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How to Get Rid of Fly Poop on Walls? (Helpful Tips!)

Flies poop 300 times a day, about once every 4-5 minutes. They poop and eat at the same time. They also vomit while they eat too. Flies can’t chew so they use the help of the vomit to dilute the food and drink it.

The flies are clearly very gross, they eat and poop at the same time even. Since they digest very fast. They even defecate when they are resting. Flies don’t like the fresh smell and are always attracted by rot and other nasty objects.

Let’s dwell deeper on the topic of flies defecating everywhere, why and where they do as well as find out the best solutions to deter them.

Do flies poop on walls?

Flies are nasty creatures. They feed on the nastiest of things. They are always attracted to rot and filth, this way they spread bacteria. Flies also poop on the walls tiny black excrements they come in homesteads. These stains left by flies take quite the struggle to clean.

How to get rid of fly poop on walls?

Flies leave tiny specs of black poop on the walls of houses. They don’t do it occasionally either, they poop a lot. These spots don’t go out easily. You have to use white vinegar and water mixture to remove this stubborn black mess. Also, a paper towel is needed to clean out the stains. 

Flies defecate wherever they go. They are nasty creatures that are always attracted to nasty things. Making them one of the most disgusting creatures.

To make matters worse the flies take on personal vendetta in trying to make your homestead a poopy mess. A cluster of flies can be the worse thing for a cleanroom.

So, to defend against these disgusting creatures and clean their mess we need to take some steps. Let’s go through those steps here below.

Make proper mixture:

First we have to take a spray bottle and fill it with an equal amount of White Vinegar and Water and mix well.

Test it:

Secondly, we take a paper towel and douse it with the mixture and test it out on a surface out of vision. This way we make sure that the mixture is safe for our particle wall.

Rub that well:

After making sure that it is safe to use, we proceed to rub it all over the affected area of the wall where the concentration of the defecations is severe.

Rotate and finish up:

Lastly, after all the spots of defecation are cleaned out, we need to rotate the paper towel and use the other side to finish up the cleaning up.

What works best to clean fly poop from these surfaces?

Flies make the worse kind of stains all over the walls and surfaces of our kitchen that make it disgusting. It gets to the point where ignoring them is no longer an option.

Different rooms in our household have different kinds of paint and flies don’t just poop on the walls, they leave nothing to the imagination pooping anywhere they land.

Let’s take a look at a few of the places where they could potentially defecate and what’s the best thing to use for cleaning when it happens.

From painted walls:

Right in the kitchen we already have something that works wonders when cleaning something off painted walls. White Vinegar mixed with water works the best on how to clean fly poop from painted walls. 

From stained wood:

Fly stains are the worse when they are on wooden furniture and other wood surfaces. Firstly, we need to take an ounce of detergent and a gallon of water and mix well.

Apply this solution to clean off the stubborn flyspecks and later we need to sprinkle some baking powder. Mixing the baking powder with a sponge will keep the wood from getting damaged from the cleaning process. 

This is how to clean fly poop from stained wood. 

From vinyl siding:

A frustrating thing for house owners is trying to figure out how to clean fly poop from vinyl siding.

However, when we take 4 gallons of warm water in a large bucket and mix ¼ cup of laundry detergent, we get a mixture that can help.

After mixing well we will take a soft brush and dip in it and slowly start scrubbing away on the affected surfaces. Use side-to-side motion for the best solution.

How do you stop flies from pooping on the wall?

Flies are small annoying and tenacious nasty creatures, that defecate everywhere they land. Making the idea of them coming inside and landing on food items disgusting.

We don’t want them to come inside let alone poop on our walls. Let’s look at a few ways to make them stop pooping on the wall.

Paraffin oil:

Use some amount of paraffin oil around each door and window outside. Don’t apply inside the house to avoid oils stains all over the inside.

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Tightly seal the garbage bags:

The garbage bags need to be tightly sealed to prevent flies from starting a family and contaminating your home with their bacteria and defecations.


Cloves emit a smell that deters flies away. Hang these natural smelling sachets of cloves near the windows and on the walls to prevent flies from ever coming inside.


Filling the house with smoke also helps out a lot. Lighting incense can both make your home smell good as well as stop from flies pooping on the walls.

Why do flies poop on the ceiling?

The answer to this question is so simple that it makes it seem like a joke. These nasty creatures like light-colored surfaces. They tend to rest on these surfaces, and what are better light surfaces other than ceilings, windows, and walls?

When flies rest, they defecate. Thus, making flies find the walls one of the most ideal places to defecate. When flies poop, it is clear sticky, it’s ironically called honeydew.

Honeydew attracts black sooty mold and that makes them very stubborn and stick to any surface they are on. Furthermore, this black mold can be harmful to plant life.

Can I paint over fly poop?

Fly defecations can be a real pain in the arse to clean and people are always trying to find the best way to deal with their nasty mess. Flies poop are so tenacious that if we paint over them, they’ll burn right through.

Therefore, we can paint over fly poop but that would result in nothing since they’ll come right back. It’s better to clean them off before applying new paint.

What we advise is that first take the necessary steps to clean the already messed up walls. Then change the paint to a new one, while also taking precautionary steps to make sure they don’t come back again to ruin the new paint.

What will keep flies away from the house?

Flies are nasty creatures that no one wants to deal with. We can’t fathom the reality where we have to constantly deal with the flies while going through their daily tasks.

Thankfully there are multiple ways we can protect ourselves from getting a swarm of them anytime soon. Let’s look at some of the best ways to stop flies from coming inside homes.

Fresh Basil:

Fresh Basil plants help keep flies away. Place the plant in front of windows and doors. However, make sure there are no rotting fruits or vegetables in the house.


Take a paper towel and spray WD-40. After doing that carefully place it outside the house near any door or window. This will keep the flies as far as possible.

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Check and clean your drain:

Always make sure to check and clean your drain and mop as those are the breeding grounds of flies. Also, cover your compost with plastic bags.


Mint plants have a fresh smell that all flies do not like. Also, place them in the kitchen windows. Flies don’t like the fresh smell; they are nasty creatures to the end.

Tomato sauce and tea:

Tomato sauce and tea also emit scents that fly do not like and so they also help in deterring away flies.

Final thoughts

Although it might seem like the fly poop is stubborn and nothing seems to work. We can use a solution of White Vinegar and Water in a bowl or spray can. After that, we rub the affected areas using a paper towel to get the job done. This way we can easily get rid of fly poop on walls.