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Best Bar Stool Heights – Complete Guide For Beginners

Bar stool is a piece of must-have furniture for any bar and some of us also use the bar stools at home with our high kitchen tables. So most of us have seen or used bar stools. But how many of us know how tall the best bar stool will be?

Especially, if you are about to open a new bar in the town or for the first time have bought a high kitchen table, surely you will think about the bar stool height.

So this article is going to provide you all beginners with all the useful information regarding the best bar stool height. 

Do Bar Stools Come In Different Height? 

Bar stools come in four different seat heights and these are short, counter height, bar height, and extra tall. But, despite having 4 different heights, bar stools have a standard height too that matches with any average bar top height. And the standard height of a bar stool is between 28-30 inches.

Are All Bar Stools The Same Height? 

All bar stools are not at the same height. Because there are different table heights, each type of bar stool’s height is meant to be matched with the table’s height. Therefore, commonly four standard heights of bar stool are seen which are short, counter height, bar height, and extra tall.

However, even though bar stools have four distinct heights, it has a standard height too that can be commonly used for any average bar top. And the standard height of a bar stool is about 28-30 inches that go perfectly with any average 40-42 inches tall bar top. 

What Is Standard Bar Stool Height?

The standard bar stool height is about 28-30 inches. The height is slightly different than the other four different heights of bar stools that are commonly known as short, counter height, bar height, and extra tall. 

The reason 28-30 inches tall bar stools are called the standard height is because this height is compatible with any average bar top/table. Generally, an average bar top height is between 40-42 inches so, a 28-30 inches bar stool nicely matches with it.

Also, any person/customer can sit comfortably on this tall stool without having much distance between the stool and the bar table.

What Is The Difference Between Counter Height And Bar Height Stools?

Just like other people, you may even confuse bar stools with counter stools as both stools are used in the same place. But both are different from each other and to clear this misunderstanding of yours, here all the major differences between them are explained. 


Height is the key difference between counter height and bar height stool. Generally, a counter height stool is about 24 to 27 inches tall from the ground. 

On the other hand, the bar height stool’s height is usually between 28-32 inches and these are the tallest bar stools. 


Counter height stools are mainly used in restaurants where a customer can sit behind the restaurant counter at ease. However, they can be used at bar counters, kitchen tops, modifiable height cafe tables, or in dining space as well. 

Bar height stools as the name implies, they are used mainly at bars, pubs, and lounges.   


Counter height stools are designed considering that these stools have to be convenient to the customers who will be sitting on them. 

And the bar stools are designed as narrow and tall stools with a footrest that exclusively goes well with tall bar tops at bars, pubs, or lounges. 

Height Of Table Top 

The best-suited height of countertops or restaurant tables for counter height stools is 34-39 inches. 

On the contrary, bar height stools perfectly match with 40-42 inches tall bar counters or tables.

How Tall Are Bar Height Stools? 

Bar height tools are usually 28 to 32 inches tall seats. These are the tallest in comparison to the other 3 heights of bar stools. And as the name says it all, bar height stools are mainly and mostly used in bars, pubs, and lounges.

In fact, bar stools are exclusively designed for this purpose only, as the height, narrowness, and stability of bar height stools are well suited for use with 40-42” high/tall bar tables or bar counters.

But nowadays, in some homes, bar height stools are being used at kitchen counters too. 

How Tall Are Counter Height Stools?

The height of counter height stools is between 24-27 inches. Counter height tools are not as tall as bar height tools. This height of stools is better suited for use with the restaurant or cafe counters.

But as the height is lower than the bar height stools, therefore, counter height stools are being used at homes with kitchen tops or in dining areas. 

Counter height stools can be paired up with any 34-39 inches restaurant/cafe table or even kitchen tops. And the height of counter height tables allows people to sit comfortably on them without having much space between the countertop and the stool. 

How High Should A Bar Stool Be?

A bar stool should be 28-32 inches high and it’s the precise height that a bar height stool must have.

Seeing the name anyone can guess by now that bar height stools are specifically used in bars, pubs, and lounges. And they are precisely designed as well to match the height of the tall bar counters. 

Generally, any tall bar countertops are 40-42” tall so to match such height bar stools are manufactured as the tallest among all stool heights with 28-32” usual height. Bars, pubs, lounges demand this height dimension so that their customers can comfortably sit on the stools. 

What Size Bar Stool Do I Need For Different Size Counters? 

This section is going to describe what size of bar stool you need to get for yourself. Also, a chart summarizing the bar stool size according to the counter sizes is included here. 

30 Inch Counters 

There is no specific size of bar stools for 30 inches counters. If you want you can use short height bar stools that are of height in between 22-23 inches. Or dining height bar stools that are 16-18” tall. Both will match quite well with 28-30” inches counters.  

32 Inches Counters 

Bar stools of a height between 22-23 inches are suitable ones for 32-inch counters. These bar stools are the short-height bar stools ones and pair up well with any 32-33” inches counters.

34 Inch Counters 

For 34 inch counters, you will be needing counter height stools that are of a height around 24-27 inches. Because 24-27 inches tall counter height stools are the perfect size to be paired up with any 34-39 inches restaurant/cafe countertop/table. 

35 Inch Counters 

For 35 inch counters, you will need a 24-27 inches tall bar stool.

36 Inch Counters 

The size of stool you need for 36-inch counters is counter height stools that are 24-27 inches tall. For any counters that have a height between 34-39 inches, counter height stools are the suitable size. 

40 Inch Counters 

Bar height bar stools that have a height between 28-32 inches are the most suitable size for 40-inch stools.

Bar height bar stools are exclusively made and designed to match with the tall bar height countertop/tables at pubs, lounges, or bars that are of a height around 40-42 inches tall. 

41 Inch counters 

For 41 inches counters, bar height stools that are 28-32 inches tall are a perfect size.

As mentioned, for any bar countertop/tables with a height of 40-42 inches, bar height stools are the suitable size as it’s designed to be the perfect match with this much tall bar countertop/tables. 

42 Inches Counters 

28-32 inches tall bar height bar stools are the standard size for 42 inches counters. And yes, 42 inches counters can be paired up with the same size of bar height stool as 40 and 41 inches counters.

As 28-32 inches is the precise size of bar stools that matches with 40-42 inches bar countertops. 

44 Inch Counters 

There is no precise size for 44-inch counters because 44-inch counters sometimes pair up with bar height bar stools and sometimes pair up with extra tall bet height bar stools.

So you can use any size whether it’s 28-32” inches bar tall bar height bar stools or 33-40 inches tall extra tall bar stools.

45 Inch Counters 

45 inches counters will require the extra tall bar stools that are 33-40 inches tall. Since the counter itself is really tall, therefore, only extract talk bar height bar stools are compatible with it. 

46 Inch Counters 

46 inches counters are also considered as the tallest bar countertop/table. So for 46 inches counters, extra tall bar stools are the most suitable. Also know that 33-40 inches tall extra tall bar stools are the most applicable one for 45-50” tall countertop/tables.

48 Inch Counters 

You will be needing extra tall bar stools of a height around 33”-40” for 48 inches counters. Only extra tall bar stools that are 33-40” tall can be paired up with such a tall bar countertop/table. So that customers can sit comfortably. 

           A Chart Of Bar Stool Size According To The Counter Sizes 

Name Of Bar StoolBar Stool HeightCounter Size 
Short(Includes Dining Height Stool)22”-23”(16”-18”-For Dining Height)28”-30”
Counter Height 24”-27”34”-39”
Bar Height 28”-32”40”-42”
Extra Tall33”-40”45”-50”

**Note: All of these measurements of counter sizes and bar stool height given here in the chart and explanation is the average size/height of both counters and bar stools. You may find some other charts where the sizes and heights of both counters and bar stools can increase/decrease by a few inches.**

How To Measure Bar Stool Height? 

There is only one tip to measure bar stool height and that is you must measure a bar stool height by comparing and matching with the height and width of your home’s kitchen counter or your bar/restaurant/cafe’s countertop/table. 

For example, if you have a 34”-39” tall and 15” wide kitchen countertop or restaurant/cafe countertop/table then you have to choose a 24”-27” tall counter height bar stool.

Because this will allow an average-sized person to grab food and drink comfortably. Also, the person will get enough room to move his legs comfortably. Almost 8-10” will be left in between the stool and the countertop which is enough space for anyone.   

And you can apply this measuring counter’s height and width method to measure your bar stool height for any other height of bar stools.

How Do I know What Size Bar Stool To Get?

By measuring the height and width of your bar counters/tables/kitchen counter, you will get to know what size bar stool you should get for your business or home. 

Suppose, you have a countertop or table that’s about 28-30” tall, so for such height, you will need to get the short height bar stool( 22-23” inches tall)or dining height bar stool(16-18” inches tall). 

Or if you want bar stools for your kitchen countertop/restaurant/cafe tables/countertop that are/is about 34”-39” tall and 15” wide, you must get counter height bar stools of a height between 24-27” inches.

For a 40”-42” inch tall and 17” wide bar/pub counter, you must get a 28-32” tall bar height bar stool. And for extra tall tables/countertops with 45”-50” inches height and 21” width, you will need a 33-40” extra tall bar stool. 

How Can I Make My Bar Stool Taller?

Steps to make your bar stool taller have been provided below. 

  • Step 1: According to the manufacturer’s instructions, compile the stool leg extenders.
  • Step 2: If your purchased leg extenders have the option to insert spacer pieces into every leg extender, do it. 
  • Step 3: Add stool leg extenders to the underneath of every stool leg. 
  • Step 4: Determine your preferred bar stool’s height.

This is a complete and precise guideline for beginners like you that will help you to choose the best bar stool height either for your home or restaurant/cafe/bar business. Just remember the bar stool’s height should match the height of the bar/table countertop.