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How Long Can Sod Sit on a Pallet? (Quick Answers)

Who doesn’t want to install high-quality sod in their garden, right? By installing healthy and fresh sod, you can have an amazing front or back yard in a matter of days.

That being said, you must be wondering how long can sod sit on a pallet. You might also want to know what happens if it sits on a pallet for longer than usual. Let’s find the answers to all your questions regarding the time limit of a sod sitting on a pallet.

How long can sod sit on a pallet?

The amount of time a sod can sit on a pallet mainly depends on the temperature and condition. In normal weather, a sod can sit on a pallet for up to 24 hours without any issue. The sod can even stay longer on a pallet if you store it in cold condition as it will reduce the stress on the grass. 

Although most of the sod can stay healthy for 24 hours in a pallet, some types of sod can get damaged even earlier. Let’s find out how long different types of sod can sit on a pallet.

Bermuda sod:

Bermuda sod is mainly made with some sort of hybrid grass or modified regular grass varieties. Since it is mainly formed of special types of grass, its lifespan on a pallet is somewhat lower. On a hot summer day, a Bermuda sod will stay installable for up to 24 hours. 

However, this type of sod will remain healthy on a pallet for almost a week if stored in a cool environment.

Cut sod:

You can leave a cut sod on a palette for one day without any issues. However, if the weather the cut is stored in is too hot, it won’t remain fresh and healthy for more than 12 hours. In case of cold and chilly weather, the cut sod can sit on a pallet for six to seven days.

St Augustine sod:

The St Augustine sod can sit on a pallet for seven days during spring and winter. However, during summer, this type of sod won’t last more than 24 hours on a pallet.

Zoysia sod:

Unlike other types of sod, the Zoysia sod can sit on a pallet for two days without any damage or degradation of quality. In winter or cold conditions, this sod will even remain healthy for up to two weeks.

Yellow sod:

In normal conditions, yellow sod also lasts for a day when placed on a pallet. However, if you place the yellow sod on a palate in cold storage, it will last for almost a week.

How long can sod sit on a pallet in the winter?

In winter, sod can sit on a pallet for at least one week. Whereas, in the summer, a sod can only last for at most 24 hours. Sometimes it won’t decompose after two days, but it is quite rare.

A sod mainly decomposes faster in the summer due to the heat, not because of moisture. Since the temperature remains low in the winter, there is very little chance that the sod will decompose within a day.

In addition to that, during winter the stress on the sod will be much lower due to the low moisture in the air and cooler temperature. Due to the low pressure on the grass, the sod will remain healthy and fresh for a much longer time.

What happens when sod sits on a pallet for too long?

If sod sits on a pallet for too long, the grass on it will decompose. When the sod is placed on a pallet, it won’t consume water and required minerals from the soil. As a result, the sod will start to lose life if it is placed rolled up on a pallet for more than 24 hours.

During summer, the stress level on the grass also becomes quite high. So, if sod is placed on a pallet in the summer even for a short time, it can start to rot. 

The roots of the sods grass can get damaged permanently due to the excessive heat if you keep it on a pallet for a longer period of time than usual.

However, the grass on the sod stays relatively healthier for more time in the winter. You can keep sod on a pallet for at least five to six days without any damage.

How do you keep a pallet of sod fresh?

Keeping a pallet of sod fresh is somewhat tricky because they start to decompose quite fast. You will have to take some proper measures to ensure that the sod remains fresh on a pallet.

Let’s take a look at how you can keep a pallet of sod fresh.

Keep the sod hydrated:

One of the main reasons for the sod to decompose within a day is the lack of water. Due to the lack of water, the grass on the sod also starts to turn brown. The roots usually absorb water and constantly absorb water from the soil. 

So, you need to keep the roots hydrated all the time to prevent any damage.

To keep the sod hydrated, you should spray water to the roots of the grass. You should do it lightly at regular intervals.

Keep it shaded:

Sod on a pallet usually gets damaged faster when placed under direct sun. So, no matter what season you are keeping the sod on a pallet, you must keep it under a shade to ensure its freshness. 

If there is no natural shade in your garden, you should make a temporary shade to prevent any decay.

Install it within 24 hours:

Sod usually remains fresh on a palate for 24 hours. So, to prevent the sod from decomposing, you should install it within a day. In case of any delay, keep it in a cool place with enough shade.

How long can you keep sod before planting?

How long you will be able to keep sod on a pallet before planting varies from season to season. During hot summer, you can keep sod only for a day or two before planting. However, on a cold winter day, you can keep the sod up to a week before planting without any issue.

You can’t keep a sod outside for a long time before planting because it will start to decompose. It mainly starts to get damaged due to a lack of water and heat. Sometimes it can even get damaged due to excessive sun and accidental uneven pressure.

That being said, you can keep the sod for a longer period of time by hydrating the roots on a regular basis. You should also keep the sod away from the sunlight to keep it fresh before planting.

How long can sod sit rolled up?

Sod can’t sit rolled up fresh for too long. It might last up to a day in the hot weather. During winter and spring, it will last somewhat longer. It can last up to seven days in cold weather.

When sod is rolled up, the roots on the grass get excessive pressure. The stress on the grass will also increase if the sod is rolled up. So, if the sod is kept rolled up for too long, it can get damaged permanently.

When sod is placed on a pallet normally, the roots can consume some amount of water from the air. However, when it is kept rolled up, the roots won’t have access to the water particles in the air. 

As a result, the roots of the sod will start to decompose relatively faster when it sits rolled up on a pallet.

Will sod come back after turning yellow?

Sod will come back after turning yellow. However, it won’t turn green again on its own after turning yellow. You will have to revive the yellow drying sod by following a few methods.

However, you should first detect why the sod is turning yellow. If it is occurring because of stress, you can revive it by spraying an ample amount of water. In case the sod is turning yellow because of poor installation, you should immediately re-install it in the right way. 

Fungus and insects can also make the sod turn yellow and you can get rid of it by using proper pesticides.

Final Thoughts

Sod doesn’t last very long on a pallet during hot weather. It will remain fresh for only 24 to 48 hours during the summer. However, since, during winter, the stress on the grass will be minimal, it will last longer. So, the sod remains healthy for a week or so in cold and chilly weather.