker Edison Della Classic Solid Wood Twin over Twin Bunk Bed, Twin over Twin, White

Install braces:

At the peak of the bed, install a metal or wooden rail and make sure to use round edges. In the middle of your poles, install bracing on four of the poles. This will make your bed very sturdy and prevent it from shaking.

Furthermore, consider installing feet for maximum protection. Buy one that is wider than the posts and bolt it to the ground. This will stop it from wobbling altogether. 

Protect your bed:

Make sure to avoid having your children jump on them at all costs. More often than not, it causes your bunk bed to have wear and tear and as a result be wobbly. Strictly only use it for sleeping purposes. 

How do you reinforce top bunk?

You can strengthen the top bunk by installing rails. This will end up bracing your poles and making your bunk a lot sturdier. You can also install slats on the base for more support.

Additionally, ensure to tighten all the screws joining the connections together using a wrench. You can use construction adhesive on the joints to make it a lot stronger.  

Why do bunk beds squeak?

Loose joints are a common culprit behind squeaky bunk beds. Loose boards can also be a reason for the squeaky sounds.​​ Serious issues like these can end up causing accidents if you don’t take care of them immediately. Besides that, metal bunk beds are less sturdy and can be quite squeaky in nature. 

If you have loose joints then they might be the reason behind the squeaky sounds. Other than that, there are some other plausible reasons you should look out for so that you can fix the problem accordingly. 

Faulty mattress:

This is the most obvious reason. Having a faulty mattress may result in squeaking noises and as a result, might make you think the problem is due to the bunk bed.

Additionally, the mattress might rub against your bed frame and make an unpleasant noise. 

Walker Edison Della Classic Solid Wood Twin over Twin Bunk Bed, Twin over Twin, Black

Loose Joints:

Once again, loose joints are also a cause that can lead to your bunk bed making unpleasant noises. Especially loose ones around the bed frame can be the source of the problem. 

Uneven floorboards:

Another cause you might end up overlooking is uneven floorboards. If you have uneven floorboards or if the bed frame’s legs are not even then it can cause squeaky sounds. 

Are all metal bunk beds squeaky?

In general, metal bunk beds compared to wooden bunk beds are way less sturdy in nature. This can cause it to showcase more unpleasant noises such as squeakiness. These squeaks are a result of when the metal parts grind against each other at the joints.

Additionally, metal box frames can also cater to such noises. This is what makes most metal bunk beds emit a squeaking noise even at the slightest of movement. 

However, if you are willing to spend the extra cash then you will come across much better quality and expensive metals. 

These have a much less tendency to make unpleasant squeaky noises. Alongside that, they also come with lubricants at the metal joints to prevent any further noise from occurring.

If you are considering buying a bunk bed and are a light sleeper then the extra cash is worth spending. 

How to stop bunk beds squeaking?

The most important step is first to find the root of the problem so that you can take proper steps accordingly to fix it. 

Remove the mattress:

The very first thing you must ensure doing is taking the mattress off and checking if the squeaky sounds are due to a faulty or worn-out mattress. 

Check for loose boards:

Loose boards might be a cause of a squeaky bed and you must repair it fully before using it again. Additionally, check for any uneven footing as it can cause the entire bunk bed to be unstable. 

Look for loose joints:

Check all the corners of the bunk bed thoroughly and look out for any loose or missing joints. Use a wrench to fix them. 


Look for any faulty spots that might be the cause of the squeaky noise. Use wax or lubricant spray to fix that area. If the mattress is pressing against the bed frame and making a noise then you can use a sock as a lubricant barrier in between them.

Solid Wood Twin Over Full Bunk Beds with Trundle, Bunk Beds for Kids with Stairs and Guard Rail (Gray (Bunk Bed with Trundle))

How to stop wooden bunk beds from squeaking & creaking?

The most important part is to find the cause of the problem. More often than not, these noises are emitted due to loose joints. The solution to that is very easy as you can just grab a wrench and fix the spots.

If there are any particular spots where the noise is coming from then you can just use a lubricant spray to prevent it. 

However, do keep in mind that bunk beds are for sleeping. If your children are jumping on them over time they will be prone to such unpleasant noises. You must ensure to avoid such activities at all costs. 

Does humidity make a loft bed wobble or squeak?

Yes, humidity does end up making wooden bunk beds wobbly or emit a squeaky sound. This is because excess humidity makes the wood expand which ends up hurting the wooden bed as a whole and makes it unstable. It can also contribute to loose joints. 

How to fix a metal bunk bed?

If your metal bunk bed is wobbly, installing braces and a rail can help fix it and make it much sturdier. However, do keep in mind that metal bunk beds are tricky to work with and they are quite wobbly in nature. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to get it professionally fixed.

If your bunk bed is being wobbly or squeaky then do not panic. Instead, calmly watch out for the reason the problem is occurring and thus act accordingly to fix it. Avoid using it while it is making such concerning noises and especially keep your children away from it.