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Can A Daybed Be Used as A Couch? (Read This First!)

A daybed is a very useful piece of furniture as its purpose can be changed according to preference. You can use it as a bed, a sofa, a chaise, a couch, and as additional seating for any extra space in your home. There are various styles of daybeds and they usually come in twin size.

Can a daybed be used as a couch?

A daybed can be used as a couch as long as you follow some tips. To turn a daybed into a couch, the correct type of comforter is needed and the pillows have to be positioned properly. Moreover, decorative items and other pieces of furniture can be used to transform a daybed into a couch.

Can a daybed be used as a sofa?

Definitely! A daybed can be used for many things and the sofa is one of them. They have a lot of similar features. The way to turn a daybed into a sofa is the same as turning one into a couch. It will be easier to transform a daybed into a sofa because it has arms or railings unlike plenty of couches. 

All you need to do is add some pillows, decorative items, and change or add some furniture around it. It will take some time to set up but it might be more comfortable than a sofa itself. 

How to use a daybed as a couch? – How to style a daybed as a couch

Make up for the seat depth using pillows:

Since daybeds have more space than couches, your feet might not reach the end when you lay back on them. Complete the additional space by adding a lot of pillows. If your daybed does not come with a back, place it against a wall so that the pillows can be kept there. 

Combine the pillows as you would on a couch:

Start with some large pillows. Add some neutral colors to the covers and also some colorful ones. It will make the room look more cozy and comfortable. The number of pillows should be more than a bed. Around 5-8 is recommended to fill up space. Go for different shapes and sizes as well. 

Pillows for high side rails or arms:

The sides can cause discomfort without cushions, Plush bolsters will fix this problem. Place plush bolsters on the end of each side. 


Ditch the traditional bedding sets and purchase covers instead. Put the cover over the mattress and make sure it covers all three sides from the beginning of the mattress to the floor.


To make it look more like a couch, correct positioning is essential. If you have a backless daybed, position it against the wall. If your daybed comes with a back, place it as close to the center as possible.

What to use to make a daybed look like a couch?


Once again, stack a bunch of large pillows to make up for the seat depth. It will make the daybed look more petite.  

Throw blankets:

Throw blankets are mostly seen on couches so this will help view the daybed as a couch. 

Side tables or coffee tables:

Couches look incomplete without a coffee table in the front of side tables beside them. Complete the look by adding them.

Bed skirt and bedspread:

The bed skirt can be used to cover the foot of the daybed or legs to make it look more like a couch. 


Add a footrest or a footstool in front of your daybed since couches often have one.


Attach artwork behind the daybed or a lamp on the side table. You can also add a vase on the side table.

How do you make a twin bed look like a couch?

It is very simple to transform a twin bed into a couch. The first thing to do is position the side of the twin bed against one wall and the head of the bed against another wall. Place it in any corner. 

This is needed to keep the pillows in one place. The next essential items are the covers or bedspread. They need to be similar to a couch. A tailor-made one with the exact dimensions is the best option or else you can go for a fitted sheet. 

Cover the foot or head of the twin bed that is visible to the eye. Make sure the covers reach the floor.  Since twin beds are larger than couches, you need to cover the additional seating space. 

Do this by stacking a lot of pillows against the wall. Add different shapes and sizes of pillows based on your color palette. The final step is the furniture around it. Add a coffee table or a table near the twin bed if there is enough space to complete the look! 

What is the difference between a daybed and a sofa bed?

Daybeds and sofa beds have very similar functions. With some effort, both can be used as a sofa and bed. Let’s talk about the main differences between a daybed and a sofa bed. 


This is the obvious difference. Sofa beds are smaller when compared to a daybed. People who are taller or larger than average might feel uncomfortable in sofa beds as their feet might dangle off the side. Daybeds are larger and have more sleeping space.

Additional purchases required for daybeds:

Unfortunately, most daybeds come with a mattress which means you will have to shop for ones including other items such as bed skirts and sheets. However, for sofa beds, there is no need for additional expenses as they already come with padding. 


When it comes to durability, daybeds are the most likely winner. This is because they are protected by the mattress and other material whereas the aforementioned padding of sofa beds might become damaged after years of use. This damage is often irreversible. 


Daybeds are comparatively less expensive than sofa beds. Since sofa beds have added features and can be used as both sofa and bed, they are more costly. But the overall cost might end up being the same due to the additional purchases required for setting up daybeds. 

Should I get a daybed or couch?

This depends on the purpose. Sleeping on a couch can be quite uncomfortable to sleep on as it does not have enough space. Daybeds typically come in one size- twin size which is why the average person can sleep comfortably.

Another reason why daybeds are superior to couches is that they can be transformed into a couch. You can use daybeds as both a bed and a couch. Moreover, couches are more expensive than daybeds. But you have to put in some effort to make your daybed look like a couch. 

Are daybeds comfortable to sleep on?

When compared to regular beds, they are a bit less comfortable. But not all of it depends on the daybed. The discomfort is mostly caused by the mattress on the daybed. A good quality 8 to 10-inch foam mattress is a great choice to fix the problem. 

Other factors contribute to the comfort levels for sleeping. One of them is size. A narrow daybed might be uncomfortable for an average person so it is important to get the size right. Check the weight capacity as well. The higher the bed, the more comfortable it will be. 

If all of this still does not fix your problem, you can purchase an upholstered daybed. They will be more expensive but comfortable. They will come with comfortable armrests and plush. 

Is a daybed A bed?

Despite having the word ‘bed’ in the name, daybeds are not the same as regular beds. They can be used as seating furniture during the day and also for sleeping at night! They are often used as seating for living rooms, home offices, and studio apartments. 

Regular beds come with a bed frame and are rectangular. They have many sizes whereas daybeds mostly come in one size. Daybeds are more compact than regular beds and cheaper too! But for regular sleeping, regular beds are the best choice. 

Are daybeds for the living room?

Yes! Daybeds can be placed in living rooms instead of couches or sofas. They can be used as the main piece of furniture in the living room. All it needs is a little makeover to make it look more like a couch or sofa. You can place two daybeds instead of one to make your living room look more symmetrical. 

It will save space in your home instead of buying more furniture for the living room. The extra sleeping space can be used when there are house guests. Now there is more room for circulation for guests. It will create a cozier atmosphere in your home, making it a perfect place to read or just watch television.

What is the most comfortable daybed?

Comfort levels vary from person to person. Your daybed might be uncomfortable if it’s too small for you or if you bought the wrong mattress. It can be uncomfortable due to the pillows too. The purpose of the daybed should be noted before shopping for a daybed. 

Not all daybeds are made for sleeping regularly and not all daybeds are made to be used as a sofa. This is why it is important to make these choices properly. There is no ranking for the most comfortable daybed. However, here are some highly ranked daybeds of 2021 to help you. 

  1. House of Hampton Hollandsworth Daybed with Trundle at Wayfair
  2. Melody Expandable Twin to King Trundle Daybed available in Overstock
  3. Room & Board Jasper Daybed from 
  4. Mercury Row Carwile Mid-Century Daybed at Wayfair

Daybeds are one of the most efficient pieces of furniture because of their multipurpose functions. They can be used to read, watch television, sleep, or as a place to rest. You can transform your unused daybed into a chic living room couch any day.