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How Long Do Bunk Beds Last? (All You Need to Know)

Bunk beds are space-friendly and fancy in aesthetics. They take up a little space and provide better facilities. You can try them if you have a small house and desire to try something new and fancy.

How long do bunk beds last?

Bunks beds last for a long time if maintained and used appropriately. No matter what the material is, assemble it following the instruction, and save it from weather conditions and exceeding weight limits. It can last for a lifetime if used properly. Otherwise, it can even break in a short time.

How often do bunk beds collapse?

Bunk beds are convenient for small spaces. They occupy less space and provide more facilities. These beds are popular among kids and students in dorms. They save up a lot of room and make it easy for two persons to share a room.

Although bunk beds are convenient, you have to be careful while installing or assembling them to avoid accidents.

Bunk beds can collapse if you are not careful enough in assembling all their parts properly. Often bunk beds collapse due to this issue. There have been many such cases and injuries.

Every year, a lot of cases of bunk bed accidents are there in hospitals. So, you have to be very careful and accurate with the joints and assembling.

If you are doing it right and using the best quality materials, these beds can last for a long time and give you a better experience.

Can a bunk bed break?

Yes, a bunk bed can break. Bunk beds are two-storied beds that are very good for sharing rooms and saving space for other furniture. But they can break if you do not use them according to its user manual.

The upper bed of a bunk bed relies on some frames and screws. And there is a weight limit for that part. You cannot exceed that limit, or the bed will break.

Not only the weight limit, but other factors can break a bunk bed. If you are using it too roughly and the assembly is poor, it can break as well.

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The nuts and bolts and the joints that need assembling with hands need the most caution. You have to go through the manual before starting the assembly. It is best if you get a professional to get that job done.

Loose fittings and weight issues, and low maintenance can cause your bunk bed to break and even cause accidents.

Can a metal bunk bed collapse?

Bunk beds can collapse. No matter what materials are in use to manufacture them. Metals are also in use to make bunk beds. These beds are very sturdy and durable. But metal bunk beds can also collapse.

Metal bunk beds can collapse due to poor assembling, low-quality metal tubes or mattress support, and exceeding the weight limit. Assembly is the most crucial part of bunk beds. If you do not do it well, it can cost you a lot of loss and injuries.

Do not go for cheap products. Try and buy the best quality metal. In that case, it will be durable, and the metal tubes will be strong to hold the upper and lower beds.

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Also, do not jump or play on the bed to avoid injuries and loosening of bolts. And the bearing weight limit of the beds must be under control. Do not keep heavy objects upon it and exceed the weight limit. It can cause the bunk bed to collapse.

What are the causes of a bunk bed breaking?

There are several reasons that can cause a bunk bed breaking, such as –

Wobbly structure and foundation:

The construction and foundation of bunk beds should be proportionate and up to the standard of use.


Do not overuse or plat in your bunk bed. It can loosen the screws, nuts, bolts and cause them to collapse.

Exceeding weight limit:

Every bunk bed has a weight capacity. Do not exceed that limit. If you place heavy objects in it and exceed its weighing capacity, your bed can break.

For hanging stuff:

Hanging heavy and unnecessary items on the bunk bed for a long time can decrease its longevity. It can loosen the bed joints and cause them to break as well.

Poor assembly:

Assembling your bunk bed is the most crucial part of using it. If not done according to the instructions, then the bed can collapse even in slightly inconveniences.

Unsized mattress:

The size of the mattress should be proportionate to the bed. It should have a solid foundation. An oversized mattress can put an extra burden on your bunk bed and break it.

Low-quality material:

No matter what you do, do not go for cheap materials. Cheap materials do not provide a better experience and can even cause your bed to collapse.

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How long do wooden bunk beds last?

Wooden bunk beds are sturdy and durable. These beds are made of wood of different types.

Different kinds of woods provide a variety of purposes and durability. But compared to steel bunk beds, these wooden ones are sturdier and durable. They can last well in harsh weather, and you can use them with ease.

Woods provides a more aesthetic look to your bunk bed.  You can also varnish or color your wooden bunk beds for a better look and protection. It gives the wood an extra layer of safety which helps it to last even longer.

If you maintain the bunk bed, clean it and not use water in it, it can last even for a lifetime. But if you are not careful in using it and violate the weight limit and maintenance, it can break or collapse at any time.

How to make a bunk bed last longer? – Make bunk beds more sturdy

Steps to make a bunk bed last longer:

  • To make the frame of the bunk bed stronger, attach a bed rail.
  • Buy bed posts that are thick and durable.
  • Control the temperature and humidity of the room to make the bed last longer.
  • Check on the nuts, bolts, and screws and tighten them on a regular or monthly basis to avoid any accident.
  • Check that the mattress support and metal tubes are of the best quality for durability.
  • Let the user of the bunk beds know about the instructions to follow and avoid while using it.
  • You can write the weight limit of the bed in it to avoid overweighing problems, etc.

These are some of the tips and steps that can increase the longevity of your bunk bed. Remember to assemble your bunk bed properly and maintain it regularly.

How to stabilize metal bunk beds?

Metal beds are light in weight and easy to assemble. But it can have some stabilizing issues.

Tips on stabilizing metal bunk beds are:

  • Mount it up against a wall using necessary tools.
  • The welding of bed rails can deteriorate over time. To fix it, weld it with the help of a professional.
  • Use solid metal tubes to support the mattress frame.
  • Use bed pads to stabilize the wobble of the bed frame.
  • Do not hang or fix anything with the bed to avoid extra weight on the bed and make it weigh more on one side, etc.

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How do you fix a wobbly metal bunk bed?

Steps to fix the wobble of a metal bunk bed:

  • Check the loose nuts, bolts, and joints and secure them.
  • In case of unstable frames, disassemble and tighten the bolts from scratch to stabilize them.
  • Use sturdy bed posts to reduce wobble.
  • Install bed rails and braces on metal frames to provide firmness and stability, etc.

These are some ways to fix a wobbly metal bunk bed.

Are bunk beds worth it?

The necessity of any furniture depends on its use. Bunk beds are best if you have less space and more people in the house. It is also very convenient for smaller kids. They tend to find these beds fun and fancy.

You have to be very careful and accurate while buying the materials and installing them. Mishaps can happen if you are not well aware of their parts and joints.

Bunk beds are worth it if you require them. If you have a tight space and are looking for something for your kids or hostel room, you can go for it.

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These beds are easy to use and install. Just keep in mind the quality of the material, proper assembly of its parts, and maintenance.

Final Thoughts:

Bunk beds are space-friendly and fashionable. You can try a bunk bed if you have tight space and more people in your family. It is durable and easy to use. You have to maintain it and use it properly for better results and durability. It can serve you for a long time if used in the right way.