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How Does a Kitchen Faucet Work? (All You Need to Know)

A kitchen faucet is the most used element in a kitchen. Without the active participation of faucets, you cannot do any work properly.

People do not usually think about how does a kitchen faucet actually work? It should be essential for anyone who is working in the kitchen.

All the faucets are similar in function but not the same. Also, the internal mechanisms of faucets vary from model to model.

If you don’t know about the inner mechanisms, then you might get into trouble while facing any problem with the faucet. So, let us discover how a faucet actually works.

How does a kitchen Faucet Work?

A kitchen faucet works in a very sophisticated way. When a person rotates the handle of a faucet, the cartridge opens up the ways so that the water can travel through the valves and sprout. Then, due to the aerator, the water comes out of the nozzle at standard pressure.

A kitchen faucet actually works with the help of different parts. If you know about all of them, you can easily dissect how it works. Now, we will explore how the different parts of a faucet function to make it work.


This part is very important as it helps to open or close the cartridge, and eventually, you get the water. Nowadays, you will typically find single-handled faucets. Handle/s sit/s just at the top of a sprout. So, when you need water, just rotate the handle.

Cartridge/ valves:

Cartridge is the major component of a kitchen faucet. These are also known as cartridge valves which you will find in the form of a small cylinder. Cartridges are normally made out of plastic or brass.

These are directly connected to the handles. When you press the handle, this small cylinder ensures that the water is traveling from different channels successfully. The cartridge also helps to maintain water temperature and pressure.


The body is the place where the hot and cold water gets mixed.  If you have a single-handled faucet, then water will come to the body from a single pipe. This is the process found in most faucets nowadays.


Sprout is the path from which water travels from the faucet body to the sink. Sprout is the first thing that people see when they look at a kitchen sink. These are found in different shapes. For example, gooseneck, high-arch, shepherd’s crook.


This part sits at the tip of the kitchen faucet. It is usually made out of mesh. The main work of an aerator is that it helps to reduce the faucet water pressure and maintain a balanced output. With an aerator at work, you will never have wastage of water.


These are the place from which the water comes out of the sink. Some sinks have nozzles that can filter the water, and some nozzles don’t.


This one is a handy tool that resides at the side of your faucet. A faucet sprayer actually helps you to clean places which are hard to reach. This thing is made out of three different parts- a hose, a nozzle, and a diverter valve.

Inside the faucet, you will find a diverter valve. When you press on the trigger or the handle of the sprayer, the water will easily come out of the nozzle from the hose by traveling through the hose.

These are all the parts through which a faucet functions. If any one of these is somehow damaged or not working, then surely there will be leakage.

If you face any problem with your faucet, then call a professional as soon as possible. Or it might cost you some extra pennies later on.

Step by step process : How does a faucet work?

Step 1:  Whenever you are rotating the handle of a faucet, the cartridge or valve, which are directly connected with the handle, opens up all the ways for the water to travel properly to the body.

Step 2: Then, the hot and the cold water get mixed.

Step 3: If the temperature of the water becomes too hot, the cartridge will immediately turn off the supply of hot water and increase the pressure of cold water.

Step 4: Then, with the help of the sprout, the water will travel from the faucet body to the sink and come out of the nozzle.

Step 5: When the water is coming out from the nozzle, you will get standard water pressure because of their aerator.

Step 6: If you have a sprayer, then when you will press the trigger, the water will travel from the hose and come out of the nozzle.

Now you clearly how a faucet actually works.

How do touchless kitchen faucets work?

Touchless faucets are those that are integrated with advanced modern technology. These have advanced motion sensors to recognize anything near it.

You have to go before your faucet and put your hands near it. It will recognize your hands in milliseconds and turn on the water flow. You can also take any object near it, and it will start the water flow by itself. 

Thus, whenever you are using it, you do not have to touch it at all. This is why they are also known as a hands-free faucet

How do touch kitchen faucets work?

Are you thinking of getting a kitchen faucet with modern technology? Then come out from your thinking state because now it’s available in the market. You can also buy one for yourself. 

Just with a touch. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is. The touch kitchen faucets are not like the traditional ones. All the touch-on faucets actually have sensors in their sprout. So, just with a simple tap you can turn it on and enjoy the water flow.

You have to remember one thing; these faucets are actually touch-sensitive and these are also known by that name. Until you are not touching the sensor with fingers, forearm, wrist, and hands, it will not work. 

How do single-handle kitchen faucets work?

The single handle faucets are quite similar to cartridge faucets from Moen. These faucets are also known as single-lever faucets and common in American households.

These follow a very sophisticated internal mechanism to function. It has three major internal parts- one is the cartridge, the second one is the ball-valve, and the last one is a ceramic disk. 

It works just like a cartridge faucet. Just turn on the faucet, and the inlets will supply water from the sink. Here you can also control the water temperature with one handle.

How does a two-handle faucet work?

Do you have any idea about compression faucets? Double-handed faucets are quite similar to them.

You can call yourself a part of the history if you own a two-handle faucet. These have a very traditional look and work in a standard that mechanism

When you turn one of the handles on, it just pushes the stem upwards and breaks the seal so that the water can come out of the sinkhole.

When you rotate it again, the stem goes back to its normal position and creates pressure on the washer to stop the water flow.

How does a pull-down kitchen faucet work?

Are you curious about finding out how your pull-down kitchen faucet actually works? Then, have patience. I am going to reveal the secret to you. 

Pull-down faucets are just like any other kitchen faucet that you have ever witnessed. 

The special thing about them is that here you can actually separate or pull out the spray head so that it can reach your kitchen sink. It gives you better flexibility to work on your own terms.

The easy answer is that when you take your spray head to the kitchen sink from downwards and use the handle to turn on the water flow, it will work. 

The process is actually as simple as that. Another unique thing about these faucets is that you can actually use both hot and cold water with the same handle.

How does a pull-out kitchen faucet work?

Pull-out faucets are actually similar to the pull-down ones. These two faucets actually have minor differences. The pull-out faucets just work like the pull-down ones.  

Pull-out faucets are shorter in length than Pull-down ones. They are not usually used in kitchens for their length. But it is entirely dependent on your convenience. If your faucet is near the kitchen sink, then you can use it. 

You just have pulled out the sprayer from its place. Here you do not have to stretch the sprayer down to the kitchen sink. Rather you can directly take it to the sink.

Then turn on the water flow with the help of the single handle, and you are good to go.

How does a compression faucet work?

Compression faucets are your traditional faucets. You must have seen one of them in your kitchen. These faucets have a traditional design where we have two handles. One is for cold water and the other one is for hot water. 

The handles of the compression faucets are directly connected to the stem. So, when you are rotating the handle, you are forcing the stem to come up, which takes the weight off the washer. 

This eventually breaks the seal and helps the water to flow out of the sink. And when you turn off the faucet, the stem goes back to its place and puts pressure on the washer again, which blocks the water flow.

How does a cartridge faucet work?

Cartridge faucets are only made by the company Moen. These faucets are built with very sophisticated engineering.

In cartridge faucets, the handles are directly connected to the inlets to supply both hot and cold water. When you rotate the handle, the hot water, and the cold water will get mixed in a sophisticated process. 

The water flow of this faucet is designed in a way that whenever you rotate the handle, the inlets systematically open the holes of both hot and warm water. 

The inlets are so intelligent that they even stop the flow of hot water when it gets too warm and then immediately increase the pressure of cold water to balance the temperature. 

That’s why these are some of the best secure faucets that you can ever have.

How does a pot filler faucet work?

Pot filler faucets are quite common nowadays. These are becoming very popular among households because of their convenient usage.  

You can just guess the work of it by its name. It sits in your kitchen over your stove, which is pretty handy to do your cooking jobs without any hassle.  

If you install one of them in your kitchen, you will surely get rid of the arm, hand, or back pain.  

It works like a normal kitchen faucet. You need to turn on the handle to fill your pots with water.

How does a separate spray faucet work?

When you have a separate spray faucet in your kitchen, you actually have an additional tool to do your jobs. A separate spray faucet works just like a pull-down or pull-out kitchen faucet.  

You just have to detach the sprayer from its position and move it directly to your kitchen sink. Then, to get water, turn on the water flow.

A kitchen faucet is one of the most important parts of your kitchen. Thus, It is your responsibility to know about them properly.

Sometimes it is possible that you are facing a problem with your sink, hose, seal, or valve. When you have a proper idea about the internals, you can take immediate action.

This article will surely help you on that path. With a quick read, you will not only know how different faucets work, but you will also be able to pick the best one for you. So happy reading!

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