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Why Are Bar Stools So High? (Explained)

Bar stools are usually taller than any other types of chairs or stools that you have used or seen in your daily life. But probably not all of you know the reasons behind bar stools being so tall or high than normal chairs or stools.

And if you are one of them then such height of bar stools can bring up a question in your mind that why bar stools are so high. 

In this article, this common question of yours is going to be answered with proper information and reasons behind bar stools being so high. 

Why Are Bar Stools So High?

Bar stools are high because they were made considering the lofty height of bar counters and tables. So that people can sit comfortably and take part in conversation while keeping their eye contact level close to people who are standing. Also, tall bar stools are narrow, so they take less space.

Are All Bar Stools The Same Height? 

All bar stools don’t have the same height. Because bar countertop/restaurant tables/kitchen counters come in different table/counter heights so there are different bar stools height to match with different table/countertop heights.

Therefore, you will find bar stools with the following four standard heights-short, counter heights, bar heights, and extra tall. 

But know that apart from all these 4 different bar stool heights, there is a standard height as well and that standard height is between 28-30 inches. And bar stools with such heights will match perfectly along with any average bar countertop/tables with 40-42 inches height. 

Why Are Bar Stools And Tables So Tall?

Bar stools and tables are higher than any regular tables or stools and seeing such height, you surely would want to know the reasons behind bar stools and tables being so tall. Therefore, in this section, all of the main reasons have been explained. 

To Work Comfortably  

Bar tables are tall so that the bartender can work and serve drinks at a standing height comfortably. It would be a little difficult for the bartenders to work if the tables were short. Therefore, bar tables have lofty heights. 


Bar stools are tall so that people can comfortably socialize with one another. Generally, people like to have a conversation while taking sips of their drinks at the bar tables, either with the worker or other customers. 

But it’s difficult to stand for a long time, therefore, bar stools are made tall so that they can comfortably sit at the same standing height as the bar table and can socialize with other people. 

To Have A Close Eye Contact 

To allow people to have a close eye contact level is another reason behind bar stools and bar tables being so tall. Some people at bars like to stand and some like to sit, so it’s important that both of them stand and sit at the height. So that they can keep eye contact level close while socializing and have a good time chattering. 

Takes Up Less Space 

Tall bar tables and bar stools are narrower than any regular-sized table or stool, so they take up much less space at the bars/pubs/lounges. As a result, bars/pubs can squeeze more tables and bar stools into a narrow place and that allows them to invite more customers. As the customers will adjust to sitting at a narrower table and bar stool. 

How Tall Are Bar Stools? 

Since there are 4 standard heights and 4 different types of bar stools, so for your information, the heights of all 4 types of bar stools are given here with a chart. 

Short Height Bar Stools 

Short height bar stools are the shortest among all four standard heights of bar stools. The standard height of short-height bar stools is between 22-23 inches on average.

These bar stools are mainly used in cafeterias where the standard table height is around 28-30 inches. These bar stools are also known as standard height chairs. 

Also, there are little shorter bar stools included in the type which are used for dining tables and the height of those stools is 16-18”. 

Counter Height Stools

The average height of counter height stools is around 24-27 inches. These bar stools are not so tall as bar height bar stools.

Therefore, counter height bar stools are better fitted to use with the restaurant countertop/tables. Also, some people prefer counter height bar stools to use with their home’s kitchen countertop. 

Counter height tools are suitable to be used with any 34-39” tall restaurant/kitchen countertop on average. 

Bar Height Stools 

Bar height stools are taller than the other two heights of bar stools. And as the name implies, bar height bar stools are exclusively designed and used for using with bar counters at bars/pubs/lounges.

And the standard average height of these bar height stools is 28-32 inches which goes along with any 40-42” tall bar counters/tables. 

Extra Tall Bar Stools 

Generally, extra tall bar stools are not used vastly. They are only paired up with the tallest bar countertop/tables. And the average height of these bar stools is 33-40”. They are better-suited with 45-50” tall bar countertop/tables. 

 A Chart Of Bar Stool Heights(On Average)

Name Of Bar StoolBar Stool HeightCounter Size 
Short(Includes Dining Height Stool)22”-23”(16”-18”-For Dining Height)28”-30”
Counter Height 24”-27”34”-39”
Bar Height 28”-32”40”-42”
Extra Tall33”-40”45”-50”

**Note: All of the measurements of different bar stool heights included in this section are measured on average. You might find some other charts or explanations where the heights of the bar stools can get increased/decreased slightly.**

What Is The Highest Bar Stool Height?

Bar height bar stools with 28-32” inches are considered as the highest bar stool height among all three of the mostly used bar height be stools.

But the fact is bar height bar stools don’t have the highest height because there are another type of bar stools named “extra tall bar stools” which have the highest height of about 33-40”. But these bar stools are not so vastly used so most people don’t know about them. 

How Tall Are Adjustable Bar Stools?

Adjustable bar stools are about 28-33” tall and they have quite the exact same height as non-adjustable bar height bar stools. And these stools can go with any bar counter with 23-28 inches in height.  

How High Bar Stools Should Be For A 36 High Counter?

For a 36 inch high counter, you will be needing counter height bar stools that are about 24-27 inches tall. As counter height bar stools go along with any 34-39” tall bar counters. 

How Tall Should A Bar Stool Be For A 40 Inch Counter?

For a 40 inch counter, a bar stool should be 28-32 inches tall on average and these bar stools are known as bar high bar stools. And bar height bar stools are particularly designed for matching with any standard height bar counters of 40-42” height. 

How Tall Should A Bar Stool Be For A 46 Inch Counter?

A bar stool should be 33-40 inches tall on average for a 46 inch counter. These bar stools are better known as extra tall bar stools. As the height of the counter is very tall, only extra tall bar stools are suited with it. 

What Is The Difference Between Counter Height And Bar Height?

Here in which terms counter height bar stools and bar height bar stool differs has been explained. 

Counter height bar stools are about 24-27 inches tall. And these bar stools mainly get pair up with restaurant counters/tables.

But they are also used with the home’s kitchen counters or dining space. Counter height bar stools are manufactured in such a way that customers/people can sit conveniently and use the restaurant countertop/kitchen top easily. 

On the contrary, bar height bar stools are taller than counter height bar stools. The standard height of these stools is between 28-32 inches. Bar height bar stools are particularly designed for only using at bars/pubs/lounges with bar height bar countertop/tables. 

Are Bar Stools Dangerous?

Bar stools are highly dangerous and have great chances of falling down on the ground if someone is not careful. 

Moreover, in restaurants or cafes, bar stools for young kids have climbing options that seem attractive to kids.

As a result, when they try to climb up and sit on the bar stool, they can fall down with the stool over them resulting in injuries. However, nowadays toddler-friendly bar stools are found and being used in cafes/restaurants. 

How Do You Sit On A Bar Stool?

To sit comfortably on a bar stool, first, you should loosen up your body muscles and maintain an appropriate body posture. Then make sure that your back gets enough back support.

If it’s a backless bar stool then sit in such a way that your bodyweight gets distributed on your hips. And then rest your feet on the footrest and avoid choosing legs if you are a short person. 

How Do I Lower My Bar Stools?

To lower your bar stools, you can either chop off some parts of the legs from the bottom or if there is an option to take off the legs of the bar stools then take the legs off and chop from the upper part. Just make sure that you have measured correctly before chopping off the legs. 

Bar stools were mainly manufactured for use with bar counters/tables at bars so that people sit and have eye contact at the same standing height. However, in recent days there’s not just only height for bar stools so that they can match different height bar tables.