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Can Blackout Curtains Be Hemmed & Dyed? (Answered!)

Sometimes it can be hard to find blackout curtains in a specific color or size to fit the theme you are going for. It times like that a little snip here and a little bit of snap there is required or you might need to dye it a completely different color for everything to look cohesive.

Can blackout curtains be hemmed?

Blackout curtains be hemmed. Readymade blackout curtains already come with hemmed edges. However, if you are making yours from scratch, you can easily hem your blackout curtains at home by tucking and sewing the edges. There are even easy no-sew alternatives. Hemming them will prevent frayed edges and help alter the size.

How to hem blackout curtains?

If you know how to use a sewing machine, hemming a curtain will be a piece of cake for you. Just following a few crucial but easy steps will make them look like they were professionally done. All you need are the right tools and techniques.

Measure curtain:

You need to begin by measuring the curtains. There should be enough fabric for a double-folded hem since curtain hems are folded twice at the bottom.

Fold bottom:

Lay out your curtain facing the opposite side on a flat surface. Now fold the bottom up depending on how wide you want the hem to be and flatten it out by pressing with an iron.

Flatten with iron:

Now fold up your hem the exact length like the previous step and flatten it with an iron.

Match thread:

Try to find a thread that matches your curtain. And begin to sew the top folded edges as close as possible to finish up the hem. Now your curtains should have a hemmed bottom.

Can you use hemming tape on blackout curtains?

Fusible hemming tape can be used to hem a blackout curtain easily right at home. It helps to adhere the two pieces of fabric permanently with one another without the hassle of sewing them.

How do you hem blackout curtains without sewing?

You can effectively hem your blackout curtains even if you have no idea how to sew or don’t own a sewing machine. The alternative is a fusible hemming tape that is cheap and also long lasting. You can easily find it at any craft store or online shops like Amazon or eBay.

Fold curtain:

You can begin by folding the curtains to your desired length. You can use straight pins to keep it folded.

Iron the fold:

You can now iron the folded part in order to create a distinguishable crease where you want the hem to be.

Unfold the fold:

Remove the pins and unfold the fabric and begin lining the hemming tape above the crease in a straight line. You can use more than one line of tape depending on the thickness and length of your blackout curtains.

Fold over tape:

Now fold the hem over the tape. You need a damp washcloth to lay over the top of your curtain.

Press with iron:

After the washcloth is laid on top of your curtain, press the iron down in one place for 10 seconds without moving it. Repeat the same process for the rest of the part you want them to hem.

Your blackout curtains should be now hemmed and ready for you to use.

How to hem curtains with blackout lining?

If you have decided to get your blackout curtain and the lining separately it adds a few extra steps when it comes to hemming the curtains. But the result will be worth it.

Measure the fabric:

As always you need to measure and cut your fabrics. Here you need to first cut the curtain by keeping a few extra inches depending on the length and width of your hem and the lining’s measurement should resemble the finished length and width of the curtain.

Fold and iron:

Now fold and iron the hem. You should now tuck the blackout liner under the hem and secure it using pins.

Sew the hem:

You should now sew the hem carefully making sure the lining is snuggly fitted inside to avoid it sliding out after you have sewn over that area.

These steps need to be repeated on the sides and top as well because just hemming the bottom with the liner won’t work if the other three sides aren’t tucked and sewn.

Can blackout curtains be dyed?

If your blackout curtains come in white, off-white, cream or any light color, you will be able to dye them. But a darker curtain can’t be dyed a lighter color. You can color the dark curtains an even darker hue, but the end result will be a mixture of the original color and the color of the dye.

How to dye blackout curtains?

If your blackout curtains don’t match the aesthetic of your room, you can simply dye them the color of your choice. As long as you have the right colors on hand and know the proper procedure.

light colored curtains:

Start with a light-colored curtain as these tend to take color best.

Choose your preferred color:

Buy the fabric dye of your choice. You might need to use more than one color or bottle to get the desired result.

Fill washing machine with water:

Fill your washing machine with enough hot water that the curtains can be submerged thoroughly and also move freely.

Add dye:

Add the fabric dye in the hot water as per the package instructions and submerge the curtains completely.

Leave the curtain:

You should leave the curtains in the dye bath for at least 30 minutes before rinsing and drying them to get the most vibrant and opaque color and also to avoid the risk of them fading easily.

How do you dye polyester blackout curtains?

Natural dyes cannot color polyester blackout curtains and you need a special chemical dye that will react with the synthetic fibers and dye it which is known as dispersion dyes. This can be performed at home using just a few steps.

Chemical scrub the curtains:

To prepare them for dyeing you need to chemically scrub the polyester curtains in a hot-water washing machine by using soda ash or sodium carbonate with Synthrapol.

Wet the curtain:

Now take enough water in a pot to submerge the curtains completely and add the dye and dye carrier product, if it is applicable.

Heat up the water pot:

After bringing the pot to a simmer in medium heat, add the damp curtains in the dye bath. And keep stirring it for 30 minutes and 45 to 60 if the dye is a dark color.

Heat clean water:

Heat clean water in another pot and transfer the dyed curtains from the dye bath. Now, rinse by changing water until no additional color bleeds out and there is no lingering odor from the dyed curtains.

Dry them out:

You can finish by laundering and drying them in a dryer or direct sunlight.

Can you get blackout curtains professionally dyed?

There are stores that will professionally dye your blackout curtains in the patterns and colors of your choice. You can either give them the curtains you want to dye or choose from their vast selection of blackout curtains which come in different textures and colors.

Can you make curtains blackout?

If you want to block out light and sound, you can achieve this by turning your regular curtains into blackout curtains. All you need to do is add a blackout liner to the curtains you are currently using.

This can be done by hanging a blackout liner between your curtains and the wall or you can attach the blackout liner on the back of your curtain with the help of fabric fuse or hemming tape.

Does blackout lining need to be hemmed?

Blackout lining needs to be hemmed like regular curtains if you decide to hang them separately.

However, in case you want to attach the lining to your curtains, you can fold the curtains to create a hem and tuck the lining inside before sewing it. Here, you won’t have to hem the lining.

How many inches should a blackout curtain hem be?

Blackout curtains tend to be longer and touch the floor as they are used to prevent light and sound completely.

And therefore their hem should be around 5 inches long to make it look proportionate. However if your blackout curtain is medium length you can go for 3 to 4 inches and if it is exceptionally short, a 2 inch hem will be fine.

Can you bleach blackout curtains?

It is possible to bleach blackout curtains. If you are on a budget and want to clean any stains or lighten your blackout curtains you can do it right at home. All you need is regular household bleach or 3% hydrogen peroxide to bleach it in only minutes.

Can you dye rubber backed blackout curtains?

Rubber backed blackout curtains can be dyed since the most important thing you need to consider is the material of the curtain and whether it will take the dye. Materials like rayon, cotton, linen and silk can take dye very well but synthetic does not.

However, older curtains may not take the dye well and end up looking uneven and patchy because of their age and condition.

Blackout curtains take a lot of energy and muscle to maneuver but it is possible to hem and dye them at home. 

As long as you follow the correct procedure and use the right tapes and dyes depending on the length, thickness and material of your blackout currents.