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Can Blackout Curtains Be White, Gray, Blue, Or Other Colors?

The main purpose of blackout curtains is to block lights coming from outside, therefore, most people think that only darker color or black blackout curtains are suitable. But since the times are changing so does people’s preferences, so you and others may think of hanging colorful blackout curtains.

And such preferences of yours can make you think about whether blackout curtains can be white, gray, blue, or other colors or not. So let’s read ahead to know the exact answer to this topic.

Can Blackout Curtains Be White, Gray, Blue, Or Other Colors?

Blackout curtains can surely be found in white, gray, blue, and other many stylish colors. Not only different colorful colors, but blackout curtains are also now even found in floral prints with the same light-blocking ability. Colorful and trendy headings are also available for blackout curtains.

Previously only black or blackish type darker color was used to making blackout curtains as there’s a belief that only black or similar to black colors can block lights from outside.

However, as time changed, people’s preferences for decorating their rooms have changed too. Since they have started to like fashionable and colorful curtains for their room, blackout curtain manufacturers have also changed their color, style, and added print.

So now blackout curtains are being designed and manufactured in different colors like white, gray, blue, and other colors. They are also being found in floral trendy prints too.

What Colors Do Blackout Curtains Come In?

Perhaps you would curious to know in what colors blackout colors come in except for black or similar to black colors. So, to end your curiosity, this section is filled up with all information regarding what colors and prints you can find blackout curtains.

White Blackout Curtains:

Blackout curtains do come in white colors with the same capability of blocking lights coming from outside. Many people like white curtains as white color gives the room a peaceful and soothing vibe. So, nowadays, blackout curtains are being manufactured in white colors too, white color blackout curtains look great to see from the roads too.

Black Blackout Curtains:

Black is the typical color for blackout curtains. Since the beginning blackout curtains are being manufactured in black color because it’s kind of a belief that black or similar to black color blocks sunshine the most and keeps the room darker.  So yes, blackout curtains used to come in black colors and still do come in black colors.

Blue Blackout Curtains:

Blackout curtains also come in blue color. You can find solid blue/dark blue/light blue and even blue floral printed blackout curtains. Previously, dark blue color blackout curtains used to be another color option instead of black blackout curtains as dark blue also blocks sunlight the same as the black. But now the light blue color is also found in blackout curtains.

Gray Blackout Curtains:

Gray color in blackout curtains is also available now. Gray blackout curtains can be found with thermal grommet headings and thermal rod pocket single headings. Both solid gray color and printed gray color blackout curtains are available now.

Pink Blackout Curtains:

Don’t be surprised to know that blackout curtains in recent times come in pink colors too. Light pink, dust pink, blush pink, hot pink, and pink printed floral blackout curtains are the most commonly used ones.

Pink blackout curtains also come with thermal grommet headings and thermal rod pocket headings. Pink gives a room chic and warm vibe, especially on spring and summer days.

Floral Blackout Curtains:

Blackout curtains are now even being designed and manufactured in different floral prints. On a solid background, different types of flowers are being printed and they even maintain a theme. You can find floral printed blackout curtains that give a summertime vibe, or tropical vibe, or a nighttime vibe.

Purple Blackout Curtains:

Purple blackout curtains are now found in markets and different shopping/home decor websites. You can find solid, light, dark, floral printed, Jacquard geometric printed purple-colored blackout curtains. They come as both set and single piece curtains.

Teal Blackout Curtains:

Teal-colored blackout curtains are being manufactured too. Solid, dark, and light teal-colored blackout curtains are the most popular ones among customers.

Even floral/ geometric printed teal-colored blackout curtains are now in trend too. You can find them as a set or single piece curtains. They also come with thermal grommet headings, tab top headings, and rod pocket headings.

Yellow Blackout Curtains:

Blackout curtains also come in a lighter color like yellow too. Mustard yellow, solid yellow, light yellow, or yellow combined with any other color are the trendiest ones. Yellow blackout curtains give a room an elegant yet cozy look.

Green Blackout Curtains:

Solid green, sage green, mint green, like green, dark green, olive green, forest green, and more colors are available in blackout curtains. Dark green color blackout curtains work as an alternative to black blackout curtains because dark green also can keep the room darker and block light.

Do Blackout Curtains Have To Be Black?

Blackout curtains don’t necessarily have to be only black to block every bit of sunlight and to keep the rooms cool and dark. Blackout curtains can be also light colors like white, light yellow, light pink, dusty pink, light purple, or light blue. An even darker version of these mentioned colors is absolutely fine too.

Any colored blackout curtains can block light as long as the blackout fabric has 2-3 layers of acrylic coating to block light.

Do White Blackout Curtains Work?

White blackout curtains can block up to 95% sunlight. So white blackout curtains work just as perfectly as any black or darker colored blackout curtains. Because white blackout curtains are also made of blackout fabric and have coatings of acrylic which are enough to block every bit of sunlight coming from outside. Also keeps the room darker and cooler.

So you can choose white blackout curtains too if you are someone who likes whitish or light-colored curtains in rooms.

What Color Blackout Curtains Should I get?

The color of blackout curtains should match with every room’s entire look, decoration, and vibe, and especially your preferences. However, what color blackout curtains you exactly should choose for different rooms in your home has been explained below.


For your bedroom, you should pick light-colored or white blackout curtains. Because white and natural colored blackout curtains give a soothing and calm vibe in the bedroom that everyone wants after a passing a tiring day.

But if you are someone who likes pitch black darkness in bedroom then go for black or dark color blackout curtains like dark blue/dark green, etc.

An if your room’s walls are colored in light colors like white, cream, light gray, etc. then choose darker color blackout curtains like navy blue, black, dark green, dark teal, dark purple etc.

Living Room:

To match with natural light coming into your living room and give it a cozy vibe then go for light color blackout curtains like cream, light yellow, light pink, blush pink, light lavender, or even white. Any of them will block sunlight and give your living room a cozy appearance.

Also, if your living room has many pieces of furniture or different designed furniture or a glamourous vibe, choose light color or white blackout curtains with a touch of silky poly-cotton fabric. As it will make your room look spacious rather than jam-packed.

And for having some flowery vibe that matches with your living room’s flower decoration or floral printed furniture/furniture covers then go for floral printed blackout curtains.

Private Corner:

If your living room or any other room has any corner that you want to make a private space or want to have a darker vibe in it then go for darker color blackout curtains like dark blue, dark teal, dark green, etc.

What Is The Best Color For Blackout Curtains?

Any darker color is the best color for blackout curtains. As the name implies blackout curtains are meant to block out every bit of sunlight coming into the room from outside and keep it darker, so darker color blackout curtains would be the best choice for fulfilling this purpose.

You can choose dark colors like black, navy blue, dark blue, dark gray, dark green, dark teal, and dark purple in blackout curtains for your home.

Darker colors will 100% block light and will give you optimal security from too much sunshine.

Should Blackout Curtains Have White Or Black Backing?

Blackout curtains should have a white or black backing to block maximum sunlight peeping through windows. Without a white or black backing, blackout curtains can not block lights. So, it’s a must to have a two-pass or three-pass layers of white or black backing.

What Is The Difference Between Blockout And Blackout Curtains?

The main difference between lockout curtains and blackout curtains is, blockout curtains 100% don’t block light to come into the room from outside.

There are chances that some light can peep through lockout curtains while blackout curtains make sure to block 109% of light. No light can peep through blackout curtains and blackout curtains give pitch-black rooms.

How Do You Make Blackout Curtains Good?

3 ways to make blackout curtains look good have been given below.

  • Choose a thick and heavy fabric
  • Choose blackout curtains with drapes
  • Hang blackout curtains on a double curtain rod

In recent times, blackout curtains are founding both white, gray, blue, or other colors and darker colors like black. So, you can choose any light or dark colored blackout curtains according to your taste and home’s decoration.