How to Style A Daybed? (With Helpful Examples!)

Daybeds are very useful. They come in various designs and are typically available in twin sizes. They can be used as both a bed, a sofa as well as additional seating for any space in the home. 

It especially looks good in small spaces such as studio apartments. Styling a daybed can seem challenging at first but we will break it down for you! 

How to style a daybed?

There are plenty of ways to style a daybed. The most important thing to do is to choose a color scheme. Next comes the daybed bedding or covers, pillows, decoration around the daybed, and the furniture around it. Other factors play a role too such as the rug, curtains, and wall paint.

How to style a daybed in the living room?

If your daybed is going to be the main piece of furniture in the living room, position it closer to the center of the room. If you have a backless daybed, position it against the wall. 

The size of your rooms matters. If your daybed is in a small room, keep it against a wall for easy circulation around the room. If you have a larger living room, place two daybeds instead of one with a table at the center. 

This will add a nice cozy vibe to the room. Place some colorful or neutral pillows that compliment the daybed. Try to keep a lot of pillows to make it look less like a bed. 

How to make a daybed look like a couch?

Some daybed models are similar to couches. They have a three-sided headboard and upholstered back and arms. The rest are backless. 

However, a major difference between a daybed and a couch is the seat depth. For daybeds, your feet might not reach the floor when you lay all the way back on them. 

To make up for the seat depth, fill up the extra space using pillows. If your daybed is backless then position it against a wall so that you can stack the pillows there. 

Some daybeds have side rails or arms that are too high which makes them uncomfortable. To fix this problem, position some geometric pillows or plush bolsters on the end of each side. 

How to style a twin bed like a daybed?

The first step is the mattress covers. The covers of the twin bed have to be daybed-like. There are many covers available online and you can even cut it custom-made with the exact dimensions. 

Either do that or use a fitted sheet. You can fold a quilt too. Now stack bolsters and pillows. Add a bolster and two large pillows on both sides of the daybed. Place a sofa throw in the middle to make it more similar to a daybed.

 The last step is to play with the pillows. Add different shapes, sizes, and colors of pillows according to your color scheme. 

How do you dress a daybed?

This depends on the type of daybed you have and its purpose.

Percale sheets, custom-made bed skirts, and a  folded duvet:

This is the classic style if you use your daybed as a bed. Match the crisp and cool sheets with the duvet. Make it up as you typically make a bed. However, add in some extra pillows. 

Daybed covers and plush bolsters:

This is highly recommended for daybeds that have more than one purpose. Daybed fitted mattress covers are not that different from fitted sheets. Use them when you are using the daybed as a sofa. Change the covers and make it up like a bed when it’s bedtime. 

Loose cover and throw pillows:

If you often use your daybed as a bed, there is no need to take the hassle of putting a fitted cover. Go for a coverlet instead that can be used as both. Place it on top and tuck it in when you’re using it as a sofa. Then stack some throw pillows and bed pillows. 

How do you make a daybed look modern?

Personalize according to preferences:

Ditch the classic daybed look by making custom-made bedding/covers and pillows for your daybed. Purchase a comforter set that has a sophisticated print and has mixed pattern pillow shams. 

Avoid vibrant colors:

Modern daybeds are simple and look sophisticated. Go for dull color schemes when it comes to the covers and pillows. No need to add a bunch of pillows. Two or three should work just fine. You can add two simplistic bolsters on each side too.

Minimalistic decoration:

Clear the space around your daybed. A lamp or plant beside the daybed should be enough. Do not clutter it with decoration. Place a plain rug on the floor. Simple is gorgeous! 

How do you make up a daybed?

You will have to buy mattresses for your daybed separately because they don’t typically come with ones. It is very easy to make the bed. A standard twin size mattress should work. 

If you plan to use the daybed as a bed then you have to add the twin comforter and fitted sheets. There is no need to tuck the comforters or fold them, simply lay them flat. 

However, keep in mind there is a size difference between a daybed comforter and a twin comforter. A daybed comforter is usually 52’W x 99’L and a twin comforter is 62’W x 86’L. Due to this, a standard-twin comforter might not fit properly on your daybed.

The sides and the back of the daybed frame will look different. To fix this problem, you can purchase daybed bedding sets that include the comforter, three shams, and sometimes a bed skirt. 

How does a daybed cover work?

Daybed covers are used as an alternative to bedding. Many homeowners do this to make their daybed look more like a sofa than a bed. 

So instead of using a daybed bedding set, you place the cover directly over the mattress. The daybed cover only has to cover three sides. It covers the entire daybed starting from the beginning of the mattress to the floor. After that, you can cover it up with shams, a bed skirt, and pillowcases. 

There are daybed cover sets available but you can pick out individual pieces too. A lot of people love to DIY this and pick individual pieces themselves. Some sets also include comforters and quilts. 

Daybed covers have more structure than regular daybed beddings. It will fit like a glove. They often have slits on either side for convenience. Daybed covers completely change the outlook of the daybed making it look chic and modern. 

How do you make a daybed look cute?

The best way to make your daybed look cute is through your pillows. Mix and match the pillows. Colors are essential. Pastel colors with a mix of vibrant colors will change the vibe of the room. 

Throw in some geometric pillows and bolsters while maintaining the color palette.  Aside from the pillows, to make the space even cuter, you can add some artwork behind the daybed. Try to match the tones with the daybed. 

Another thing you can do is place a vase on the table in front of the daybed, try to match the flowers with the cushions. 

If you can change the covers or bedding then do it. Add a fluffy fur blanket! The daybed will be the center of attention but to make it look better, you need to pay attention to the rug and curtains too. They should complement your color scheme and boost the required splashes of colors.  

How many pillows should you put on a daybed?

People usually put a lot of pillows on their daybeds. It is up to your preference and comfort but add some style to it as well. You can put 6-8 pillows of different sizes to make the daybed look comfortable.

 First, pick a color palette for your daybed. You can try matching the setting of your room and synchronize the colors that way or you can do something completely different. 

You can put two pillows on each side to make it look even. You can also put two to three pillows on one side of the daybed. 

The number of pillows is totally up to you as long as it looks good. A combination of colors is the best choice and mismatch the sizes of the pillows. Start with some neutral colors then go for something colorful. You don’t necessarily have to match it with your daybed. 

How to arrange pillows on a daybed?

There are numerous ways to arrange pillows on a daybed. First, start with some large pillows. They’ll be in the back. You can take up to three pillows which will be like a pillar. 

These pillows typically have dull covers as they are not the first thing you notice when you look at a daybed. Next, take up two smaller-sized pillows of different shapes. Place them evenly in front of the 3 large pillows. 

You can add two extra pillows of different colors in front of them if you want. Now comes the final three pillows which will be the center of attraction. Make sure they are smaller than all the pillows in size and have an eye-catching cover.  You can even add an extra small in the middle.

This arrangement can be changed in many ways. You can reduce the number of large pillows in the back to two instead of three. As long as it looks comfy and stylish, it will be fine. If you’re not a fan of too many pillows and want more space on your daybed, place two pillows on each side. 

The ways to style a daybed are endless. We have only jotted down some of the styles for you. If you’re looking for more ideas then Pinterest is the ideal place. You’ll find thousands of ideas matching your color scheme. If you already have a plan in mind, try it out and see how it looks on your daybed.

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