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Can I Connect Red and Black Wires Together? (Explained)

Connecting wires in a circuit are quite a hectic task. Getting confused between the wires and wiring them in a faulty way must have happened to many. Well, it differs with circuits too. 

As a result, knowing the correct ones and how to connect may seem a bit tough if you are not an electrician. Following the below information regarding wires and how to connect the red and black wires may help you to move forward.

Can I connect red and black wires together?

Of course not; you can connect red and black wires unless they are insulated. If the bare copper surface of both wires comes in contact with each other, may cause the burning of the wire or the failure of the circuit. Other than that, may need to replace the wires as the wires may not last long.

Red and black wires are both live wires yet are not connected to the same ports. Well, black wire is always connected to phase 1 while the red one is on phase two. In either case, the wires are not connected to the same brass terminal.

In the case of higher voltage circuits, one can find both red and black wires. Where red wire refers to positive and black wire refers to negative. 

For a plug:

In a plug, both red and black wires are connected to different terminals, whereas the red one is for the light kit. 

For phone charger:

The same as the plug goes for the charger of the phone as well.

For a ceiling fan:

For a ceiling fan, there is only one circuit, and red wires are connected to the light kit and a black one to the fan. 

For a car battery:

Lastly, tucked up in a box. In the car again, the black and red ones are separately connected.

You can connect both the wires together as long as they are insulated. Or else you can also connect the red wires to the black wire for lower voltage. However, it may create higher voltage and burn the wires later. That’s why it is better to connect them separately.

Everything is good as the current flows properly, yet damage may be caused by higher voltage passing through.

Are red and black electrical wires the same?

Red and black wire both are the same, yet the outer insulator color may differ. Other than that, the black and red electrical wires are both live wires, where the red one is for the light kit and the black one for current flowing.

Black and red wire both fulfill a circuit in a DC circuit. That’s why they are mostly connected separately. The black one is the negative charge, and the red one is the positive one. Both are in charge of flowing current.

But both are in different phases. That’s why many may recommend not to connect them together. As in later, it may create higher voltage. Connect the wires according to the instructions and connect them with a cap.

Before connecting with several wires, make sure all the wires are connected with a cap. Otherwise, you might become the casualty of higher voltage.

Can you pigtail red and black wires?

Of course, one can pigtail red and black wires if the wires are connected correctly.

Red and black wires conduct current yet in different phases. Both the red and black wires must be connected on different buses. Well, as both follow current, connecting may not do good.

Instead, connecting them together may increase the voltage more than the expected one, and as a result, the neutral wire might get ruined. Yet, one can pigtail both red and black air in a box if they are connected in the right port.

Other than that, both should be insulated. Otherwise, it can cause a short circuit or even a blow-up. That’s why it is better to do it carefully. Or else you might ruin the circuit, and in the least case, current may not flow through the wires. 

And in the worst case, damage may be caused to the circuit.

What happens if you connect red wire to black wire?

Red wire and black wire both are live wires, and connecting them together in most cases causes harm. Instead, leaving them might look like a wise choice yet after using a cap on them. Otherwise, the circuit may turn into a disaster.

Below is summing up some of the occurrences if the red and black wire are connected together.

High voltage:

Red wire and place wire are both hot wires which conduct current one to the switch and one to the circuit. Yet connecting them together is not a wise choice if one connects them together, the total voltage of the circuit increases.

As a result, the potential difference increases, which in turn raises the flow of electricity. That might result in a short circuit.

Burn neutral wire:

The high voltage created due to the connection of red and black wire may result in burning the neutral wire. The higher voltage passing through may cause the neutral wire to get damaged. As a result, the circuit may break down.


When one connects the two bare wires, especially the red and black wire, the current flowing through these wires may create a flash of lightning and, in the worst case, an go on.

The wires are all made of the same components, yet the outer insulator may differ in color. The higher voltage may be the reason for the go on.

Conduct current through you:

The red and black wires both complete the circuit. If one connects the wires together, the wire may take that person as a conductor, which might result in an electric shock to that person. The person might play a role in conducting current here.

How to connect red and black wires?

Red and black wires are connected in the circuit with the desired wires, respectively. Though connecting red and black wires together is not a good idea, many may do that in case they can not find extra wires. Well, below giving a brief on that.

Screw off the switch:

First, you might take the switches off, or you can just take your wires. Before turning off the circuit and next proceed.

Connecting wires to the circuit:

Before connecting the wires, scrap a bit off the insulating portion over the wire. Then connect the wires according to the color code.

Connect the black wire to the black one and the ground to the ground one. Lastly, red to the light kit one. If there is no red wire in the circuit, you may need to connect it with the other one. Use a cap to insulate them or connect them together.

Well, here for red color wire, you may need to check which wire should be connected or which connection may turn the system on. After checking, mark that wire and color that one red and connect it with the red wire.

Turn the circuit on:

After connecting the wires, tickle them up on the box and screw the switch box again. Now the circuit is full, and you may turn the switches on.

Can you connect different color wires together?

Of course, one can connect different colors together. Well, it might not be applicable to all.

Only neutral wires can be connected together. Well, neutral wires are required in the circuit to maintain the imbalance current and flow the current to the ground state. As we know, both the red and blue wire flows current through the circuit.

Whereas the neutral wire takes the current flow to the ground state. That lessens the load of the current in the circuit. Better connect them with a cap.

What color wires go together?

Green and Gray color wires can go together. Both the wires are neutral.

Not all the wires can go together. Actually, no wires can unless the wires are neutral or grounded. Black and red wires are separately used in different phases. That’s why connecting them together is not okay.

Meanwhile, neutral wire and ground wires balance the electric flow in the circuit yet flow a bit of current for which they can be connected together.

Final thoughts:

Summing it up, red and black wires can be connected to each other, even though it will not be a wise decision. Instead, connecting them separately is the best one. Otherwise, from the damage of the wire to the damage of the circuit, everything is possible. That’s why better not to put them together.